Hey fun fact, if you write fuck in the tags your post wont show up in any tag, so uuuuuh heads up


    Also fun fact, adding “porn” in your reblog tags (e.g. “history porn” or “fashion porn”) means that those posts won’t show up when you search your own blog.


    Wank too. It’s why I changed all my fandom #wank posts to fandom #dramaz posts


    ….well this is a psa that needs to go around


    I tagged one of my drawings as “well mark me down as both scared and horny” and it vanished from the other tags until I removed that so… “horny” too, apparently


    One of my comics wasn’t showing up in tumblr tags until I removed all my tags with the crass language in it. (”shitposting” and “bitch” were the 2 I suspected) Then it conveniently started appearing publicly in the tags.


    Oh my god this site really did become catholic


    The following tags are (also) no longer searchable:

    erotic orgasm bdsm sexual* vagina breasts foreskin suicide semen ejaculation foreplay masturbation

    *Note: this includes combined search terms such as “sexual health”, “sexual help”, “sexual orientation”, etc. 

    Tags that are still searchable:

    white pride white power whites only aryan volkisch n*gger ch*nk and probably every racial slur you can think of, I was too nauseated to look anymore


    Speaking of the aforementioned censored tags:

  • sexual is censored but sex isn’t
  • vagina is censored but penis isn’t
  • wank is censored but wanker and bugger aren’t
  • And here’s some additional tags that seem to have been screened:

  • lolita is censored, because screw you if you want to talk about literature or Japanese fashion
  • sexing is censored; animal husbandry is risque now
  • gore, including cw gore, because content warnings are forbidden
  • pedophile but not pedophilia for some reason; heads up for content warnings there, too
  • ass… and butt as well, because even if you have to be 13 to get an account on this site, the censorship is apparently operating at elementary school level
  • bondage, because you are not allowed to quote Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, or Nelson Mandela in the tags now
  • threesome is censored, but thankfully triad and OT3 aren’t (yet)
  • oral is censored, including compounds such as oral contraceptive, oral defense, and oral tradition
  • sadism is censored, (masochism isn’t)
  • labia, vulva, clit, and clitoris are all censored, but testicles, gonads, balls,cojones, and bollocks aren’t
  • cunt and pussy are censored too, but again, not penis
  • cock is though; you can’t “cock an eyebrow” or “hear the cock crow” in the tags
  • dick, including names such as, for example, Dick Cheney