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    Australia had it’s election yesterday and chose to keep our current government in power.

    And that’s fine.

    It’s fine.

    Except if:

    - You’re a woman, 

    - You’re indigenous

    - You’re in the LGBTQIA community

    - You’re a person of colour

    - You’re disabled

    - You rely on a government pension

    - You’re a student

    - You’re looking to come to Australia to seek asylum out of fear for your life

    - You’re the environment

    - You’re a person who relies on the environment not bursting into flames around you to stay alive. 

    This is a particularly scary time to live in Australia if you tick any of those boxes, especially if you tick more than one. 

    Australia is seen as a shining beacon of a progressive country that other countries should aspire to be like, I can tell you that’s not true.

    Australia is a place where entire families are locked up on remote islands for years and tortured for doing absolutely nothing except coming to Australia by boat because they had to flee their country.

    Australia is a place where nazis are safe. They’re elected into political office and feel comfortable using the phrase “the final solution” in their first parliamentary speech.

    Australia is a place where disabled people are dying needlessly and often live well below the poverty line. This is only going to increase with the 1.6 billion dollar funding cut to the National Disability Insurance Scheme that people rely heavily on to stay alive.

    Australia is a place that regards mining more important than climate change. We have 11 years until the world is at a point of no return and we’ve wasted 4 by voting in this current government.

    Australia is a place where violence against women is more than common and the government refuses to do anything except pledge to do more when another woman is murdered horrifically and fails to keep those promises.

    This isn’t fine. 

    It’s very fucking scary.







    Praying that $1500 randomly comes to you when you need it the most this year.

    Rebloging because, no shit, I just recieved a scholarship for $1500…

    Ayyyyyy I’m here for it

    Please, so I can have money for the doctor and kinesiology

    I hope you get more than that.

    that $1,500 would help my situation immensely right now.