I am the Man that sank Atlantis

ryan, 27, perth, i sell and design shirts, wrestling, comics, nerd stuff, redbubble.com/people/rafzombie, teepublic.com/rafzombie 

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    Get to know me 😊

    1. How old are you?

    2. What is you nickname?

    3. What is your Zodiac sign?

    4. What is your favorite book series?

    5. Do you believe in aliens or ghosts?

    6. Who is your favorite author?

    7. What is your favorite radio station?

    8. What is your favorite flavor of anything?

    9. What word would you use often to describe something great or wonderful?

    10. What is your current favorite song?

    11. What is your favorite word?

    12. What was the last song you listened to?

    13. What TV show would you recommend for everybody to watch?

    14. What is your favorite movie to watch when you’re feeling down?

    15. Do you play video games?

    16. What is your biggest fear?

    17. What is your best quality, in your opinion?

    18. What is your worst quality, in your opinion?

    19. Do you like cats or dogs better?

    20. What is your favorite season?

    21. Are you in a relationship?

    22. What is something you miss from your childhood?

    23. Who is your best friend?

    24. What is your eye color?

    25. What is your hair color?

    26. Who is someone you love?

    27. Who is someone you trust?

    28. Who is someone you think about often?

    29. Are you currently excited about/for something?

    30. What is your biggest obsession?

    31. What was your favorite TV show as a child?

    32. Who of the opposite gender can you tell anything to, if anyone?

    33. Are you superstitious?

    34. Do you have any unusual phobias?

    35. Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind it?

    36. What is your favorite hobby?

    37. What was the last book you read?

    38. What was the last movie you watched?

    39. What musical instruments do you play, if any?

    40. What is your favorite animal?

    41. What are your top 5 favorite Tumblr blogs that you follow?

    42. What superpower do you wish you had?

    43. When and where do you feel most at peace?

    44. What makes you smile?

    45. What sports do you play, if any?

    46. What is your favorite drink?

    47. When was the last time you wrote a hand-written letter or note to somebody?

    48. Are you afraid of heights?

    49. What is your biggest pet peeve?

    50. Are you scared of the dark?