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    met gala 2014 // met gala 2019

    Okay was anyone going to tell me they’re actually together or was that something I had to read today in the dyke group chat for myself

    they’re WHAT

    “ Actresses Lupita Nyong'o, left, and Janelle Monáe took their relationship public this week. The couple’s touchy feely display of affection raised eyebrows at a Met Gala after party on Monday…In a video posted [on] Instagram Live Janelle can be seen in the background standing close to Lupita gently caressing her face while Danai Gurira stands next to them oblivious…Lupita, 36, has long been rumored to go both ways. She reportedly dated 41-year-old Black Panther co-star Danai Gurira off and on. The two actresses were inseparable until Janelle stepped into the picture.” 

    Wait, Lupita and Danai did WHAT?!?!?!


    Guess what? Full-size, gold-plated Millennium Rings are now available!

    I’ve partnered with Custom Prototypes to offer them, since Shapeways can’t print gold-plated interlocking parts!

    ^^^ This one is stainless steel plated with 24K gold and it is BREATH-TAKING!!

    If you want one of your own, shoot an email at web@customprototypes.ca for a quote! Just keep in mind that something of this size and quality won’t be as affordable as a Shapeways plastic Ring!

    I’m also working with Custom Prototypes to make a Millennium Puzzle! Shapeways does offer it in gold-plated steel, but check out the difference in quality:

    ^^^ That Millennium Puzzle is gold-plated steel from Shapeways! I think it’s pretty clear which one can actually send you to the Shadow Realm!

    And check out some of Custom Prototypes’ other work:

    They do all sorts of commissions too, and they’ll make a 3D-model if you don’t have one. You just need to email them some pics and they’ll do the rest!

    If you’re interested in commissioning a gold-plated Millennium Item or any other prop, just email them at web@customprototypes.ca for a quote!

    All of the Millennium Items will still be available on Shapeways but this is an awesome option for higher quality, even more realistic Items! :D