Every American needs to hear Chloe Cole’s story.👇

    What a courageous young woman! We need to stop this madness and step up to save our children and the future of humanity.🤔


    This is important. She was born female, transitioned and going back to female after realizing the complete tragedy of the entire thing. Of course her life will never be normal. She is detailing the complete agony of it all. The manipulation and threats. From all manner of the system including schools, social media and the medical system. It’s pretty brutal. She spoke as the request of MTG who is sponsoring legislation.

    I would just like to ask my followers a question. If you all do not mind.

    My love and I have a long distance relationship. He lives in Canada, I live in Britain. We have been together for three years, but have been kept apart because of covid first of all and now he has to have dialysis 3 times per week.

    I can not go over there because I am a carer for my mother who had a stroke so he was going to come to live over here. Turns out we have to pay for dialysis which is £380 per treatment. I cannot afford it because I'm on carer's allowance which is only £66 per week. And he resides in one of those assisted living because he has brittle diabetes so bad. Hence the dialysis.

    So what I'm asking is .... would it be terrible to set up a gofund me or something, to cover dialysis for a month until we can marry and the NHS will cover the treatments? It would be about £8000.

    Thank you for your time.