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    yall ever think about how fucked it is that society straight up gets mad at fat people who don’t actively hate themselves… like a fat person shows an ounce of confidence or self love and suddenly people are flooding their mentions calling them obese and horrid names and pointing out every single flaw they can find… how fucked is it that society is so threatened by the idea of people loving their fat bodies that they have to try so fucking hard to tear those people down at every chance they get


    Those 18 states are: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

    If you live in one of these palces please go as many extra miles to stay safe as u can as new cases are growing significantly


    If you live in any of these States, I advise using Johns Hopkins University of Medicine’s Coronavirus Resource Center to keep an eye on Critical Trends in your state (spiking infection rate, spiking death count) with the country and state map.

    A bunch of police data has been leaked recently, one thing we now know is that they consider protestors wearing black, legal observers, lawyers and medics terrorists. They will lie and smear as many as possible to clamp down on dissent. Twitter has banned ddosecrets (the hosting site) and is censoring Tweets both before and after posting. They didn't do this for wikileaks, this is cops and corporate working hand in hand.


    More than 1/8th of the White Mountain Apache Tribe has tested positive for Covid-19.

    They have been hit EXTREMELY hard and I have seen no posts going around talking about it. It is one of the hardest hit places in ARIZONA, a state that already has horribly high case numbers.

    They have a Covid relief gofundme. Please donate if you can and spread this if you can't.


    they’re currently at less than a tenth of their goal.

    From a friend...

    So if you didn’t catch this mornings shitshow, it went basically like this:

    The CDC put out its official recommendations and requirements states should meet before reopening schools.

    Trump went to twitter, shitted on the CDC recommendations, demanding that k-12 schools fully open up in the fall. He threatened to cut federal funding if they do not.

    Then the coronavirus task force held a press conference, minus Fauci, because he’s on the President’s shit list.

    Betsy Devos said she really really really wants kids back in school. She does not know how to do this, offered no suggestions. Just that they need to open, and leaves it up to local officials to figure it out.

    Vice President Pence said children are resilient. Basically made out of cartilage with healthy lungs. They probably won’t get sick, so we shouldn’t worry about them. There is also no disagreement between the CDC and Trump. Trump wants schools to open, and just doesn’t want the CDC’s guidelines to be the reason for schools not opening?

    Yes, he actually said he doesn’t want states to keep their schools closed just because their own CDC says it is not safe to open.

    So the VP says, don’t worry, let’s bring up the Director of the CDC to clarify. -And I could‘ve sworn I heard this guy gulp off camera.

    But the director of the CDC comes up and says he also wants schools to open safely. He said he likes his job and wants to keep it, therefore, he is also in full agreement with Trump, despite the guidelines they released hours before.

    So then Dr. Birx comes on and says half the country has seen a surge of new cases. The country is worse off than it was back at the start of all this. She said they should return to phase 1 and start all over.

    Now, an astute reader may wonder how do half the states return to phase 1, and still expect to open by fall? Good question. ..... And while you were thinking about it, Birx tries to leave the podium.

    But before she gets away, Pence stops her, suggests she ‘talk about that other thing about the children’. She hesitates, then agrees.

    She comes back up to the mic, says most children probably won’t die. Maybe 0.02%. And usually the ones who die were already sick, so you parents at home may want to keep an eye on them. Oh- and we have virtually no data on how transmissible the virus is in children because we’ve barely tested any of them, but let me get out of your hair.

    Pence comes back and says, see, we’re good here.


    So while all that is going Cuomo is holding his own press conference.

    He says I don’t even give a shit what Trump is saying. It’s not worth responding to the clown. States control school openings, and we will do it as safely as possible, end of discussion.

    Other states blew off our warnings, and now they are paying the price. You want to fix your states? Pull your heads out of your asses and follow our example.


    And Fauci has gone total rogue. He has been giving interviews across the media spectrum, politely telling anyone who will listen that following trump’s orders regarding the Coronavirus will lead to certain doom. Death and economic disaster on a scale never seen before. Please turn back while you still can.

    And now you are filled in.


    just remember, “poverty” is a social construct. when the economy collapses, the farms don’t disappear. goods don’t vanish from the stores. poverty is created through exclusion. it is violence. so when you see articles about how the pandemic could “plunge billions into poverty,” please remember that it’s not the virus that’s creating poverty.

    if i have a warehouse stored full of grain, and a drought wipes out your crops, it’s not the climate that’s making you starve, it’s me with my refusal to share my stockpile.


    indirect violence is still violence


    thank you for the context of this photo, i'm seeing it everywhere and had no idea what it was


    @shrutipatelMD on Twitter: “ A reminder that #TamirRice was killed for having a toy gun, while #PatriciaMcCloskey pointed a gun at peaceful protesters with her hand ON the trigger & is still practicing law + sits on the Missouri Bar Association’s ethics panel. #BlackLivesMatter #Racist #America “

    we’ve “cancelled” shane dawson 100000 times. we’ve “cancelled” jk rowling 100000 times. we’ve “cancelled” 6ix9ine 100000 times. we’ve “cancelled” jeffree star 100000 times. cancel culture is not what you think it is. maybe stop trying to find reasons to stick up for horrible people and start listening to the people affected by their actions/words/beliefs. i cannot stand to see all of this blow over yet again and for ppl to continue giving these assholes platforms, especially when they try to “separate the art from the artist.” shut the fuck up