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2020-07-07 06:42:03

    Tumblr is so interesting in terms of its role in pop culture and human consciousness, because we just don’t...have celebrity accounts to follow. almost no famous person uses tumblr as part of their public presentation. (If they do, apparently no one cares enough about them to put them on my dash practically ever.) Likewise, the “big” tumblr accounts got to where they are purely because of the stuff they post on tumblr and not because they are well known elsewhere.

    HOWEVER (and here’s the bizarre thing) if you get a popular post on tumblr, it’s basically a permanent fixture of Internet culture. Get a funny textpost past 50k notes and it’s common knowledge among young internet users, and can be found reposted to Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and random clickbait websites.

    The half life of a Tumblr shitpost is longer than that of carbon-14. Tumblr produces a wildly disproportionate amount of original internet text-based content. There are funny tweets, but none of them really end up pop-cultural juggernauts like Randy Your Sticks or None Pizza with Left Beef.

    I made a stupid post back when han solo’s movie was announced about how they should just cast harrison ford and we’ll pretend he’s like 18. it got a tonne of likes and six months later my coworker showed me a screenshot of it on twitter. it was the most surreal moment of my life.