guys shut the fuck up this is the only thing im gonna talk about for the rest of all timeΒ 

    (publicly shared video of a sweetheart’s dance from Rodney Stanger on fb)


    This is really the cleanest Sweethearts Dance I’ve ever seen in my life. I am in love! I am transfixed! Footwork smooth and strong like a mfin mountain river! Incredible! 🀩 😳 πŸ₯°


    Oh my God this is incredible to watch!


    Found the credit, from the Great Plains Dance Company. This is Jocy Bird and Trae Little Sky dancing in the Sweetheart Special at the Seminole Tribal Fair in Hollywood, Florida.

    Jocy Bird and Trae Little Sky are married and apparently an adorable couple and I am loving their beaming grins as they dance so smoothly together. πŸ’–