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maalik; 25; he/him; cynical queer with a phd in french ennui and minoring in dépit; books, comics, music and fictional characters.

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2020-06-27 18:09:09

    I definitely felt that culturally I came from a different background than 95% of the kids I was around. We were speaking Arabic at home. There was a feeling of being inherently different. And I don’t know whether that feeling is something you create for yourself – it was definitely reflected in people’s actions towards you – but it was there, and it’s something that you fight against until you accept what a beautiful and powerful thing it is to have this history and this tradition running through your genes, you know?

    “[Diversity] sounds like the fries, not the burger, you know? It sounds like something on the side – you got your main thing going on – and yeah let’s sprinkle a little bit of diversity on top of that. That’s not what it’s about for me. It’s about representation. Representation is absolutely fundamental in terms of what we expect from our culture, and from our politics. We all want to feel represented. We all want to feel seen and heard and valued so I prefer to talk about representation.”

    Happy birthday, Rizwan Ahmed! (December 1st, 1982).

    “I love the fans. They’re so accepting of me, even before they’d seen the film! They’re purists and that’s exciting, when the love is genuine you realise you’re in this huge extended family that I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of.”

     – Callum Turner on the Wizarding World fandom