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    Do I look desperate enough, Sir?

    Once Chris Hemsworth made his move on Tom in the VIP room after that fuck, marry, kill question he locked up Tom in a Holy Trainer and told him to send him a naked selfie once a day.

    When Tom looked desperate enough for cock, he’d unlock him and fuck him silly. After 12 days of being locked in chastity, Tom sent Chris this selfie and finally, it was pathetic enough to appease Chris’  requirements.

    Chris unlocked him and placed the almost drooling Tom and had him ride his cock while he held his neck in place. It hurt and felt so good at the same time to have Chris’ huge cock stretch him open. He didn’t care how hard he fucked him. He just had to get off.

    It’s only ever one of two reasons when a guy is nasty to me. Dirty looks. Eye rolls. Not so much as a good morning or hello. The first is the obvious reason, jealousy. My height, my looks, my build, my dad owns the company… It must be easy to be mad at someone like me. Then there’s the second reason a guy is a total bitch to me. Fear. Fear that you won’t be able to hide that you are out of your mind attracted to me. If I rejected you it’s be your exact type of guy turning you down. God forbid we have a friendly exchange and you get a raging hard on cause my hand brushed against yours. You sit too close and get a whiff of my manhood if I cross my legs… You’re a lil cunt to me because you’ve been in love since the second you saw me. You didn’t want anyone to know so you just bitched me out every chance you got. Well we’re done with that bullshit. Drop the act. I just love seeing those stubborn eyes break. You’re going to be my property. I will make sure it’s very obvious. But before we get to that part. Get on your knees. Your gonna press your face into my worn out sweaty sock and apologize to me for every time you were nasty little brat to me. When I’m satisfied with your apologies, I’m gonna yank you over my knee and beat your ass til it’s red. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t try to hold back your tears.