I haven’t been here in a while, but that’s mainly due to Tumblr removing nsfw content. I’ll see how posting here goes, but I may just link to the twitter posts instead of posting directly.

    I will be posting images that are a bit different from my old stuff. I still draw omorashi! But I’m not drawing jojo art recently, it’s been a lot of Castlevania. I hope you all like my new content!

    For the past year I’ve been also working on a Castlevania nsfw comic as well, so I can post my previews here as well! Anyway, I hope I can continue to post art here without it getting removed 😊

    Thank you!


    Im like 99% sure this account is dead...

    Hello, sorry for the absence! Ever since this platform starting removing nsfw art, I was forced to go somewhere else. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/moonflow_omo

    However I’ve been thinking about posting my new stuff here, and linking it back to my Twitter just so it doesn’t get removed.

    I post all of my new art to my twitter since I can’t post it here any more 🙃 please read the comic on my Twitter! And please follow me there! 💦💦💦




    Do you have your art archived anywhere? I'm scared tumblr is gonna take this down ;w;

    Hi! I don’t plan on archiving my old art, so save any pics you want while you can.

    This tumblr blog isn’t very active anymore since nsfw has been banned, so all new art will be posted to my Twitter (@moonflow_omo)