Raping My Dyke Daughter

My perfect little broken fucktoy {fantasy}. NSFW. NYC.

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    I need a daddy who will find me kissing a girl and tie up and fuck us both :3

    First I'm going to fuck your pretty dyke faces, then take turns reaming your nasty fuckholes til you're both sore and can't take any more. Then I'll make you kiss my cock clean and leave you ties up for your friends to find you

    I thought I was done - I’d almost forgotten that I ever made this blog. Almost. Last night I was a slut. I went to a club with my girlfriend and her friends. I made out with all of them while we laughed about men watching us. At midnight, I was pressed up against a wall with my tits out and my girlfriend’s fingers inside me. There were men watching. I think some were filming me, I was too drunk to care. She was talking to me about it - “they want you, they want to be the ones doing this to you”. Before I could stop myself, I corrected her. No, they want to rape me. For a moment she stopped, but then she encouraged me. I rang in the new year by cumming in public while my girlfriend and I fantasized about me being gang raped on the dancefloor. So I don’t think I’m done with this blog quite yet.


    I’m a 4’10” brunette lesbian and I’ve always had short hair and small boobs – most guys who see me know I’m a lesbian. I’ve self-identified as a lesbian since I was 14 or 15. I never consensually had sex with a guy. However, when I was 19, I was drugged with date rape drugs and passed out in a bedroom at a party and several guys had sex with my unconscious body, including anally. Someone said they laughed about fucking a lesbian while they were inside me. – Sarah, 23, NYC

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m going to call this an exception to the anon rule because you at least gave your name and it is very personal.

    I’m guessing that because you are here and telling us about this, that thinking about it turns you on and you may not fully understand your reaction to the event. (Which would be totally understsndable)

    Presenting a particular appearance doesn’t change that you really are a woman and with your lack of conscious experience, I really wonder if your self identification isn’t more about making your friends happy and fitting in with a certain crowd than it is about figuring out what you want.

    Feel free to IM me here any time.


    Your mother told me about your conversation. Well, no daughter of mine is ever going to "come out of the closet" - not while your Father is here with a hard-on to show you what you were made for. You're a girl, you dumb bitch, and girls were made to please men. I'm going to start with your mouth, but all of your holes are going to be used tonight. Again, and again, until you learn.

    Daddy, please don’t! Please! I like girls, daddy, this is gross and wrong! I don’t want a cock in my mouth, or my pussy or my ass!


    I'm a virgin AND a femme lesbian. Does this interest you at all? I have always wanted my first time to be the hardest rape ever. I would love to cry and beg you to stop and resist but you would undoubtedly be too strong. If you raped me, would you prefer me to resist or just be a rag doll?

    I like to watch a dyke go dead in the eyes. Resist and let me watch your will to live be extinguished.