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    cw: petplay, begging, praise and degradation

    boy kneeling at my feet in a muzzle, naked with his hands tied behind his back so i can see his handsome chest, whining while i jerk off above him, rubbing my tcock, letting my precum drip down my thighs just to taunt him, knowing how bad he wants to lick it all up, "like we practiced darling, beg and you'll get a treat."

    poor thing has been too shy to say the dirty thoughts i know he has, so maybe this will make him open up!

    "please use me sir", he's so pretty when hes nervous.

    "use you in what way, slut?", such an adorable whine when he looks up at me

    "fuck my mouth, please."

    i reach down with my free hand to pet him, still stroking my cock with the other, "remember how you begged the last time i gave you a treat for it? how desperate and needy you were?"

    he nods and opens his mouth to try again

    "aht aht- not yet darling." i start rubbing my cock faster, moaning and grinding into my own hand, "fuck im gonna make myself cum just from how embarrassed you look"

    that gets him.

    "please let me lick your cock sir please i want you to cum in my mouth instead, i need it, ill be a good boy, just please fuck my mouth till i cant breathe and cum down my throat sir"

    "fuck thats it, perfect."

    gently snapping off his muzzle, grabbing him by the hair with both hands, pulling his mouth to my cunt, riding his face while he eagerly laps at my tdick, "you did just what i wanted you to, so fucking good for me, such a perfect mutt."

    help me get top surgery!


    why are you struggling? you’ve told me many times how badly you want to be gangbanged, and now you can’t handle it? that’s too bad. there’s already two dicks filling your pretty cunt. you don’t really want them to stop though, do you? you’re such a greedy little pet. maybe i should force my own cock into your ass. show you what it really means to be full.

    What the hell is edging even?

    Getting a good boy so close to their release you can already see their eyes rolling back, can feel their clit pulse, their cock throb, the little sounds leaving their mouth getting impossibly needy. They're so sweet, even telling you that they're going to cum.

    All that to just - stop completely. To see the confusion, the desperation in their eyes turn into tears as you repeat the act again and again and again until the boy under you is nothing but a dumb, whiny mess. Babbling and begging, sobbing and drooling, only a wrong look at their pretty parts could send them over the edge.

    Having a smart boy not even remembering his own name because his only thought is the wish to cum. This is power.


    The drunken urge to drag a puppyboy off the street and take him home with me so I can manhandle and abuse their pretty body all night then blame it on the alcohol when he wakes up confused from being coated in bruises and bites and sticky from my cum leaking out of their used holes is insane right now.


    A dream 💕

    God, I just need a dumb pet in my bed right now. An eager little pet, maybe a bunny or a pup, just begging for a good time, not even knowing what they're asking for...

    Gripping their soft skin, dragging my nails on their plush hips, getting them a bit scared, feeling their heart beat faster as I shove them down, ass up, as i start to fuck their cunt with my hand roughly, stretching them out making them whimper that im being too rough, too fast

    But you wanted this pet, no? You wanted me to give you a nice time. A nice pet whose dumb and easy, begging for more just seconds after crying it was too much, getting them used to the feeling of my hand, having them relax... before shoving my hard cock in, stretching their tight cunt out, hearing them cry and moan under me...such a good breeding pet, letting me use it, letting me remind it of what its good for~

    where are you going, sweetie? ohh, you think you’ve had enough? well, alright. you can go whenever you want. the door’s right there. just see if you can survive out there without me. you’re too dumb- someone will use you, hurt you, kill you. you’re hardly smart enough to take care of yourself. you think you can do everything on your own from now on? hmm? isn’t it so much easier to just let me take care of you, dear? you’re not leaving, so you must agree, huh. that’s okay, baby, come here. i’ll love you. but you hurt my feelings so much, trying to leave. i’m going to have to remind you who you belong to, okay? no speaking this time, unless it’s to thank me or apologize. otherwise i’ll have to keep going until you get it right.