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    nobody likes the “bad boys” who insult and degrade their partners while wearing pastel polos with popped collars, people like REAL bad boys who wear leather jackets and take a lot of care in how they shape their pompadour and carry around stiletto switchblades and care about their communities and ride a motorcycle and rebel against the government and says stuff like “NOBODY insults my gal” and gets in fistfights with dudes who catcall their girlfriends. THOSE bad boys are the guys everyone wants.

    We want the boys society says are bad, not actually bad boys

    Classic bad boys went against the mainstream masculine society of their time. They embraced attributes that were considered girly: longer hair, use of hair products, appreciation in their appearance, enjoyment of art and music. They rebelled against the notion that as soon as you left high school you needed to work a respectable job, get married, and have 2.5 children. They were bad because they didn’t follow what society said a man should be, and that’s why it was attractive







    It’s with great pain that I must announce you were devoured by clowns.

    Turn to page 14 to climb into the clowns jaws.

    Turn to page 6 to turn around and walk away.

    It’s with great pain that I must announce you were devoured by clowns.

    It’s with great pain that I must announce you were devoured by clowns.

    God! Some people. *picks up “Choose Your Own Devoured by Clowns Adventure” book and places it on thd shelving cart to be properly reshelved by the library page so it can actually be found by anyone using the library cataloging system to find it*


    luis, meeting the avengers: black widow???? you’re like my favorite avenger

    nat, amused but hesitant: bc of the outfit?

    luis: no cause you’re totally awesome, dude! you’re all like wham! bam! dropkick! I can kill you with one foot! oh and when you released all that secret govt info even tho it could have hurt you in the process and owned your past like a boss? mad respect

    nat, blinking: oh







    the thing folks living in Christian dominant cultures gotta realize is that even if you’re not Christian, your basic understanding of religion and spirituality and morality is still being filtered through a Christian lens. your very concept of what religion is and does is filtered through that lens.

    This is what I call cultural Christianity, for those who are still confused

    “But everyone celebrates christmas.”

    No. No we don’t.

    “Religion is based on complete blind submission and not asking any questions ever”

    No. That’s Christianity.

    “Religion is totally focused on the afterlife and getting into heaven and avoiding hell”

    Nope. Christianity again.

    “Religion is about pushing your beliefs on others and trying to get them to convert”

    Still Christianity.

    Actually that’s even more specific - that’s Calvinism, which predominates in America. America isn’t just culturally Christian,it’s culturally Calvinist, which very specifically focuses on submission, the fear of damnation, and conversion. It’s also not just any old Calvinism, but a very rigidly puritanical variety thanks to our roots.

    There are other culturally Christian countries, which are of other denominations and therefore have a slightly different bent. England is culturally Anglican, Germany is culturally Lutheran, Italy and Spain are culturally Catholic, Russia is culturally Orthodox, etc. However, even the cultural Catholicism of Italy is different from, say, the cultural Catholicism of Ireland.

    So even here, we need to be careful not to filter other cultures’ Christianities through what is a very Americanized (via @queertilly) Christianity, and vice versa with other countries. Speaking as an American, even our concept of what Christianity is has been Americanised.

    ^^^ that







    fuck it

    i dont want girls sexualising mlm relationships anymore. at all

    i dont want them fetishizing our relationships bc they think it’s sexy

    i dont care if its a “way for them to express their sexuality”. that aint right and its messed that they can say that they want men in the porn industry to stop fetishizing wlw relationships, only to do the same bc its “fandom”

    can yall please reblog this actually ??

    bc like. im a boy attracted to boys. and this is making me uncomfortable and i want it to stop

    and im not the only one ? a handful of people have agreed with me and im sure there are more

    please dont ignore this bc you want to keep writing/drawing/reading m/m porn…. or bc im a boy and you dont care what i have to say….. especially if you disagree with the treatment of wlw in the porn industry its a double standard and this is important to me and i dont want it to be swept under the rug

    Add on: you can still write, draw and read about mlm without fetishizing them. By fetishization, OP means that you only see these relationships as sexy and sinful instead of just seeing it as average everyday relationships.

    Nearly every girl I’ve met within fandoms with mlm ships has only focused on the men having sex or calling them ‘my nasty gay babies’ and that’s just gross.

    We’re all writers here so I thought it important that y’all see this and take note. 

    Once again, it’s fine to ship/write/draw/create for mlm ships. As long as you understand how to accurately portray it is a normal relationship with real emotions, and not just vastly unrealistic porn. If you want to write/draw PWP, once again, that’s fine, but realize these are fully fleshed out characters who can exist outside of such sexual scenes and their experiences within the sex should be accurate to these aspects.

    As said, it’s the same premise as wlw in porn industrus. You’re dumbing down these characters -or even real fucking people- to be sexual toys you’re objectifying for the sake of your own fetishism. You make them ridiculously inaccurate to real life body sizes/types -yes, I’m talking about you freaks writing shit with 10 in dicks- and the porn is atrociously off base and plastic. It’s just as disgusting as watching wlw porn where they both have fake tits and are scissoring. It’s very clearly created not for the enjoyment of all, but only for those who fetishize the idea of mlm but don’t take the time to learn how real mlm sex or relationships in general work.

    Respect the characters, and realize that they are not just your “nasty gay babies” made for “sinful trash”.

    It took me a long time to discover that there was slash that actually treated the characters like fully rounded characters rather than like two pretty ken dolls to rub together and get off on the result. Sad but true. I used to say I hated slash for that exact reason.

    If you treat mlm or wlw pairings as some dirty secret or sinful or just there for the sex or whatever, do us both a favour and unfollow me now. Cheers.