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    Anonymous asked :Do you have any advice for being an older woman in fandom? I'm almost 27 and I feel disgusting for still being in fandom and liking fanfiction (especially mrated fic which I know I'm way too old for) but at the same time I don't want/don't know how to just leave. asked :














    Anon, from the bottom of my heart: breathe. It kind of breaks my soul reading you torture yourself like this, for something that makes absolutely no sense. 

    Disgusting for being in fandom? Too old for M rated fics? You think you should leave? 

    Whoever put these thoughts in your head, please, stop listening to them, because they don’t have the slightest idea of what they’re talking about, and I don’t know why you’re giving it any credit when to even remotely entertain the idea that you cannot participate in fandom past the age of 20 you need to ignore the entire history of Fandom. Like, completely erase it all even while you live in it.  

    Who do you think pays for Ao3 domain and server? Who’s the majority that has the economical independence to support it every year? Who organizes conventions? Hosts panels? Who writes the vast majority of explicit fics? Who writes the canon every fandom is built upon? 

    I’ll save you the trouble of guessing the answer: it’s not minors. 

    I’ve received enough messages about people complaining about ageism in fandom, but it’s the first time I’ve read about someone who’s really buying into this absurd idea that is so entirely drenched in misogyny. Don’t let it get to you, please. Who have you interacted with till now? I cannot count the sheer amount of incredible fandom peeps over the age of 30 and 40 and 50 and 60 I have met without even looking for them, because they’re everywhere. They’re the backbone and legs and arms and head of Fandom as a whole, I don’t know how you could have missed them. 

    And you know the greatest thing about being an adult? 
    That so long as you’re not breaking any law, you can do whatever you want and no one can say nor do anything about it. And if they don’t like it, they can die mad about it.
    I think you might be forgetting this little detail.   

    Honestly, as an ‘older woman’, I’m perfectly fine and content here and I’m not going anywhere for as long as I’ll find fandom fun. You have all the freedom and the means to stay as well, provided that you stop sabotaging yourself like this. 

    OMG this is so fucking sad. Too old for adult rated fic at TWENTY-SIX? Two old how? To write fic? To have sexual story ideas and share them? Most cis women don’t come close to reaching their sexual peak (highest period of interest in it and enjoyment of it) until their 30s.

    And if minors (which some people seem to define as up to 21 for some reason) shouldn’t enjoy explicit fanfic, and if women over 26 shouldn’t enjoy it either, then that leaves, what, a 5-year-window? Give it some rational thought, and you can see how completely absurd and ridiculous that is.

    Anyway, I’m 49, I didn’t start writing fanfic until I was 30 (I wrote other things before that and still do in addition to it) and I’m not going anywhere as long as I’m still having fun with it, which I am. And I can say from experience, the best thing about getting older is that as time goes by, you care less and less about what judgy mcjudgyface twits think about you and your harmless pleasures. You’re born with all the fucks to give about that you will ever have, and by my age, you have virtually none left. I wish you many decades to come (heh) of enjoying fandom and fanfic, and life gets so much better after fuck-o-pause.

    @vulgarweed I whole heartedly agree with you about life getting better after the fuck o pause…..

    I found fandom at 21, wrote my first fic at 26, and am 38 now. 

    My personal experience of fandom has been that there are tons and tons and tons of non-teenagers in it. All of my closest friends came out of fandom and they’re all around my age. The perception that fandom is entirely kids is so perplexing to me, since it’s so the opposite of my experience. Do I know fans younger than me? Of course. Do I *expect* everyone to be younger than me? Not at all. 

    And I guess if kids think I’m too old for fandom, well, they don’t know yet how fast you get to be the old ones lol

    I found fandom at 53, wrote my first fic at 55, and am 67 now. Not that I didn’t have things I loved, but no-one else I knew thought Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin were boyfriends, or thought Spock and Kirk were in love, or any of the other possibilities of my childhood and young adulthood, so I just put it all aside until the internet brought me all of you. For which I will be eternally grateful.

    The notes on this post make me incredibly happy.

    I’m 38.  Dear anon, your best fangirl days are still to come!

    I’ve grown up with fandom, I’m about to turn 30 and I don’t plan on changing how I interact with media any time soon.

    I grew up with fandom too and I turned 27 in August, so please don’t ever buy into this bullshit about being too old for fandom.

    pfff I got into fandom at 13-14-ish, I’m 30 and I cosplayed for the first time this year and I’ve had a great time doing it and there’s no expiration date for enjoying things, please don’t leave if you don’t want to anon

    Proud over 40 fan girl here!

    All of this! I could almost have written @vulgarweed ’s post word for word.

    Anon, nobody has the right to tell you to give up the things you love, or to shame you for loving them. Please don’t let anyone do that to you. I guarantee that if you ignore these antis or tell them to stfu, you’ll be much happier, and eventually they’ll either move onto berating someone else over a hobby or passion that has absolutely fuck all to do with them, or they’ll grow up.

    It’s hard enough bring in your mid to late 20s and figuring out who you are without giving headspace to saboteurs. In a few years time, though, you’ll have given away most of your fucks, and that will be a glorious day indeed.

    Do worry I’m way older then you


    There’s a patch of beautiful flowers. You think to yourself, oh, they’re so pretty, I must pick some. Then everyone else that walks by does the same and then they’re all gone. No more pretty. Cool. Thanks for the experience.

    You throw something on the ground. You think it’s no big deal. It’s just a little piece of whatever. Then everyone else that walks by does the same thing. The sidewalk or path is not passable because of the mountains of garbage.

    You let your dog shit wherever, it’s biodegradable, it’s harmless. The earth will clean itself. Then everyone else that walks by with their dogs and does the same thing. It smells, the water in the area is polluted with dog shit.

    Be kind. Be thoughtful. Care about what happens after your presence is gone from a place. From this world.





    Steve Rogers actually came back a few hours earlier than what he intended and had prosthetics and makeup put on to make him really old so that he could a) fuck with Sam and Bucky, and b) have his happily ever after with Sharon.

    That’s exactly what happened. You can’t change my mind.

    Maybe he had one of those facial disguise doohickies stashed away from Natasha’s bag of tricks–it would have been a very useful thing to have when Team Cap were on the run, don’t you think? Anyway, I thoroughly approve this head canon, and and will cling to it with a blind, implacable stubbornness worthy of a Tonky stan.

    What headcanon?

    Chris Evans called me himself and told me this was what happened.

    Hey, it’s not like I really needed any additional convincing, but I’m so glad Chris corroborates this interpretation. Maybe next time he calls to chat you can ask him what he really thought about the third Captain America movie turning into Iron Man 6. You know, confidentially and off the record? Inquiring minds need to know.




    Land Before Time motivates a proper diet 🍃🍃🍃

    everyone had a phase as a kid where they wanted to eat random leafs off of trees and land before time is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT responsible for this phenomenon

    Both of these responses radiate terrifying energy, but on different wavelengths.







    everytime I hear about children of the corn I think about the guy I met at comic con who actually lived in the town they filmed that movie at, and on the farm where they filmed in the corn.
    he was a teenager at the time and him and his friends would get drunk on moonshine and rustle the corn and let the air out of the tires of the production team’s trailers and shit.
    and now there’s Wikipedia pages about how the children of the corn set was haunted and they thought they angered god but it was really just drunk hillbillies

    I don’t like adding to posts but I also have a funny story like this, so I was watching the movie the Blair witch which takes place in burkettsville maryland, which to me is so funny because that is were my grandfather lives and the town is literally just old people and cows with their main street consisting of a post office. Well anyway he told me that after it came out people were coming in like bus loads to the town to find the witch and my grandfather lives up in the Mountain area and people were up in his property trying to find the witch and it made him angry so he went out and hung up stick people and stacked rocks and it freaked the people out so they started thinking something was out there when really it was my 80 year old Italian grandpa who wanted people out of his woods.

    We had ghost hunters come to a historic house in my town to film and if you think every high school kid in town respectfully stayed at home that night instead of going to fuck up that filming you’re dead wrong.

    this is comforting, actually, sometimes paranormal things are just a bunch of bored people dicking around in the woods.

    My dad is responsible for a goatman sighting. During his last year in high school he and a few friends- one of which was taxidermist’s son and learning the trade (this is important)- decided that instead of spray painting the school or driving a car through the gym or whatever for a senior prank they were going to fuck with people.

    They made a costume from a wild goat mount and fucking scooby-dooed a bunch of their friends partying down at the river so you get like three truck loads of redneck seniors drunk off beer they stole from their dads, screaming that they got attacked by the Goatman. Nobody ever told them it was my dad running around shirtless wearing a stuffed goat head and cheap werewolf costume pants he bought at walmart.

    Dad says it’s his crowning achievement 

    you ever heard of the Colfax virgin marry miracle 


    that’s because my grandpa replaced a florescent tube in one of the chandeliers

    he improperly reinserted the outer panel. now when he wanted to bring in the ladder and fix it, they wouldn’t let him. 

    he is super embarrassed by it. 





    The important thing to realize about neo-nazis and modern nazi sympathizers, because it’s the one thing they can’t deny, is that they’ve learned to use their own absurdity as a defense mechanism, to a degree not even Sartre predicted. Having a cartoon frog as their symbol is a strength for them, because it means whenever the media reports on them, they get to turn the narrative into “haha, the mainstream media is talking about a cartoon frog! We got ‘em good!”.

    This is part of a wider asset of modern neo-nazism. Truth means nothing to them, primarily with regard to their own members. “Trump’s Phantasmagoria” is an excellent article about this- it explains how trump’s complete disregard for facts actually helped him, because it let people who disagreed with some of the awful things he’s said say “oh, he didn’t really mean that.” And this attitude is everywhere on the right. When milo tells his fans to sexually harass women on his birthday, they respond “he didn’t really mean it! Lighten up!”. When he suggests women in STEM should be limited to 10 or 15%, they say “it was just a joke! He’s not a misogynist!” and laugh at all the people taking it seriously.

    There’s no real limit to this. It could turn up that one of Trump’s cabinet picks has actually said “I agree with hitler” or “we should wipe out the jews”, and people would still defend him. This isn’t up for debate- countless internet conservatives have said things like this already, and yet we still have legions of people who don’t consider themselves anti-semites or racists lining up to defend them.

    This leads to a really sickening mentality. The tumblr alt-right’s reaction to the current stream of articles about them is basically “Ha ha, this article about how nazism is experiencing an unprecedented resurgence and LGBT people, Jews, and Muslims fear for their lives said Richard Spencer is the leader of the movement, when it’s actually completely decentralized! Hilarious!”

    And of course this is all richly flavored with the traditional reactionary bitter ironies. They expect us to ignore all the terrible things they’ve said because “it’s just a joke”, yet they insist that everyone who’s ever said “kill all men” was 100% serious. They adopted “facts over feelings” as their rallying cry, yet the ultimate fruit of their work is the post-truth world.

    ‘The goose-step, for instance, is one of the most horrible sights in the world, far more terrifying than a dive-bomber. It is simply an affirmation of naked power; contained in it, quite consciously and intentionally, is the vision of a boot crashing down on a face. Its ugliness is part of its essence, for what it is saying is ‘Yes, I am ugly, and you daren’t laugh at me’, like the bully who makes faces at his victim.’

     - Orwell, The Lion and the Unicorn

    This is why making fun of nazis with anime avatars, while entertaining, never phases them because anime avatar or not these people have no shame. They wear their embarassing symbolism proudly so that you can’t hurt them for pointing it out.

    So how do we stop them? Take them seriously? Stop laughing at them?






    Scientists have figured out how to use nuclear waste as an energy source, converting radioactive gas into artificial diamonds that could be used as batteries.

    These diamonds, which are able to generate their own electrical current, could potentially provide a power source for thousands of years, due to the longstanding half-life of the radioactive substances they’re made from.

    “There are no moving parts involved, no emissions generated, and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation,” says geochemist Tom Scott from the University of Bristol in the UK.

    “By encapsulating radioactive material inside diamonds, we turn a long-term problem of nuclear waste into a nuclear-powered battery and a long-term supply of clean energy.”

    Continue Reading.


    So basically science has given us a common staple of fantasy - crystals that have real tangible power. I will now assume all fantasy stories with power crystals and gems are post apocalyptic.



    okay…can we talk about how melodramatic Snart’s fall is in this gif?

    Like that’s some Chaplin shit.

    hahahahaha part of me wants to be like “Wentworth, that’s too fucking much 😂”

    But another part of me is thinking that Leonard “Captain Cold” Snart’s theatrical, give-em-a-show ass would absolutely throw himself to the floor like he’s been shot at the abrupt sight of fire fifteen feet away from him. His only regret is probably that Mick was too busy watching the fire to see his cinematic downfall.