(NSFW 18+) I am a Black Male with a voracious appetite for pussy. I absolutely love, love the company of Women of every shape, size and color. But I must admit, my Addiction, Fetish, Weakness, some may even say Obsession is with the Curvey, Thicker, White & Latin Ladies.. I crave girls who are completely dedicated to pleasing & being pleasured by BBC... My Guilty Pleasures are... ·Trashy/Classy dressed Whores (braless & pantieless) ·Sex with Real thirsty Cumsluts ·Discreet meeting with Real Cheating Hotwives ·MFF & MFM Threesomes ·Gangbangs ·Hanging out with Cuckold Couples & Wives ·Hooking up with Pregnant Women ·No Condom Pregnant Risk ·Creampies ·Participating in Bareback Breeding Parties Here in my blog, you get a glimpse inside my minds eye, see what is pleasing to me and what gets my blood boiling.. Some of the photos posted are Nasty, some Classy, some are more or less Trashy, but all the Women pictured here are Beautiful just the same... I make absolutely no claims or ownership of the images all of which have been found on the internet and particularly on Tumblr. Apologies in advance if I post any images whose authors wish otherwise. Contact me please and I will either remove the image or give appropriate credit whichever is preferred...

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    Sweetie I don’t really understand how this was only attempted.  In my experience a cock has never failed to fuck me once I spread my legs for it.  You realize you only have to edge him  on a risky day without birth control right?  I mean he didn’t have to last to ten for you to complete the dare.


    Yep this is my deal.  When I am fucked I want to be completely taken.  I want cum inside me searching for my womb.   It gets into my head and fucks me there too.  The risk hightens everything for me.    Will he pullout, will I hop off, will I wrap my legs around him and surrender myself. 


    Fuck to the yes!


    I prefer fucking other people’s lovers without birth control of any kind


    We felt it appropriate to re-blog this definition of our lifestyle after dealing with many cuckold enthusiasts emailing and some even attempting to steal our original content.  We found one cuck who was redefining our words to make it look like we had a cuckold orientation (thank you tumblr for helping us fix that!). While we don’t judge other people’s lifestyles, please understand that our particular flavor of the hotwife lifestyle has no relationship or resemblance to cuckoldry whatsoever.  We identify much more with the D/s lifestyle as he is pure alpha male and I am proud to be his hotwife, personal pornstar, and devoted submissive. He calls the shots and I follow willingly and eagerly! What you see on this blog is his creation and I’m so happy to be on this journey with him.  I could never imagine wanting to belittle or humiliate him in any way.  I do this because he wanted a perfect pet and I’m thrilled to be that girl.  This is our flavor of foreplay, romance, and the kind of love story we both hoped - but never dreamed - we’d find one day.



    Well said !!! …….. We are the same.😈😎