Adult Internet Photos I Really Like

This blog is for adults only and it is definitely not suitable for the work place. These are adult photos or other media that I have found on the Internet that I thought were excellent. If you are not considered to legally be an adult in the state or country in which you reside, please leave this blog.

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    “Sarah, How do you like this little accessory to my outfit.”

    “It...uh....is a perfect match with your leather pants.”

    “I purchased just it just for you. Well technically it is mine; but when I found it, I had using it on your bare bottom until your big bottom was striped a dark red in mind.”

    (swallowing hard)“No...Sarah, please...No!”

    “I thought it would be perfect for whenever you decide you want to act like a complete tramp and go out with some little slut you found at the bar!”

    “Uhhhh....sh*t! I uhhh....Look Valerie, I am sorry!”

    “You always are; but this is going to assure me that you are really sorry! After I have blistered your bare bottom you will show me just how sorry you are with your tongue!”


    “Hey Allison, Your Mom said that you wanted to see me....Ohhhhh! Wait....She will hear me...you...us! Uhhh, can’t this wait until we get home?”

    “No, Sammy it cannot wait until we get home! I am mad and you deserve to feel my displeasure. Now get in the woodshed now! You do not need to be concerned about what my Mom hears. She will be out to watch in a few minutes! Right after she cuts some switches!”


    “I have a question for you, Dear...and I want an honest answer. Is thin little strap what you think you deserve for your acting like a complete ass?”

    “Honest answer.”

    “Yes, I want an honest answer!”

    “No...I brought it to you, hoping that you would use it on my crack while I held it open for you. I was a complete ass!”

    “Your wish it my command! Kneel on the floor with your head on the floor and your legs together!”

    “Like this?”

    “Yes...now take your hands and spread the cheeks of you ass. I am going to make sure that there is nothing but red on your big ass before I am finished with you.”

    “Yes, Ma’am, will you gag me too?”

    “Absolutely, just as soon as I am tired of your begging me for mercy! When I finish with this limp little strap, you can go to the cabinet and bring me back a real strap... I prefer one of the tawse.”


    I always hated it when mom made us hand her The hairbrush and ask for our spanking


    I can hear her telling her friend and lover (caption above continued).

    until I got older…and I started to get this weird and exciting feeling whenever I thought about getting spanked. Now I need and want a spanking, a really good hard spanking. The way I feel afterwards is well worth the pain during my spanking. 


    “Mom!...We....were...uhh....just getting up for a snack!”

    “You two are married now and can do what you want when you are at your home; but you will follow my rules in my home.”

    “Yes Ma’am, we understand...we were just...”

    “You were just trying to sneak in so I could not see that you have been drinking and driving! You know the curfew is midnight; don’t you Carla?”

    “Yes, Mom; but we are adults and we are married and...”

    “And...you are in my home and you know how I feel about drinking and driving and you lied about just getting up for a snack! What happens to liars, Carla?”

    “Mom, please....dont!”

    “Carla, tell me what happens! Now, Carla!”

    “If I lie to you, I get my mouth washed out with soap and a whipping!”

    “Go on, what else!”

    “I have to strip naked and stand in the corner while you get a bar of soap soaking in a glass and get out my punishment mat!”

    “Look Mother Joan, it was my fault. I take the full blame for everything. Punish me and let Carla go to bed, please...Ma’am!”

    “Is that true, Carla?”

    “Mom, he is just trying to protect me. It was my fault too.”

    “Fine, I will punish you both. Strip naked. Carla, you can get in that corner (pointing) and Samuel, you can get in this one. I will wait until you have sobered up to punish you for drinking and driving.”


    “You will keep your nose in the corner until I tell you to get up!”

    (sniffling quietly)“Yes, Sir!”

    “Twenty minutes, no rubbing, no begging, no talking! Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Sir!”

    “After your corner time, we will discuss your lack of manners in front of the Wilson's and the use of inappropriate language in mixed company! The discussion will be led by the Senior cane and this bar of Ivory soap that is soaking in this glass of water!”

    “Oh, sh*t!”

    “What did you say?”

    “I am sorry....I am sorry!”

    “You will be sorry. I will make sure of that!”


    Du Bengel kannst dich jetzt auf was gefasst machen. Hosen runter aber sofort. Grün und blau bekommst du jetzt den nackten Arsch versohlt. Wenn wir mit dir fertig sind wirst du so schnell nicht mehr sitzen können.


    “Hey Honey, I am home!”

    “I am in the back room, Stanley! We have company!”

    Be right there....Ohhhh, you ddn’t say it was your Mom!”

    “I told her all about your showing out last night and your stubborn self-centered loud-mouthed behavior in front of my friends.”

    “You....uh....really....uh.....I would have preferred that you kept that between us!”

    “Well, I do not believe in keeping it hidden nor do I accept that type of behavior from my husband. My Dad never ever acted like that and I found out that your Dad did not either! Mom called your mother and she told us why.”

    “What....uh....did she tell you?”

    “She brought over these implements and as soon as she gets out of the bathroom. She is going to demonstrate how she disciplined you when you threw one of your little ‘fits’ as she called it. You know exactly what she wants you to do, so get busy and take off all your clothes!”

    “Ohhhhhh.....nooo....no! Please say you are kidding me!”

    “Nope! We are not kidding you. She is preparing what she called your special hot soapy mixture to take the sassiness out of you. Actually she used another word and said that you were full of it.”


    “Do you like the paddle I found at the flea market, Dear? I think it will be almost perfect for when we play ‘School’ with the Williams.”

    “You said almost perfect, hon! What does it need?”

    “I want you to drill some small holes and finger grips like you did on the Jokari!”

    “It will be my pleasure! I cannot wait to try it out!”

    “Me too!”