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2022-08-20 03:06:37

    War is what they want.


    Just saying btw they literally say

    “we need serious conversations around preparing for actual violence.”

    Could you imagine if all the people they’re calling extremists said that? We’d be in prison awaiting our trial. 😂

    I think we need to have some serious conversations about demanding these psychopaths be arrested and stop letting them play clown circus. 😂


    Imagine if you will…

    A world where these creatures did not have institutional power to command others to take risks and do violence in their stead. A world where they had to enforce their will to control other’s lives personally.

    None of them are anyone who would survive under harsh Darwinian conditions…these pussies wouldn’t survive high school in a different age. I get the impression that it is time that they experience “bullying”.


    Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a “right” answer. Fight back and you’ll be jailed, organize and you’ll be killed, try to rally support and……


    Their idea of serious conversation is, you doing as they say. No exceptions


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    Bill Gates Successfully Lobbied Joe Manchin to Pass Climate and Spending Bill https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2022/08/19/bill-gates-successfully-lobbied-joe-manchin-to-pass-climate-and-spending-bill/

    Pay enough money I guess they all will listen to an EVIL MADMAN. Such a POS


    Joe Manchin is a spineless corrupt POS.


    Dan Crenshaw’s stock trading yielded the fifth highest return in Congress - Texas Signal

    Insider trading at it's best. I'm sure Pelosi was just letting someone else take the heat this round.


    Shocking,, just another rino opportunist. Fuck that guy