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2021-05-09 10:54:04

    Connecting fellow guy Beast/Zoo/K9 lovers

    REBLOG If your into Beastiality, Zoophillia, K9, Horse.. And want to find other guys into it. Add your own text below.

    Looking for other Aussie guys into this to chat and share with. Love to hear from guys anywhere though.

    32yo Gay guy Melbourne Australia, Into older guys and male K9s and other beasts. Use a few chat apps with same username as my KIK below.

    KIK: ozcubpup


    Looking for K9


    Yes 👅👅


    Add me on telagram @DaaronWolf


    Next Friday suck night

    Hey guys. My next Friday suck night is Friday November 2nd from 9 pm till Midnight. Located in Pittsburgh PA. Garage door will be open. Just walk down the driveway. Through the open gate. Into the open garage door and into the game room / movie room. I will be there sucking any Cock who walks through the door. Some guys watch me suck others while they wait their turn. Others just cum and leave. Others stay and watch after. Some guys are regulars. Others are first timers. No hard cock refused. My husband is there helping service cock too. Sometimes group action happens depending on the others. Hit me up if you are interested.


    Sharing this from my husband’s Tumblr. Anyone in Pittsburgh want sucked on Friday Nov 2? 😈