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2020-02-11 18:13:28

    Your purpose in life is not to love yourself but to love being yourself.

    If you goal is to love yourself, then your focus is directed inward toward yourself, and you end up constantly watching yourself from the outside, disconnected, trying to summon the “correct” feelings towards yourself or fashion yourself into something you can approve of.

    If your goal is to love being yourself, then your focus is directed outward towards life, on living and making decisions based on what brings you pleasure and fulfillment.

    Be the subject, not the object. It doesn’t matter what you think of yourself. You are experiencing life. Life is not experiencing you.

    Hermione: Do you still have a problem with Muggles Draco: No that’s ridiculous Hermione: You wouldn’t smile at my parents all evening Draco: Oh that I didn’t want them to see my teeth Hermione: Your teeth are perfect Draco: And do you think I want your crazy dentist parents going after me with their torture clamps and pliers Hermione: Draco WHAT do you think dentists do Draco: … Hermione: … Draco: Well played Potter