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    half the problem with these pregnancy kink blogs is they think someone will actualy go through the whole 9 months with a kid they didnt want when abortion exists to rectify that issue or adoption is a viable option

    So Imma get this out of the way before I say anything else: 

    I condone CONSENTUAL non-consent, as in a BDSM environment with a safe word in place. I don’t condone actual fucking rape.

    That being said, I run a blog that caters to that fantasy for people who enjoy non-consentual impregnation and want to get turned on or helped into the headspace of that scenario.

    So yes, realistically we are aware that modern medicine and adoption agencies exist. But this blog isn’t about reality situations, now is it?

    Is this my personal fantasy/fetish? Yes. That’s what makes running this blog so enjoyable.

    Will I bear children anytime soon? No, no I will not. I’m gonna have to put that on hold. Because when I finally go through with this fetish, I fully intend to keep the child, and children are expensive as hell, and I need a stable job before I jump onto that train.

    Imagine You're a Queen

    Imagine you’re a queen with no husband or heirs. Your people are growing more and more frustrated with you the linger you go without taking a husband, until one day a mob of villagers invades your castle, joined by all of the guards meant to protect you.

    The maids sneak in and lower your guard, slipping you a drug to put you to sleep so that all of the men of the city can then enter your bed chambers and rape you full of their cum, one by one.

    As you begin to regain consciousness, you feel a burst of intense heat inside your pussy, blasting cum into your already packed womb. You groan, confused, and your female guards are quick to tie you.

    You people are nowhere near finished using your womb as their own twisted lottery, and you squirm and struggle and cry as man after man forces their cocks into you, keeping your hips elevated so that your womb can suck up every last drop of the seed they are sowing you with.

    They repeat this cycle until your morning sickness sets in, and then call in a mage to determine the father who will be your new husband.

    Miraculously, it appears that you have been successfully raped full of twelve different men’s children, their gangrape of you having sent you into some sort of extreme ovulation.

    With twelve new husbands to pour their cum into your womb every day, the kingdom will now never be without another heir, and your people, satisfied with their results, go back to their own lives, leaving the rule to the new King’s Council.

    The deeply worrying thing about catcalling is that the catcaller must know that their target isn’t going to turn around and fall in to their arms pleading ‘oh dear my please have sex with me here and now’. A lot of the time they know that. Often they don’t do it for that, someone who shouts ‘nice tits’ from a van isn’t trying to date you. They’re trying to humiliate you, reinforce their dominance over you; it’s an exercise of male power. It’s a way of communicating ‘I can say and do whatever I want to you, no matter how inappropriate or how uncomfortable it makes you feel, and you can’t do anything about it.’ Catcalling is not a compliment, it’s a threat.

    Find me on the street and take me home with you against my will. Force me to strip until every item is off and then tie my legs to my arms. Show me you’re the boss as you flip me over and expose all of my holes until you can use me properly. Take my holes while I scream and never let me go. I want you to rape me, I want you to use me and I want to be your property. 


    So what is your biggest fantasy? Be descriptive ;)

    My biggest fantasy?

    That would be the one where I’m forced inside a van as I go for my afternoon walk, knocked out, and wake up in a warehouse getting fucked by one man out of 60, not knowing how many times they had already used me? Being forcibly bred by that many men, while being videotaped, and then forced to give birth in front of all of them.


    What's your biggest fantasy

    It’s cruel to limit a girl to just one.

    I’m very fond of anything that involves force, restraints and any combination of humiliation and/or pregnancy threat.

    Having someone force their way inside me, telling me I can’t possibly stop them from knocking me up and mocking me for enjoying the stimulation.

    I find lately nothing gets me hotter than being called a dirty whore, alternating between being taunted for having such a wet cunt while I’m getting raped and being praised as a good girl for enjoying it and submitting to my rapist while he puts a baby in me.

    I’m really fond of having my cervix forced open, nothing gets to me quite like the idea of being filled with eggs and going into labor in front of an audience, especially if watching me push them out gets my audience off.


    So, what exactly do you like about pregnancy? What's your favorite thing?

    Honestly, my favorite part about pregnancy is the fact that her man put that baby there. She had sex with him, and now everyone can see what he did to her. It doesn’t matter what she wanted, her body is going to submit to his wishes. It’s the ultimate way for a Dom to claim his sub.