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    An idea I had set in an Eddie survived verse. Where Steve and Eddie become trapped in Upside Down affected Hawkins. A huge fault splitting them from the rest of the gang. Away from everything safe, constantly having to survive creatures warped by the creeping dread. A fighting battle to stay safe in a ever changing environment. But, not so safe for Eddie who is hearing Vecna every night.


    Katee Sackhoff just joined the ranks of Adam Driver in “I fundamentally misunderstand the point of my entire star wars character”


    Katee: Bo-Katan the 25 yr-old was manipulated into death watch ideologies bc she was soooo young she had no idea what she was doing also heehee wouldn’t she make such a sweet mom to Grogu plus her and Din are so cute and romantic together

    Pedro: Din is just trying to be a good single dad that’s his only focus is his baby

    Adam: Kylo Ren did nothing wrong ever, he’s right and he’s not actually a villain it’s too bad he didn’t have his ending with Rey

    literally everyone else in the sequel trilogy cast: i’m so overjoyed Kylo is dead

    Never in a million years did Steve Harrington think he'd be standing in the drama club room in front of Eddie the Freak--who's sitting on a goddamn throne with his full lips pulled into a smug grin--asking to be taught how to play Dorks and Goblins. Yet, here he is, face a burning shade of crimson, as he explains for the sixth time what, exactly, he needs.

    "Munson, it's not that hard. Henderson wants me to play in the--the game thingy they're doing when Will is home for a visit."

    "Yeah, Harrington, and I stop listening every time you call it a game thingy. You obviously don't care about this at all, so why should I waste my time helping you?"

    Steve rolls his eyes. "What if I pay you?"

    Munson's face goes through a complicated series of changes before falling into a neutral mask, no smirk or teasing smile to be found. "You'll pay me to teach you dnd? Are you fucking kidding?"

    "No?' Steve draws a hand through his hair, watches as Munson's dark eyes track the movement. "I thought you might help me out cause those kids never shut-up about you, but I'm willing to put money on it."

    "Huh," Eddie says. He steeples his fingers under his chin. "Maybe I misjudged you, Harrington."

    Steve lets himself smile at this. "I don't think you did. I don't give a shit about this game."

    "Didn't take you for one to have a bunch of nerdy child friends."

    "I'm their babysitter," he says, realizes immediately it was a mistake.

    Eddie cackles until it turns into a full-bodied laugh, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes. "You are something else, Harrington," he manages.

    For his part, Steve hopes Munson hasn't noticed how bright red his face is. "Does that mean you'll help me?"

    "I guess," he rolls his eyes. "But if you're just screwing around, I'm out."

    "No, yeah, totally," Steve nods too hard, sends his hair cascading into his face. "Sounds good. How much?"

    "Huh?" Eddie tilts his face up, giving Steve a perfect view of the smattering of faint freckles across the bridge of his nose.

    "I said I'd pay you. What's the going rate for dnd lessons?"

    "Oh, nah, free of charge, Harrington. Henderson would eat me alive if he knew I made you pay."

    The smile they share is soft, tentative, and Steve doesn't notice the swathes of pink decorating Eddie's pale cheekbones.


    They meet up in the drama room after the last bell. Eddie is waiting on the throne with his feet propped on the table, sipping a Mt. Dew. His eyes widen when Steve walks into the room.

    "You're on time," he says.

    Steve scoffs. "Why wouldn't I be?"

    Eddie shrugs, sets his feet on the floor. "Just wasn't aware that the King put a lot of stock in punctuality."

    "C'mon, man, I'm trying not to be that guy, and I'm definitely not king of anything. Unless maybe it's Family Video, but even then, that's Robin."

    "You're kind of weird, Harrington, you know that?" Eddie's dimples bracket his smile. The sight does weird things in Steve's chest.

    "I've been told, yeah." Steve smiles back. "Where do we start?"

    They start with dice, with a character sheet.

    "Chaotic-good human Paladin?" Eddie asks.

    He shrugs. "That's what Dustin keeps screaming at me. I got no idea what any of it means."

    "That's not entirely true," Eddie says. "You've kept up with me so far."

    "Yeah, that's you. Dustin rambles and then accuses me of not listening when it's over my head. When he goes on long enough, I start to get a headache right here," Steve rubs the spot between his eyes.

    "That kid," Eddie says with the right combination of affection and frustration. "I don't know, you seem to have picked up on some of the stuff he said. You have a solid idea on gameplay, at least. I'd say you're doing pretty good."

    "Thanks," Steve laughs. "No migraine yet, so that's a point in your favor."


    "Head trauma."


    "And Hargrove."

    "That was Hargrove?" Eddie asks.

    "Hit me in the head with a plate."

    "What the fuck."

    "He was pissed that Max was friends with Lucas. He came after them. I couldn't just let him--I think he would've killed Lucas."

    Eddie nods, hands fiddling with a die. "No wonder those kids love you," he says.

    "We've been through some shit together."

    "Guess it makes more sense why you wanted to learn dnd."

    "As much as it pains me to admit," Steve rolls his eyes. "I love to make those little shitheads happy."

    "Well, based on the way they talk about you, you succeed."

    "You too, you know?" Steve offers. "All I've heard about the last three months is 'Eddie's so cool,' 'Hellfire's so fun.'"

    "Jealous?" Eddie laughs.

    "Completely," Steve admits.

    "Don't worry, Harrington, I'll make a nerd out of you yet."


    They meetup after school every day they can over the next two weeks. At first, Steve is surprised that he doesn't really mind spending so much time with Munson, that he actually, kind of, has fun. And the more time they spend together, the more Eddie infiltrates his space. Leans into Steve's side as they sit next to each other, brushes their hands together, hovers over his shoulder, faces nearly touching, as he checks stuff on Steve's character sheet.

    It makes Steve feel--well, it makes him think of what it would be like to run his fingers through the soft gloss of Eddie's curls; wonders what that plump mouth would be like pressed against his own; can't stop thinking about if Eddie is as vocal in bed as he is everywhere else. He knows he also likes guys, has for a while, but he's never in his life wanted someone this viscerally; so much he can feel the ache of it in his teeth.

    It's the last day before the campaign for Will, and Steve is fucking sad. He thinks maybe Eddie is too. He's at least quieter than normal, explanations not at their usual fever pitch. An hour before they usually call it quits, he claps his hands together (too gently, too unlike himself), says, "That's it, Harrington. You're not going to be more ready than this."

    "Right," Steve says. Can't help his eyes from darting over Eddie's face, aching to know what he's thinking. "You'll be there tomorrow?"

    Eddie bends his head over his notebooks. "Nah, I don't need to intrude."


    "It's okay, Stevie. I get that it's family only." He looks like he really means it, but his eyes are sad, don't shine like they should.

    Steve doesn't know what to say to that, just nods, and then there's nothing else. They stare at each other for a few very long, quiet seconds, before Eddie says, "I'll see you around, Harrington."

    "Right, yeah. You too." And he walks out of the drama room with the heaviest heart he thinks he's ever had.


    Steve thinks he won't miss Eddie. That if he doesn't dwell on those hours spent with Eddie, learning dnd, that the missing will go away.

    It doesn't.

    Which is how he finds himself back at the high school on Wednesday, standing in front of the drama room door, willing himself to go inside. Eddie's on the throne, the typical notebooks and binders and Mt. Dew cans clustered around him, but he's not engrossed in imagining up a new campaign for Hellfire. No, his head is in his hands, knees drawn up to his chest.

    "Eddie?" Steve asks.

    His head pops up, and even in the low light, Steve notices the silvery tracks of tears down his cheeks.

    "Steve! What are you--" he hastily wipes at his face with his shirt sleeve. "What are you doing here?"

    Steve's acting only on instinct, crossing the room and dropping to his knees, taking Eddie's jaw between his palms, thumbing away the wetness on his cheeks.

    "Did someone hurt you?" he asks.

    Eddie's laugh is wet. "Nah, Harrington. I only have myself to blame for this one."

    "Can I do anything?"

    "Are you trying to kill me?"


    "You, Steve Harrington, kind and compassionate? Learn dnd to make your little nerd friends happy? Who are you?"

    "I'm just me, man," Steve blushes. "But, uh, I came to thank you." He's still holding Eddie's face in his hands, can't help but notice the way he flushes, how his dark eyes dart away from Steve's.

    "I really liked hanging out with you," Steve says. This close to Eddie, his mind doesn't quite feel like his own. All he can think of is big eyes, soft curls, full lips.

    "Yo--you did?"

    "So much," Steve whispers. He doesn't quite remember moving, but now their foreheads are pressed together, warm breath mingling, lips almost, almost touching.

    "I liked it too," Eddie breathes. After a few seconds, he laughs. "Knew I'd make a nerd out of you, Harrington."

    "Shut-up," Steve laughs.

    "Make me," Eddie says, and it's just that easy. Steve crosses the space still separating them, presses his mouth against Eddie's.

    The kiss is slow, exploratory, the gentle discovery of how they fit together, the promise of all the things they can do in the future, all the pleasure they can bring.

    "I'm not a nerd," Steve says when they part.

    "No, you're right. You're like a nerd by marriage. Nerd-in-law," Eddie giggles. His eyes are bright, face pink, the most beautiful thing Steve has ever seen.

    "Shut-up," Steve giggles right back.

    Eddie raises an eyebrow, the dare obvious, and Steve doesn't hesitate to kiss him again.

    "You wanna get out of here?" Steve asks when they part, significantly more breathless, jeans significantly tighter, than when he arrived.

    "You're gonna have to role persuasion for that, Stevie," Eddie smirks.


    Hey. Why isn’t the moon landing a national holiday in the US. Isn’t that fucked up? Does anyone else think that’s absurd?


    It was a huge milestone of scientific and technological advancement. (Plus, at the time, politically significant). Humanity went to space! We set foot on a celestial body that was not earth for the first time in human history! That’s a big deal! I’ve never thought about it before but now that I have, it’s ridiculous to me that that’s not part of our everyday lives and the public consciousness anymore. Why don’t we have a public holiday and a family barbecue about it. Why have I never seen the original broadcast of the moon landing? It should be all over the news every year!


    It’s July 20th. That’s the day of the moon landing. Next year is going to be the 54th anniversary. I’m ordering astronaut shaped cookie cutters on Etsy and I’m going to have a goddamn potluck. You’re all invited.


    Hey. Hey. Tumblr. Ides of March ppl. We can do this