From a follower

    Here is my story. I was 17 and she was 16. I had my family reunion in my home town and I got to meet new people and family and I hit it off with my cousin (we will call her rebecca) rebecca really well. So I figured yay a new best friend. So we hung out and I found out she was staying with my uncle at his house and I asked if she could come over and watch some movies and hang out. So she came over and we talked for hours and watched some movies and by then we were in my bed talking face to face and my bed wasn’t big at all. It was a twin. So the longer we talked the closer we got and then she landed a kiss on my lips. And I backed up a bit and then why not. We kissed and kissed. She had amazing lips. So I figured well I’ve gone this far why not push my luck. I started rubbing her back while I sucked on her bottom lip and slowly slid my hand down her pajama pants and gripped her sweet ass. She didn’t mind that so I figured I would go further. I slid my hand up her shirt and felt her breasts and she shivered. Her nipples got hard so I pinched them softly. By this time my dick was so hard. She took intiative and grabbed it and started stroking. She kissed down my chest and sucked on my nipples. Then she was going lower and lower and then she went straight to deepthroating my dick. I was in heaven. I pulled her hips towards my face and started to lick her pussy. She tasted so sweet. I can still remember her scent and how great she tasted. I didn’t want to stop. After she came on my face 3 times she got up and drooped her sweet pussy right down hard on my dick. We fucked like animals for 4 ½ hours. I came 4 times and she came another 5. It was heaven and I wish she could of stayed longer. I took her back to my uncles house the next morning and she gave me the best road head ever all the way there. We still talk and send each other nudes. But it’s not the same. I wish I could taste her pussy again. There you go! Post it. Just leave my name out if u don’t mind. :-)

    Story from a follower

    I got this story from a follower through email and she allowed me to post it with the names changed.

    I started sleeping with my cousin Brandon about January of this year. We hadn’t seen each other in over a decade and he came to his sister’s house where I was staying and we just clicked. He hung out for a bit and we all laughed (his sister Katie, her girlfriend Liz, me and him) and made fun of each other. He had to go, but he started messaging me on Facebook that he was gonna come back to hang out. Katie went to sleep because Liz and I had plans to watch a scary movie and she hates them. Brandon cake over and it was all four of us in Liz and Katie’s bed like sardines with Katie asleep on one side and me in between Liz and Brandon. I’m naturally a very affectionate and touchy person, so I started scratching both their heads and I pulled them both back so they were each laying on my shoulders and I was running my fingernails across their scalps. After awhile Brandon started running his fingers over my arm tickling me a little, and if I got up his fingers would brush may hand just barely longer Than necessary. Then he started running his fingers up the skin of my side where my shirt had ridden up (coincidentally the shirt I was wearing was his shirt Katie had stolen years before). He started tickling my tummy above my waistband between my hip bones and across my chest above my breasts. Still innocent enough that we could stop with no incidents. Liz got up again for something and Brandon dipped his finger just inside the waistband of my pants. Then he kissed me. He kissed me until I was making little noises against his mouth. I think they turned him on because shortly after that he had one of my sensitive nipples in his mouth and was lightly stroking my pussy through my sleep pants. I was afraid to let him put his hand in my pants because I didn’t want him to know how truly sopping wet I was. He was pretty insistent and I did give in (of course) and let him play with my clit. I swear he is a clit ninja. We have to keep stopping because Liz would leave and come back and doze off and wake up and leave again. It seemed like forever later when I finally let him slide a finger into me. He made this noise like he was really turned on by how wet I was. Every time I got close to cumming I’d pull on his wrist and tell him to stop because I know that I’m crazy loud and I didn’t want to wake his sister or her girlfriend. It took about 2 times of pulling his hand away before he figured out what I was doing and wouldn’t let me pull his hand away no matter how many times I whispered for him to stop. After he made me cum he whispered that he needed to be inside me. A few minutes later I was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and he was kneeling on the floor. Trying like hell not to wake anyone up while we fucked. I see him pretty regularly now, and it’s honestly the most amazing sex and the least awkward relationship.