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2021-04-16 13:23:56

    LITERALLY some of you don’t fucking know what “disposable income is” like i cannot stress ENOUGH that someone who was able to get animal crossing on day 1 of launch or a ps5 preorder that is still only working minimum wage job and/or cannot pay their rent on a monthly basis is NOT your enemy bruv they are NOT “the rich” like PLEASE cement that in your head. 


    had to share @rykhafirehand ’s tags:

    thank you for boiling off capitalist propaganda to get down to the essence of economics


    Ian McKellen  says that all gay people should be trans allies

    Sir Ian McKellen urges gay people to be better allies to the transgender community.

    The legendary actor and Stonewall co-founder joined It’s a Sin star Olly Alexander for a special LGBT+ History Month talk on TikTok on February 25, Pink News reports

    Sir Ian said: 

    “I do hear people – gay people – talk about transgender people in very much the same terms as people used to talk about your common or garden gay.

    “The connection between us all is we come under the queer umbrella – we are queer. I quite like being queer actually.

    “The problems that transgender people have with the law are not dissimilar from what used to be the case for us, so I think we should all be allies really.“

    This is not the first time the actor has stood up to transphobes. 

    Speaking to lifestyle magazine Attitude, the veteran star talked about how happy he was about Elliot Page coming out as transgender. 

    He felt “so disappointed” with himself for not recognizing the struggles that the then-teenage actor could have been facing when they worked together.

    The actor talked about why it is important to be honest with oneself.

    Top photo from The Talks.


    1. KING SHIT

    2. yes

    3.”common or garden gay”


    I hate these fucking cannibals so fucking much


    Love that AOC became Nancy-Pelosi-In-Waiting so goddamn fast


    “[I]t would be absurd on our part to hold a grudge against the socialist leaders who, finding themselves caught up in the electoral machine, end up being gradually transformed into nothing more than bourgeois with liberal ideas. They have placed themselves in determinate conditions that in turn determine them. The consequences are inevitable.”

    –Elsée Reclus, “Evolution, Revolution, and the Anarchist Ideal” (1898)


    While I don’t disagree with the Elisée (forgot an i here bud) Reclus quote, it has no place in a post that peddles such blatant misinformation.

    1) This tweet comes after a thread that starts like this :

    2) Goes on to condemn the carceral framework of immigration policy as a whole :

    3) And as for the tweet screencapped by op, it’s a response to this :

    So here’s what AOC, quote-unquote “cannibal”, is actually saying in that tweet :

    - no immigration facility should be carceral

    - immigrant children who come in the country alone (which is a situation which has always existed and. will. always. exist.) and/or children who’ve been torn apart from their families should be taken care of in (separate) facilities which need to go through a tougher vetting process

    - none of these facilities should be sub-contracted by the gvt

    - and some facilities which have had problems in the past should maybe just be closed

    - all of these solutions should be short term before a deeper reform can occur.


    Seriously some people have this idea that advocating for radical reform means you’re exempt from thinking about the meat-and-potatoes day-to-day inner workings of any policy. You’re all for immigration ? Great, me too. How do you plan to house migrants when they arrive ? What kind of facility would you need ? Who would run it ? How do you survey and vet the people running it ? What extra services do you need to provide for immigrant minors who come in unaccompanied and need to be protected in a country they don’t know ? And how do we deal with the damage already caused by the current system ?

    AOC is absolutely not saying, as the framing suggests, that “concentration camps” would be fine with a few tweaks. She is saying that such a system is not okay and that deep change is needed, while providing concrete solutions to the most pressing issues with the current way the system works. These two statements are not incompatible.

    I understand that we are basically all traumatized with the way we cannot trust any fucking politician, but behind every post calling out AOC as a “corrupted idol” I detect a real anxiety of being “ahead of the curve”, of denouncing progressives for “selling out” before they actually do, so we can’t be disappointed if and when these progressives water down their ideals. AOC is not perfect, nor should she be treated as such. But what’s happening in this post is disinformation, pure and simple. It’s twisting someone’s words for the pervert pleasure of making people feel disappointed and betrayed and dividing us. It pains me to see people fall for it when the tweets in actual context are only a click away. Be better. If we take this shit at face value and discard allies so readily, what chance do we have against people who actually want to cause us harm ?


    Turns out if someone appears to have a massive perspective change, it’s usually because they’ve been taken out of context.

    Context matters.