I need someone to please take complete control over my potty privileges

  • Make me ask you if I can use the potty when wearing undies, training pants, or pull ups
  • Deny me the potty if you think I should hold myself longer (I mean I am in undies, training pants, or pull ups for a reason)
  • Make me have a potty chart with stickers for being dry, wet, and messy
  • Force me in diapers if I have an accident
  • If I have a large amount of accidents, force me in diapers and lock me in them so I know my place
  • When in diapers, make me still ask you if I can mess so that you can decide if I should hold it longer and squirm under your gaze or make me mess myself right there in front of you as you hold my face so that I’m forced to look at you as I do it
  • If I mess without asking or I mess before you tell me I can when wearing a diaper, then make me sit in my mess to know my place
  • Please and thank you
  • nordicfairy

    I've always liked the idea of "potty training." Put back in pull ups, and if kept dry, rewarded with panties. If not, back to diapers. Of course, there has to be some accidents. Maybe after a few days of doing really well, and already being out back into panties. Of course, it'd be right back to pull ups after that. What do you think? :p

    yes!! and of course your caregiver thinks you’re MUCH more adorable and helpless in diapers, so they let you wear your cute panties knowing full well you’re not ready for that yet, and then of course you have an accident, maybe when you’re out somewhere. and they just look at you and tell you in the sweetest caregiver voice, “oh sweetheart, i know you thought you were a big girl, but you’re just a cute little baby, and babies need to wear diapers,” as they take your hand and lay you down for a change. you cry a little, and your caregiver cuddles you and kisses you on the forehead. you realise you feel better now, knowing you don’t have to worry about any more accidents.


    It would be super fun to use a cute lil potty a couple times tho hehe

    She wasn’t worried about people seeing her anymore. When she first went out with daddy in public, she dreading lifting her skirt for diaper checks or feeling his hands pressing against her padding.

    “What if people see?” or “what will everyone think?” she would worry!

    Now she lifts up her skirt and shows off her diaper to anyone passing by, even if it’s completely full! The babyish patterns showing everyone just what a little girl she really was

    “Hmmm” said daddy, “I think you’re a little messy! But it’ll have to wait till we get home” and with a playful slap against her bum, they carried on

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    “Now girls” said the Miss Tinkle, “this is the most important part of the class so I want you all to pay special attention!”. All the girls looked up at her as she bent herself over the desk showing her fresh pull-up under the short black skirt.

    “I’m wearing a pull-up for this demonstration but you girls can do this in

    whatever you wear: thick diapers both disposable and cloth, pull-ups or just regular panties! The important part is that you should be wearing something, little girls like us can’t be trusted to use potties! Remember that!”

    “You just have to push and strain...” she was saying as a loud fart erupted from her causing all the girls to giggle,

    “... until you feel the mess beginning to force its way out into your padding!”. The class watched as the seat of her white pull-up began to droop with soft crinkling noises. Letting out a large sigh in relief, her hand reached back to feel and squeeze the large mess that sat drooping between her legs.

    “Now girls, let’s see if you can do that and I’ll come round and check”. The classroom began to fill with noises of little groans, soft panting, “hmmpphss’ and “Mmhhpphs”.

    Miss Tinkle was so proud, every girl in her class was just as stinky as she was! What good little girls they’d all become...

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    “What’s the matter, Princess? Why are you so fidgety?”

    You tried so desperately hard to hold it but there was nothing you could do. Shifting and wriggling from side to side in your seat. Pressing you hands into your thighs and biting your lip. Anything that’d take the pressure off your aching bladder, and avoid the humiliation of wetting your diaper again!

    “Are you doing a little potty dance? Do you need to tinkle?”

    Finally the desperation reached its climax and a wave of relief rushed over you. Your arms relaxed and you stopped dancing around in your chair. The diaper warmed up and grew soggier between your thighs as you let out a large sigh. It was all over.

    “We’re going to have start calling you Princess Puddles if you carry on like this!”

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    Now that Auntie has settled into her new role and made herself more a part of the family, she’s begun institute one or two changes in the baby’s care. So from today, every Sunday at 3pm, the baby has to present herself in front of Daddy and Auntie while we review her behaviour, attitude, etc during the previous week. If she’s done well and been a good little girl, she’s allowed to choose a small treat as a reward. However, if she falls short in some way, this is what she can expect in return.


    Being forced to carry your messy diaper you were just changed out of, while clearly displaying your fresh, thick diaper under your pants while on the trail…embarrassment over 9000. Is this fair!? 

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    Yes, that’s absolutely fair! If someone, let’s say a certain young lady, still wears and uses (i.e. needs!) diapers 24/7, then I think it’s more than acceptable that this young lady also takes some responsibility when it comes to changing or the disposal of these diapers! And I don’t see any problem with the fact that everyone can guess correctly that there is a big, fluffy diaper under your pair of sweatpants. You wear them because you apparently need them, and diapers lead to diaper butts, that’s just the way it is.

    Besides, it’s a very cute diaper butt, if I may say so.


    “Stand right there and show me what a big baby you are and fill that diaper like you have been trained to do.  Come on little Poopie Pants, show me how a  grown woman fills her baby diapers like a little toddler.”

    She was never made to be on display like this before and she was accustomed to hiding in another room when she had to make potty. 

    “Please don’t make me do this.” she begged with a tear in her eye.

    “First of all, you will do as you are told without question, secondly, I already know what a big baby you are and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to change your poopy diapers and clean your dirty bottom.  Now do as you’re told before you get sent to bed early with no diaper changes, fill that diaper!”

    She slowly turned with a look of utter defeat and slowly bent forward to rest her hands on her thighs.  She just let the inevitable happen and filled the back of her diaper like a naughty little toddler….the wave of heat from the embarrassment shot straight up her spine.  He is relentless at finding new ways to push her humiliation levels to heights that she never imagined. 

    “Now, for being difficult, you can stay in that diaper for awhile and you better make sure that you have a very messy bottom when I do a diaper check in an hour or two or you will have to wait until bedtime for a fresh diaper!”

    He patted her bottom several times and said, “You see poopie pants, I think you’re starting to get used to your diaper punishment.  For the next week, you will come to me and tell me that you have to make potty and then you will be expected to perform your little show for my entertainment.” 


    Making #2 in diapers again is quite humiliating for most girls and women being diaper trained again. Especially when someone is watching. But it is an important aspect of the required consequence when it comes to diaper training.