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    Using the B-70 as a launcher for Minuteman II ICBMs is probably one of the leas crazy proposals they had for the Valkyrie. Including:

    The General Purpose Missile concept where they said “fuck it, let’s strap missiles onto the canards, vertical stabilizers, and fuselage top.“

    Turning it into a strike/reconnaissance bomber

    Turning it into a “C-70″ cargo plane

    And a passenger conversion complete with soup bar.

    All these and more can be found on this PDF the USAF Material Command released recently

    Westbound BNSF Intermodal Train at Floyd, MO

    Westbound BNSF Intermodal Train at Floyd, MO by Zach Pumphery

    After a morning of waiting for MOW gangs and work windows, BNSF Train Z WSPNBY8 10L is knocking down the 422 signal at Floyd on Main Track 1 of the BNSF Marceline Sub. The replacements for these were laying at our feet here. I wouldn’t wait too long. These are some of the last Santa Fe bridges on the Marceline Sub., if not the entire Transcon, albeit with newer signals. Locomotives: BNSF 6928, BNSF 4636, BNSF 3929, BNSF 6776 10-11-20 Floyd, MO