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    Little something that made my day just now, bit of background, dead by daylight recently released a new dlc chapter with a new survivor that is considerably wider than the rest, and I mean it,

    the new one/ standard for the females

    So I decided to take a break from sekiro, boot up DBD and play a match, picked the new survivor and appropriately changed my steam name to “Dummy Thicc”, match goes as normal, until I’m the last survivor standing, killer gives me the match, followed by this on the post-game chat.

    Absolute legend



    Everyone needs to understand that the capitalist class would rather kill all life on Earth, including, ultimately themselves, then give up their money or their power. This isn’t a hypothetical thing, by the way; the oil companies have already made that choice.

    this really really isn’t exaggeration because every single time legislation is introduced that would protect the environment, protect workers, protect human health or make products more effective, business owners fight it tooth and nail and that includes when it can be mathematically proven to have either a negligible effect on their profits or even make them more money in the long run after taking a MINUTE, temporary hit.

    They don’t even want to do better later. They want every single fucking penny they’re able to get today, and only today, no matter who loses a home or gets cancer or what goes completely fucking extinct.

    This is almost universally true. When you find a huge monopoly willing to let one thing get better you’ll almost always find that they’re doing ten worse things to make up the money and complied with the one nice gesture so they can look good and attract more customers. This isn’t “conspiracy theory” shit but all out in the open.






    is not a beret. Its a tam o’ shanter, traditionally Scottish.

    Nintendo give me zesty Scottish Pokemanz i beg of you

    Pokemon except all dialogue is written like Scottish Twitter PLEASE

    So this is where the meme came from.



    TIL troop of 15 monkeys escaped a primate research center in Japan by using trees as catapults over a five-metre high electric fence (and afterwards were lured back with peanuts).


    Monkey brain: If we pull back this tree, we can use its preserved momentum to hurl ourselves over the dangerous fence.

    also monkey brain: heehoo peenut




    I’m not saying he would win, but like….I get it

    This is an interesting story because people my parents age are like “How dare he” and people my age are like “oh same”

    What’s even more interesting is he’s not serious. In India there’s a culture of intense deference to parents. He believes that this is a very unhealthy way for people to live and so he’s using this court case as a way to tell people that the idea of “you must grovel in gratitude to your parents because they brought you into the world and fed and clothed you” is a bad thing and that parents have to feed and clothe you because it’s their damn job and they chose to have you.

    He really gets on with his own parents and his mother has publicly voiced her support for him.

    Tl;dr: This isn’t incel bullshit like the dude who’s parents evicted him last year, this is a political protest to unhealthy expectations parents have for their children even though he isn’t pressured into those expectations by his own parents.


    what i liked best about nott’s story and the way sam chose to tell it was the total absence of, like, pride, in the telling. for her, it’s an unfortunate story that she very much wants to not have happened to her. she has been through a series of events that were almost literally the unmaking of her, and it’s all awful, and there’s no making it any less awful, and even her death didn’t solve the worst of it. her reaction to her trauma is more or less to become very numb and to feel rather ashamed of herself. she has been doing her level best to figure out what to do about all of this but mostly it all leaves her her feeling very, sort of, defeated.

    and i like how clearly nott has been embarrassed by herself her entire life. she has never been special or interesting or good at anything in her entire life, and now that’s that’s over she’s the most repellent thing in all of creation. she had one thing that was good, and she wasn’t good or smart enough to hang on to it for longer. and you can feel the weight of years and years of being utterly convinced that she’s just kinda, unfortunate, just something that’s been sticking around for a long time and nobody’s ever really been sure what to do with it. she was an unfortunate child. she was an unfortunate adult. she died a deeply unfortunate death. she’s attempting to normalize what happened to her, to make sense of what happened to her by painting herself as essentially worthless. of course that happened to her. of course it did. and while she did the only admirable thing she could and rescued her husband and son, and while she knew she went down fighting, she knows equally well that it was all someone like her was capable of. all of it might as well have happened to her. 

    and like, how’s that not caleb. how’s that not beau, deep down, in all the work marisha’s shown she’s put into her. how’s that not fjord?

    but like, who hasn’t done the exact same thing after something traumatic has happened. oh, yeah, that makes sense. that’s what happens to people like me. 


    The true tragedy of romani/solomons sacrifice comes from the fact that his existance as romani was so undeniably human. Solomon placed value in humans because they can continue to put in effort even if its ultimately worthless, and even when humans have such a short time living compared to all these other beings hes encountered, and his existance as romani exemplified that so perfectly. Romani was completely out of his depth, stripped of his powers, confused and scared, and yet, even in that brief moment of being human, decided that hed stop the tragedy he just foresaw. Just like goetia in his final moments as a human immediately understood what it meant to be human, romani in his first moments as a human also understood. And he did so knowing that his final noble phantasm was one that not only would he inevitably have to use, but also that it would kill him, and he was ok with it because thats what it meant for him to be human. That even if your existance is temporary, your actions and effort can have meaning, even if they ultimately accomplish nothing.