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    imagine someone who has absolutely zero knowledge of the Fate series, like has never even heard of it, getting in to the cooking anime like “oh man what a cute show about a guy and his british girlfriend cooking yummy food!” 

    imagine someone watching the cooking show and then immediately jumping to Zero not knowing what to expect 






    People who are pansexual are:

    • attracted to persons regardless of their gender 
    • and/or attracted to all genders
    • people with a really pretty PRIDE flag

    we are not:

    • special bisexual snowflakes
    • calling bi people transphobic 
    • confused

    Also bisexuality is an awesome and valid identity and you can pry my bi/pan solidarity from my cold dead hands

    People who are bisexual are:

    • Attracted to two or more genders
    • Can be attracted to all genders but prefers to use bisexual as a term/label
    • People with a really cool pride flag

    We are NOT:

    • Transphobic
    • Disregarding of nonbinary genders
    • Confused

    Shout-out to my pan siblings btw! Y'all are great! Anyone who disagrees can pry bi/pan solidarity from my cold, dead fingers

    Woo! Yes!












    bro there is nothing funner and more stupid then the concept of fantasy races in a corporate setting imagine you go in for a job interview and a tiefling is sitting at the front desk.

    dwarf: pulling another all-nighter?

    elf who literally doesn’t sleep: i don’t see the problem

    Just because he doesn’t sleep doesn’t mean he doesn’t need “me time”.  You’re not paying him for his entire life, and he’s not paying 4200 to enjoy an apartment he’s never in.

    This is literally what I love to draw and imagine

    Goblin in a waistcoat

    That’s just one of their normal states of being

    He also has a pocket watch

    No he cannot read it

    that’s because he chewed the face so much it’s illegible



    A high-fantasy lord of the rings Elf living at work for months undetected because they sleep with their eyes open for 6 hours a week and only eat granola from the break room is a fantasy plot I need in my life






    no one but professional trainers has a full team of 6 in the pokemon universe because it would be a fucking gigantic hassle to deal with 6 animals, let alone different types that need different things

    some people don’t evolve their pokemon because imagine having a fucking cat and then you can choose to make the cat five times as big and strong. would you do this if you weren’t battling.

    Technically if your cat isn’t battling it doesn’t evolve.

    That does however give cat owners a strong incentive to not let their cat outside, because realistically any cat that is allowed to roam free is gonna rack up exp until it evolves.

    I let my litten out one day and a week later incineroar rips my door off and demands wet food only

    I’ve gotta draw this….

    If you do @ me lol



    the idea that people nowadays are more sensitive and easy to offend than they were in the past is such horseshit. people used to throw hands if you stepped on their shadow and calling a person a coward was legally justifiable grounds for them to challenge you to a duel with pistols.

    since some people are having trouble understanding what i meant here, i would like to clarify that i am 100% mocking the hypocrisy of people who idolize the “good old days when people weren’t offended by everything” and then turn around and whine about how sjws are ruining their lives

    if you’re whining about sjws in the comments of this post please know that i am making fun of you and that the old white relative you idolize for “giving no fucks” probably cried himself to sleep last night when he saw an interracial couple in a target commercial 



    Y'know what I really fuckin hate?

    Tiny houses.

    Not the concept, the notion, the Platonic ideal of a low-cost low-impact high-efficiency dwelling. That’s great. That’s awesome.

    What really imagines my dragons is that in practice about 9 times out of 10 tiny house communities are just a way for rich hipsters to finally fulfil their greatest fantasy:

    They found a way to fucking gentrify the trailer park

    listen i know you’re making a point here but i cant stop thinking about ‘imagines my dragons’






    favorite stranger things running gags:

    • joyce destroying her damn house to solve the mystery of the season
    • steve getting dragged into a monster hunt and being, like, very briefly surprised before accepting that this is his life now and making himself useful

    additionally: the plotlines finally converge and the whole cast gets together to do a batshit crazy DIY project

    May I also add: Steve getting his ass kicked in every single fight.

    lmao more specifically: Steve getting his ass kicked in every single fight against an ordinary human but faring shockingly well against interdimensional monsters while armed with nothing but a baseball bat

    #it is a known fact that Steve gets +10 strength when fighting monsters because that’s when his Babysitter Brawl passive kicks in  (via @lulusoblue)

    because that is the best goddamn tag in the world



    Last year I had an internship at a fancy office during the day, and a food service job at night. One of the ladies at the office told me she needed a part-time job for some extra cash, and I let her know about an opening in my food service job, described what would be expected, all of that. 

    Guys. She quit after one (1) shift, called me the next day, and ranted, “You never told me it was going to be that hard, is that what you do every night?! I’m not 20 anymore, I’m 50, I can’t believe they only pay you $9.50/hr to do all that work!” [For the record, I had coworkers who were 65+]

    She was shocked when I explained that yeah, most food service jobs require you to stock heavy boxes, work the register, and learn to cook/prep food, then clean up before you go home. It never occurred to her that people who “just flip burgers” actually have demanding jobs. 

    “I’m going to have to be extra nice to those people from now on!” Like yeah, no shit?

    I’ve told this story before I’m sure, but when I got my first office job and escaped retail hell, I tended to stay at my desk on my breaks. My manager, well-meaning, passed by and reminded me to make sure I took my breaks and got up and got away from my desk regularly.

    I kinda laughed and said “Tanya, I worked retail before this. This entire job is a break, to me. I get to sit down all day. Just let me enjoy that.”

    And I still think about it sometimes when I’m in the breakroom in the morning. How I have the unspeakable luxury to take my coffee cup, go to the kitchen, wash the cup out, pour myself a new cup of coffee, chat with coworkers if anyone’s in the breakroom while I’m doing that, and then head back to my desk before I really *start* my day. Without worrying that I’m going to get in trouble or be seen as slacking off. As opposed to the rushed “toss your purse in a locker, clock in, and get out on the floor and start cleaning things/helping customers/fixing signage/etc.” start-of-shift routine from my retail days.