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2021-11-07 15:39:13

    I adamantly believe that circumcision is hugely beneficial and must be mandatory for all newborn boys. There are many reasons why I believe that every boy should have a perfect circumcised penis.

    Circumcision is overall more hygienic and easier to clean. It eliminates the possibility of phomosis, it also has been known to decrease the likelihood of contracting several different STD’s and diseases including penile cancer.

    A circumcised penis is cleaner due to less moisture and no smegma, thus making it smell and taste better as well.

    In addition it just looks much better. When done at birth, the penis is allowed to grow into itself naturally and the glans is allowed to flare out and become nice and plump. The tight shaft is also extremely sexy and makes his orgasmic contractions easier to see and feel. Almost every woman I know prefers the look of a circumcised penis.

    It’s been said that circumcision decreases sexual pleasure and that is true to an extent. Because the foreskin is gone, the head of the penis is permanently exposed to rubbing and external stimuli, so it adapts to this by becoming callused and tough. Thus, circumcised guys need to rely on constant stimulation. They need to fuck much more vigorously to receive any sensation on the penis: they use hard banging thrusts and elongated strokes to stimulate the sensitive scar line and feel the pressure deep in the base of the penis down to the prostate now that the exposed head has been desensitized from constant friction. What these men are left with is a deep, burning desire. A strong, insatiable sexual frustration. An animalistic urge to pound and feel something. This is also why circumcised men have greater sexual appetites. It’s adrenaline filled and feels so much better for the woman.

    There is a reason most Americans boys are circumcised.

    All parents need to know the importance of having their sons circumcised and it should be made mandatory. Please reblog if you agree, spread the word.