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    I don't understand why people are upset that Sam went to funeral. I mean they are best friends and coworkers. Why is it hard for people to believe that he would attend outta respect for her? Regardless if they are together in real life or not he would still go outta respect for her. He would look pretty bad if he didn't go. I think there is more than meets the eye with alot of things but I can't believe people would get mad with what they do in their personal life. I like both of them and I would love for them to be a couple in real life but whether or not they are or not doesn't effect my life or anyone else's beside themselves. I think anybody who pays attention to detail can tell things don't add up about her marriage and to me if she seriously was in love and happily married it would be so easy to prove. The fact she doesn't try and the fact that her close friends don't acknowledge him in post says alot. I'm not losing sleep either way but I agree with alot you have said.

    Thanks for your insights Anon. Agreed. It would actually have been more strange if Sam didn't attend. They've known each other for almost a decade and work together every single day. So for those who think her marriage to Tbag is real, Sam's presence at the funeral should not bother them or be odd. I guess the bother was the fact that Sam was sitting next to Cait and they embraced which is what her so called husband should have been doing. That's what is irking them so much. It was Sam that took front row. It has always been Sam. Notice none of her friends or co workers with their bday wishes to Cait ever mention Tony's name? Notice how Sam has never uttered the name Tony? Infact I don't even think he had said "Caitriona's husband".


    Sam’s Happy birthday greetings over the years



    Sam accidentally sends a racy/porn link (not sure what that was all about)



    Sam even put this on his FB page:



    2019 So many posts that it seemed to me Sam was making his claim known after that remarkable weekend!

    Sam responds to Bafta even though he was not even tagged!

    On his IG

    On his IG Story

    I think I get your drift Captain - that your love for this special woman can span centuries and putting the current time on it by your brand of calling her “BALFE”!


    @zeya-zg I absolutely appreciate the addition to the timeline. We are a team here. Please do as the day goes on because we know Hubs can’t contain his excitement! No pun intended! 😂😜


    I’m just adding these to update this collection:




    I Fought the Law Chapter 23 A Walk and...


    A walk, hand in hand, just them. Angus is still talking to Raymond and Geillis. Jamie decides he needs a break from the business talk. He wants some time with just his lass.

    “Do you know what Raymond calls me?” Their hands swing between them.

    “Nae, what does he call you?”

    “Madonna because my aura is blue like her cloak.”

    He grins. “Sweet. I can see that.”

    She stops them and turns so she is still facing him. “You believe he can see my aura?”

    He shrugs. “What ever it is called, your aura, personality, whatever, aye, I believe he can see how sweet you are, how strong, smart,” He steps closer as he speaks, lifting their clasps hands together. “courageous, beautiful,” Voice dropping as his lips do,” aye it is clear,” A brush of their lips together, “how special you are.” He kisses her for real. His free hand he uses to pull her close, pressing her lower back to him.

    Moans and groans lift up from them. His hand drifts down to her bum. She groans as she feels what he has for her. He moans as their lower pelvis move together.

    When they come up for air, she says, “I am ready.”

    “Ready?” His lust addled brain isn’t tracking well.

    “Take me somewhere and make love to me Jamie.”

    Out of Time Chapter Twenty -Six


    Medical supplies, food, the guns, the radio, those are the important things they take. As they carry the last out, Jamie turns to her. “I have a concern.”

    “Just one.” It sounds strange from under their gas masks.

    His chuckle is muffled but she gets it. “One major one. The car. Won’t it be a bit conspicuous. I imagine there aren’t to many cars on the roads.”

    “Damn!” she shakes her head, “I should have thought of that. Frank has messed up my thinking. Thank you Jamie, again.”

    They head back into the shelter. Mary sleeps with the children. In the quiet, she paces, shaking her hair out with the removal of the mask.

    “I know we need to use it. The children or Mary can’t walk that far, besides there is the supplies.”

    She nods. “Just so. Besides, I would rather limit the time we spend in the mist, even with the oxygen and gas masks.”

    He agrees there. He still is working on what made Frank immune. “So, what do we do?”

    “We have to take the risk. Drive as fast as we can, weapons in hand, ready to defend them.”

    He nods. Faith seems fine but he isn’t sure there won’t be some long term damage they haven’t yet seen. He would protect them all with his body. “I am ready.”


    The USDA has a history of being one of the more corrupt agencies within the federal government. Now, amid a push to take complete control of the food supply, they want you to register your garden. “For safety”, of course.


    Shippers are the voice of justice against a serial liar who allowed a fandom to harrash the fans who discovered her lies...

    I can't disagree with this 🎯


    She’s not the only liar in this anon but the most destructive, psycho rigid one for sure… IMO all for nothing now the world’s watched her bury her father with a fake public life in play for HW kickbacks…living with the shame of that makes anything gained worth nothing and any future gain worth nothing…her peers and anyone in their industry know of that gross and disrespectful act and that’s not going to ever leave her…she’s that girl who did that! Producer…director…the awards…the money…the fame….everything she’s sacrificed for it is worth nothing now….I doubt she even fully considered or understood what making her sad little game public at her father’s funeral would do to her reputation or to her own wellbeing. She was more concerned about the lie and being caught out to see beyond it. Well she was caught out alright…disrespecting the life of her father in the most abhorrent way possible. Did she not consider ‘rest in peace’ takes priority over everything?Clearly not!

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk waded into Russia’s war in Ukraine Monday by tweeting that Ukraine should remain “neutral” in the war as a way to open the door to peace.

    “This is highly likely to be the outcome,” in Ukraine, Musk said. “Just a question of how many die before then.”

    The callous comments, which come in Russia’s eighth month of unprovoked war on Ukraine, had tinges of Russian propaganda, raising questions about why Musk, a CEO—not a diplomat or politician—would even weigh in on the war.