Tumblr Allows Nudity Again on the Platform, But 'Sexually Suggestive' Content is Still Not Allowed

    Tumblr entirely suspended all of the content which features nudity and adult content back in 2018 as part of its crackdown against minor sexual exploitation.

    This year, the popular microblogging site is reverting nudes on the platform once again, but this time with some limitations to the type of content.

    Nudity Posts Return to Tumblr


    (Photo : Hadis Safari from Unsplash)

    According to Engadget, Tumblr has previously deleted many posts promoting sexual depictions. Since then, content creators were not able to recover and reuse them for their blogs.

    Recently, the company reverted the nudity posts in line with the updated community guidelines. The new policy suggests that users can now post pictures, GIFs, and clips with nudity. This covers mature content, specifically with sexual touch. However, Tumblr won’t allow porn and other visual depictions centered on showcasing human genitalia.

    With regards to this, Tumblr says that even nudity artworks are allowed to thrive on the platform as long as they have appropriate labels for the audiences.

    The first time that Tumblr hinted about this change was in September when it mentioned that it would restrict sensitive content on the feeds.

    Following this statement, the app said that it would welcome a “broader range of expression, creativity, and art” on the site, which features human parts and the like.

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    How Reliable is Tumblr in Filtering Nudity

    Despite allowing sexual themes to be posted on Tumblr, the company makes sure that there are still some limitations to be imposed on all users.

    For instance, content that promotes child sexual abuse has no reason to stay on the platform. This means that hardcore porn won’t be allowed to go live on Tumblr.

    While it’s clear that Tumblr will ban all of the mature adult content, no one can tell how the platform would filter all of the incoming posts from every person.

    Katharine Trendacosta, the EEF’s associate director of policy and activism, told Ars Technica that the platform might Tumblr users might encounter “undue censorship” brought by artificial intelligence.

    “It is incredibly difficult for machines to learn context. The change is actually welcomed, but the over-reliance on technical filtering to do the heavy lifting on a policy like that is not great,” she said.

    The rules remain complex to some users who are still confused about what content is subject to a ban. Trendacost was aware that Tumblr failed to address the previous issue with the wrongful suspension of posts that feature nudity.

    With the arrival of the new guidelines, Tumblr should reach out to the communities to seek help in improving them. After that, the company needs to clarify the specific limitations of the posts and what improvements should be made from here.

    Joseph Henry, Tech Times 03 November 2022

    Source: Tech Times