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    I love playing with my girl's body.... she is very hot!...I especially love playing with her when bound and gagged..... What could be better? When she's totally encased in skin tight spandex... bound, gagged and struggling!

    I get very hard feeling the tight stretch of the Lycra on her body.... So smooth and tight...I love the way it accentuates her beautiful figure....

    I love to show her that she's mine...she loves to be handled by me...she craves to be helpless and taken by me.....

    She's a good girl....she knows I get very hard watching her struggle in her bondage....... It turns her on...... She loves to struggle....... She loves to struggle hard......her crotch rope pulling hard as she fights her bondage....

    Gorgeous Cassidy Klein was the only one on duty when the robbers broke in to crack the safe at the bank. They acted fast, tying her up good and tight and gagging her even tighter and making her watch as they cleared the money out of the safes and packed it up. As she watches them put the last stacks of cash into the bags her eyes got wide with disbelief as she heard the one man tell the other to bring the van around so they could load her up too.