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Huh... odd... how did you find this place? Welp, hello there, I'm Rezinn, and no, this is not about comedy, it's just my lovelly bin full of NSFW drawings and other stuff that I have made along these years, and possibly the next ones.

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    Now on Picarto as well

    Since I was being a goddamn lazy dumbass with my drawings I decided that I’m going to stream some of them from time to time, so I feel forced to finish them. I think this might be quite helpful

    So, if anyone wants to check out what’s on the menu, feel free to go here: https://picarto.tv/TheFilthyBucket

    I might as well work as a radio station, because why not?

    Later on if this works I’ll think on posting a schedule as well, but I’m not going to hurry that stuff. See ya over there ;>

    (Now streaming today 2/1!)

    (WARNING: most of the stuff will be NSFW, and I might be streaming for hours, like... 2 to 12 hours? Yeah, that would be the range xD)

    Hi Everyone!
    We are the Everec group and this is our Christmas special for you.
    Can you find the Christmas hat (or hats in my case XD) in our creations?!
    - Your Everec group

    This was part of an absolutely wonderful art project I did with some amazing artists! This will sadly be the last non-SFW picture I post on here, so I hope you enjoy! ^^

    Ray got caught under the mistletoe with @greeneyedwolfking’s Sebastian Roivas! Neither seem to be complaining, though! In face, they’re rather enjoying the situation. Perhaps a bit too intimately. XD

    @greeneyedwolfking @jondessins @barascrawls @waghran @dereksfm @jackjackaj @michifreddy35 @rezinn

    The only reason I'm still around here is to check if anyone is posting PornHub links already. I'm actually giggling about the fact that even PornHub is participating in the "take the evicted artists from Tumblr's mess" war. And even calling it a war it's wrong, considering it's Tumblr against Tumblr, beating the shit out of itself.


    Well, seems like we’re getting shoved out

    Sadly, tumblr has decided to become some sort of hipster version of Discovery Kids safe for work only social media (as almost everyone has noticed), and us the dong-cooch drawing class aren’t welcome here anymore, so it’s time to pack everything and move out before we feel that boot kicking our asses out.

    Yeah, well, there’s not much I can do about it…

    … I agree, we don’t want that tumblr also ends up flagging the good-bye message as well.

    Well, with that said, if ya’ll want to follow me somewhere else:

    My FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rezinn/

    My Twitter: (I’ll update this one later, since I have to make me and set a new account)

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    So I got a Twitter finally:


    It’s still a bit empty, since I’m doing some works atm, but as soon as I’m free it’s gonna get filled up with all the stuff I posted and all that I never posted because I always fucking think twice with no reason at all :>

    Well, seems like we’re getting shoved out

    Sadly, tumblr has decided to become some sort of hipster version of Discovery Kids safe for work only social media (as almost everyone has noticed), and us the dong-cooch drawing class aren’t welcome here anymore, so it’s time to pack everything and move out before we feel that boot kicking our asses out.

    Yeah, well, there’s not much I can do about it...

    ... I agree, we don’t want that tumblr also ends up flagging the good-bye message as well.

    Well, with that said, if ya’ll want to follow me somewhere else:

    My FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rezinn/

    My Twitter: (I’ll update this one later, since I have to make me and set a new account)

    My neck

    My back

    My pussy and my crack.


    Caught in a dream

    The tall purple haired man was standing in front of the nicely decorated looking glass held on its stand. But it wasn’t his reflection that he could see in the magical artefact. In its place some clouds of shimmering colours were shown. The fluffy tail of the oneiric being was waving slowly as he looked at them. Suddenly Chester’s cat ears twitched as one of them caught his attention.

    Unlike the others this cloud looked darker, generally the sign that it could become a nightmare.

    - Why not cheer that guy’s night. I remember that the last one I tried was great.

    His role in dreams being to lift up men’s mood through sex, the cat considered that this particular dream could need his help more than the others.

    - Okay! I really hope you’ll fuck me hard too.

    After making sure that his dark grey suit was fitting him correctly, Chester touched the mirror and began to pass through its surface.

    Once inside he floated in direction of the cloud growing progressively while he approached to dive in. But as he was about to reach the core the cat felt entangled as in some kind of web. Leaving the cotton like cocoon he discovered that his arms, legs and chest were wrapped with what resembled slimy ropes that continued to move around him to restrain his moves.

    - Chester? asked a deep voice behind him. What are you doing here?

    Turning his head to look in direction of the man that had spoken, the cat was surprised to discover one of his peers. With black hair falling to his neck and a full beard covering his face the oneiric being looked similar to a thug but wasn’t as bad as one. His ears ending like some fins hinted that he was more like a nautical creature.

    - Well I was hoping to have some fun with this dreamer.

    - In a dream as bad as this one? You should know that nightmares are drawn to them.

    - Maybe I could have improved that, replied the cat with a wink. But how come you’re here too?

    The bright blue eyes of the other man glared at him.

    - My job, obviously. I’m trying to prevent nightmares from entering here.

    Indeed the dark skinned tentacles that were holding Chester captive seemed quite effective. The cat noticed that they were coming out from gills on his friend’s sides. The short sleeveless jean jacket he wore was certainly allowing them go out with ease, also showing his hairy muscular chest. The other man looked in his thirties but was in fact much older than that.

    - So Karkhan. When are you going to release me?

    The man seemed lost in thoughts as if he was unsure it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, an agglomeration of clouds formed next to them and slowly let place to a young man that was barely twenty. The dreamer who had just appeared was looking at them hazily.

    A grin appeared on Karkhan’s face that slowly brought his cat friend closer to him.

    - I think I have a better idea.

    - Hey! What are you scheming?

    Not answering, the man opened Chester’s pants and as he expected found directly his bare manhood.

    - I knew it. Going commando in this clean outfit is typically you.

    He soon seized it in his hand to stroke the growing and hardening length.

    - Of course, moaned the entangled man. It saves time.

    Chester had to admit that his friend knew how to push his buttons as the thumb was teasing the tip of his glans. His foreskin was pushed down when he started to masturbate him with eagerness.

    Meanwhile, a couple of tentacles had begun, with more agility than he would have thought, to loosen his stripped tie before removing his vest and opening his white shirt. One of the appendages was playfully rubbing his sensitive nipple. All the attention made his cock rock hard and leaking seminal fluids.

    The cat felt the grip over his cock diminish until his whole body was tipped over to leave him facing Karkhan’s groin and his buttocks lifted high. After unbuttoning his jeans, his friend brought out his own manhood in front of his face. Its size certainly surprised him.

    - Are you kidding me? Why does a nightmare catcher have a bigger dick than mine?

    Karkhan smirked at the comment.

    - It’s just another tool to punish nightmares… or naughty dreams. Why don’t you work a bit on it now?

    The hunter was already quite hard and presented his covered glans to Chester’s mouth. The other man did not look too reluctant as he opened it wide to receive the manhood. The tongue quickly worked on the length despite having some problem at first with the impressive girth. But it was in Chester’s nature to be adaptive and he was soon able to handle him completely. Karkhan moaned as he appreciated his friend’s techniques and the wonders his raspy tongue did. He tensed a bit as one of the sharp canines slightly grazed the sensitive skin.

    The tentacles took the opportunity to remove Chester’s shoes and pants before some ventured close to his buttocks. One of the tiniest slide in the orifice and began to pump in it slowly. He could feel another join in and they worked together to stretch him. On the other side Karkhan had seized him at the base of his ponytail to keep his head steady while he pushed his manhood down his throat. Luckily the cat wasn’t born with gag reflex but it was still uncomfortable.

    Watching them silently from the side, the dreamers approached and seemed to whisper something in the hunter’s ear. Chester was slowly manipulated and had his back laid down on one of the fluffy but firm clouds that only the dreamer was seeing as an object. There he was held with his legs spread open. The young man went behind the hunter and had him move forward. The large manhood of Karkhan was next guided by the dreamer in direction of the cat’s exposed orifice.

    - Wait! What is he doing? I’m supposed to be fucked by him, not a brute like you.

    - You know we can’t go against a dreamer’s will. Now it’s time to give him the show, he wants grinned Karkhan.

    Chester grunted when his sphincter was stretched by the bulbous glans. Karkhan inserted his cock progressively in front of the mesmerized dreamer watching the scene. Once half of the length was in the nightmare hunter began to move in and out at a low pace. With each thrust more was pushed in the cat that started to moaned.

    - Look at you enjoying my dick.

    - Just shut up and continue your “job”.

    The cat couldn’t help but enjoy the situation somehow as it made him hornier to have the dreamer watch him be defiled by his friend on his own orders. The young man was clearly appreciating it too since his clothes began to vanish to show his naked body. He had strictly no control on the way the gargantuan cock was heavily pounding his ass, neither on the fact that he began to purr.

    Karkhan’s heavy balls soon slapped noisily between his ass cheeks as he finally reached a faster pace. He was ramming his long cock of all its length, rubbing the sensitive prostate with each thrust. The hunter had grabbed the cat’s tail to keep it from moving and saw how frustrating it was for him.


    After a while the young dreamer came to give some more directives. Chester felt somewhat empty as his friend left his anus. He was rolled to stay on all fours before his friend positioned himself behind him. Chester moaned loudly when the manhood penetrated him again.

    Karkhan enjoyed dominating the older and taller oneiric being. And the fact that he was surpassing him with his imposing manhood was all he needed to boost his confidence further. He soon leaned over his back, completely overpowering him.

    - Look at you Chester. Maybe you’re enjoying this punishment too much, whispered the man in his friend’s pointy ear.

    All to his bragging the hunter had not noticed that the young man had moved behind him until he felt his jeans pushed down. His hairy ass was suddenly exposed and a strong pressure was done against his orifice.

    - Hey! I’m not here to be fucked you dumbass, roared Karkhan as he gave a menacing look to the youngster.

    - You can’t go against a dreamer’s will, said the cat looking at him with a cocky grin. Time for you to enjoy some dick.

    It was now the tanned man that grunted loudly. Unlike Chester whose body was more suited to that kind of situation, his had to be prepared but this step was clearly forgotten. Even if the dreamer wasn’t as endowed as them it was not as easy for Karkhan to take him rough. He wasn’t much accustomed to do it with another male and only played with his hole by using his tentacles or fingers.

    The hunter hated the sensation of being penetrated by the other man as his orifice was forcefully stretched. All this was in fact siphoning his strength as he wasn’t supposed to interact with a dreamer. Even the hold he had on Chester was starting to loosen.

    This made him soon enable to move and the young man firmly grabbed his hips to fasten his pace. The dreamer pounded wildly the helpless Karkhan who didn’t hide the fact that he was not enjoying being abused by him. Chester could feel the powerful thrusting of the dreamer as the hunter’s cock was moving in rhythm with him.

    Karkhan managed to have one of his tentacle slid in the young man’s anus. With all the strength left in him he stimulated his prostate and soon brought him to orgasm. The dreamer pushed his hips strongly and poured his semen deep in him. Luckily the young man felt satisfied quickly and vanished, leaving the hunter’s orifice filled with his semen.

    - To put tentacles in his ass so he cums faster, that’s cheating said the cat still under his friend’s body.

    - I’m not into being fucked, especially by dreamers, replied harshly the man. That’s your job, not mine.

    - Alright. Why don’t you finish “your” job then?

    Now that he was finally free, Karkhan was regaining some vigour and moved slowly. Unlike before he had become gentler in his way of mating and tried to reach his friend’s mouth. They next kissed passionately as he released him of all restraints. One of his hands went under Chester’s belly to grab his cock and masturbated him.

    With the accumulation of pleasure on both his manhood and prostate he soon began to convulse. His seeds were sprayed over the clouds under him while his anus tensed erratically around the large cock in his ass. This quickly made his friend empty his heavy balls deep in him with each thrust.

    Once finished the hunter removed his softening dick and rolled beside Chester to rest on his back. The cat instinctually came closer to cuddle him, passing his finger on the hairy chest.

    - That was fun. Maybe I should visit you more often at work said the man with a smile.

    - No way! I won’t fuck you in another dream to have the dreamer steal my energy.

    The cat seemed a bit disappointed and pouted.

    - But we can always do it outside if you want.

    This immediately cheered him up and he straddled Karkhan to grab his jacket by the collar and kissed him languorously.

    - I’ll let you recharge with the nightmare coming our way then.

    Both men stood up and dressed up before Chester left the dream to let his friend do his job. Knowing that he would meet him again soon made the cat quite happy as he went for another dream to sexually satisfy his owner.

    This story is part of the Halloween event for the Everec group.

    Chester and Karkhan are my OCs. The wonderful illustration was done by my friend @greeneyedwolfking​​

    Please make sure to check out other friends of mine, talented artist have joint this event too:
    @f0-star, @greeneyedwolfking​​​, @cummytomato​​, @reflectionsafterdark, @dereksfm, @sletagiant​, @jackjackaj​ @michifreddy35​, @jet-bara-remix, @greatbigboyblue​​

                                                 Halloween 2018

    Halloween is coming! i had that in mind! for the halloween special of @f0-star and @greeneyedwolfking!

    The other participant of the special Halloween are @Waghran@cummytomato @reflectionsafterdark @dereksfm @JackJackKaj @MichifFreddy35 @jetbararemix @greatbigboyblue @greeneyedwolfking @f0-sta

    hope you’ll enjoy!

    Uncensored will be on my Patreon soon!

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    Well here’s a big bad wolf that I wouldn’t mind being swallowed by. :3

    HEY Long time no see, this was from a Halloween art theme that we did for the discord group called Everec, I hope you enjoy the fortnite werewolf and his long thic tongue. Wishing you a naughty Halloween.

    @f0-star , @greeneyedwolfking , @Waghran, @cummytomato , @reflectionsafterdark , @dereksfm, @SletaGiant, @JackJackaj @MichiFreddy35, @jetbararemix,