INTP Compliments

    ESFJ: You look nice today, INTP

    INTP: *Gets an intense look*

    ESFJ: INTP, no.

    INTP: *Intensifies*

    ESFJ: INTP stop over-analyzing my compliment! There’s nothing hidden there!

    INTP: Bullshit.

    ESFJ: Would it help if I just took back my compliment?

    INTP: Yes.

    ESFJ: Fine. You look hideous today, INTP.

    INTP: Thank you for your honesty.

    ESFJ: *Hushed cursing*


    is there a word for “i was instantly good at a lot of things as a quote-unquote gifted child, and, as a result, i was able to skate by without ever being taught how to actually learn a new skill, and now that i’m an adult trying to learn new things that i can’t be good at instantaneously, i don’t have the patience or knowledge to improve on them, because skills that don’t come naturally to me just make me angry because i lived off instant gratification my whole childhood due to not ever being challenged intellectually or taught basic learning skills?” asking for a friend


    people like this piss me the fuck off


    why does everyone refuse to consider the possibility that maybe an education system designed from the ground up to turn intelligent and creative children into mindlessly efficient factory drones might have a negative effect on the people it deems (correctly or not; usually not) to be more intelligent and creative than average?

    we were punished for “learning too fast” by having the lessons about how to learn taken away from us, and by couching it all in positive language so that our peers would resent and isolate us. literally all of us know we’re not better than anyone else, but that doesn’t seem to matter in the face of “i was jealous in elementary school and have held on to that for 15+ years.”

    when we say things like “i don’t know how to learn things that i don’t immediately understand” you hear “i was that kid you hated because i never studied but i always got a 100% on the test anyway,” but what we mean is:

  • i have a vague understanding of what a flash card is, but no idea how to make them or what to do with them
  • i have literally no idea how to take notes because:
  • i don’t know what i’ll forget if i don’t write it down
  • i don’t know how to pay attention to what’s being said while i write
  • i wouldn’t know what to do with the notes anyway
  • if i don’t understand something, i don’t know how to formulate a question
  • i don’t know how to recognize when i don’t know something until it goes wrong, at which point i don’t know how to identify what i did wrong
  • i can’t tell the difference between a mistake that’s part of the learning process and a mistake where i should know better
  • but yeah, if we ever acknowledge any of this, we’re definitely just being ungrateful whiners who don’t realize how good we had it when we were 7

    I saw this video on YouTube, and I can’t agree more with what this guy says. Teaching in today’s schools is more about indoctrinating kids to regurgitate memorised facts and blindly respect authority than it is about cultivating critical thinking skills and a desire to learn. I’d even argue that the same is true in private schools.