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    uuummmmm excuse me?



    this CANNOT pass. oh hell no. –> (202)-224-3121


    What about when Nazis intimidate or oppress me for walking while Jewish? That’s just free speech, right?


    This was introduced by Daniel Donovan (R-NY). If the name sounds familiar, its because he’s the attorney who failed to indict Eric Garner’s murderer. It’s very clear where his loyalties lie.

    7308 13th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11228 (office address)

    (718) 630-5277 (office phone number)

    I’m sure we can all very civily share our concerns with the esteemed congressman.


    [ID: a series of tweets.
    from Lirael Lowenstein -
    1: “Unmasking Antifa Act introduced to house of congress. You could get a maximum of 15 years in prison just for wearing a mask at a protest.
    2: Notably, there is not even evidence that said bill is intended to be applied neutrally. If you follow the link, its authors refer to it as the “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018.” (link here.)
    3: So under this bill, if you “intimidate” or “oppress” (talk about vague terms) a nazi organizer at a rally, while wearing anything that could be construed as a disguise or mask, it would be a federal crime for which you could get up to 15 years in prison.

    from Heather - 1: If any journalist who covers protests thinks this wouldn’t affect them personally because they’ve never assaulted anyone, I’d like to introduce you to the Ferguson police who dumped me out of my wheelchair & charged me for “assault on an officer” for filming on a public sidewalk. 2: If any journalist thinks this wouldn’t affect them personally because they don’t engage in vandalism, I’d like to introduce you to the St Louis police who kettle random groups of protesters, journalists, & bystanders three hours after minor vandalism several blocks away. end image description.]

    more sources, all dated today; july 10th, 2018: xx, xx, xx

    so what? why should i care about this?

  • the bill is vague, for one thing. “intimidate” and “oppress” are very unclear descriptors, meaning people could be put in jail for upwards of 15 years just for being at a protest wearing a mask.
  • as @sylviahook pointed out (and thank you for saying this in your own reblog): this also affects disabled people who need to wear filtration masks in public for any reason
  • (environmental allergens including pollen and artificial scents, asthma due to pollution, compromised immunity, etc.).
  • who is Daniel Donovan?

  • he was the attorney who was on Eric Garner’s murder case.
  • eric garner was a black man who was killed by a police officer in a choke hold. his last words were “i can’t breathe,” which became a tagline for a series of protests. (source 1, source 2)
  • he is currently sponsoring the unmasking antifa act. (source 1, source 2)
  • links bolded for accessibility.


    Let’s be honest: You’re screwed if you’re the left guy.


    nah let’s be honest: the damage for sniper’s arrows ranges from 50-120, while hanzo’s is 29-120. Hanzo can technically shoot his arrows faster, but at the cost of a much shorter range. We’ve seen that sniper prefers to operate at extreme distances, and judging by gameplay his arrows have much greater range (see: ctf_2fooooooooooooooooort). And, moving past strictly technical aspects, we’ve seen Sniper to have the mindset of a cold and efficient killer, while Hanzo can get distracted by his own rage and personal unrest. Remember, Sniper was brought back from the dead and was immediately capable of putting up a fight.  

    Hanzo would be wise to fear Mr. Mundy.


    Mundy throws piss at people and has a knife, Mundy wins


    ya - Hanzo might know karate, but sniper knows Jarate… wins every time


    I don’t care if I lose a thousand followers overnight, but if you think “tranny” or “shemale” are remotely acceptable ways to refer to a transgender person, please unfollow me.


    The number of notes on this pleases both my ego and my fragile faith in humanity.


    Adding on, “extra hole boy”, or “pussy boy” are equally abominable ways to refer to trans men.


    Dont use Shim, shehe/heshe, chick with a dick d*ckgirl or c*ntboy either


    and if you use “it” to dehumanize any trans person i will personally come to your house, break down your door, and piss on everything you own


    ‘Sissy’ and ‘trap’ are also utterly reprehensible…


    Also if you call a trans woman futa I will kick your fucking teeth in


    Please yes, im fucking sick of people looking at and consuming futinari culture and think that’s what we are


    is it okay for a person who is not trans to reblog this?


    Given the fact this is a legit list of words that trans people don’t want to be called/don’t want to hear, I hereby decree this post may be reblogged by everyone who wants to spread the word that these words are NOT ACCEPTABLE.


    As somebody who literally had to tell one friend that “tranny” is a slur and “fem-boy” is not what you call a trans woman, I agree with this hardcore


    Reblog if anywords that degrade, disrespect, dehumanise Transgender people is NOT ACCEPTABLE. AT ALL.


    Are you telling me people legitimately say these words? Out loud? And they think them as well? And that they believe it is okay to even say them and that they are able to “justify” it? I am starting to lose more of my faith in humanity.