lets wrestle
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    “Bark.” Julian whispered into Greg’s ear as he pinned him into submission. The two wrestlers were meeting for the first time in the gym’s practice room.

    “Fuck you, dude. I give up. Let me go.” Greg was surprised Julian was able to dominate him so easily. It was common for wrestlers to mess with eachother after they beat the other guy. Greg was starting to get pissed that Julian wasn’t letting up.

    “I don’t let my bitches go til they bark.” Julian teased Greg as he pushed his groin into Greg’s hips. He laughed as he watched his reaction.

    “This isn’t funny, dude! Get the fuck off!” Greg frantically tried to break free from his grip. Julian began to grind Greg’s waist into the ground. The friction between the ground and Greg’s cock was causing Greg to panic.

    “Alright dude. Fine. Woof, woof. Happy faggot? Get the fuck off.” Greg said. He felt weak and vulnerable as the friction against his singlet and the mat was causing him to get an erection.

    “Not so fast dude. You call me a faggot? I think we’re going to have some fun instead. I can see through queers like you, Greg. We both know you’re a little bitch.” Julian said as he began rhythmically dry humping Greg. Greg felt Julian press his growing penis against his ass, but couldn’t stop it. He began to panic as his own cock got harder as it bounced against the mat with each of Julian’s thrusts.

    Greg helplessly laid below Julian’s body listening to him speak in his ear. “I want to feel you grinding against this mat faggot. You’re not getting up til you cum underneath me.” Julian explained to a humiliated Greg.

    Greg attempted to break free one last time. “Fuck you Julian! Let me go! This isn’t funny!” He screamed as he pushed with all his strength to break free. Greg fought and fought to break free until his body went limp. He gave up one last time. Julian whispered in his ear “You have one choice faggot.” Greg was defeated.

    As Julian held him down, Greg was motionless. Just as Julian thought he might have to apply more pressure, he felt Greg slowly begin to grind against the mat.

    “That’s it, bitch. Grind those hips into the mat for daddy.” Julian said as Greg began breathing deeply as he ground his dick into the mat. Greg was humiliated and felt Julian’s cock grow as he unintentionally grinded his ass against the superior man. “Breath in my scent while you grind against my dick faggot.” Julian pushed Greg’s face into his armpit as Greg continued fucking the mat. Lust and confusion began to flood Greg’s body.

    “You are such a good boy. We’re gonna have some fun once you cum bitch. Work those hips for me. Rub my cock with your ass cheeks.” Julian teased Greg as it was becoming clearer that Greg was enjoying himself. “I’m gonna cum. Fuck dude, I’m gonna cum!” Greg moaned as he continued grinding his hips against the mat. His face blushed as he submitted to the pleasures engulfing his body.

    Upon hearing Greg’s words, Julian quickly changed positions and held an exposed Greg so that his dick was openly straining against his uniform. Precum had embarrassingly pooled around the bulge of his uniform.

    “Not so fast bitch. I want to hear you beg to cum like a little bitch.” Julian told Greg as frustration, humiliation and feelings of submission flooded his body. “Please dude. Stop fucking with me. I’m begging you.” Greg whined as his dick yearned to grind against the mat.

    Julian began to tighten his grip. “You can do better than that boy. Bark like a bitch in heat, and I think you’ll be ready to take my dick up your ass.” “Fuck you! I’m not gay!” Greg screamed out as Julian tightened his grip and stretched him out. He looked weak and pathetic.

    “AHHHH, PLEASE LET ME CUM DUDE. Woof! Woof! Fuck! PLEASE!” Julian quickly pushed Greg face down onto the mat. “Of course, ladies always cum first faggot.” Julian laughed. Greg felt Julian rip rip a hole in the ass of his singlet. “And then you get to pump my cum out with that pussy.”

    Julian pushed Greg’s crotch into the ground with his hips. He felt Greg struggle below him. The Lycra and mat combined to torture Greg’s cock as it strained for orgasm. “That’s it boy. Hump that mat and rub your ass on daddy’s dick.” Julian growled into Greg’s ear.

    Greg began moaning as the sensation of Julian’s dick pressing against his asshole combined with the straining of his cock against the mat flooded his body. “You want daddy’s cock in you boy? Be a good faggot and beg me to fuck you. I’ll reward you with cum in your ass.”

    Greg was broken. He continued writhing his cock against the mat as he worked his way towards a climax. Every time he pushed back, he found himself pressing himself against Julian’s cockhead. Three hard slaps to his ass broke his trance. “I said beg for me to fuck your cunt bitch.” Julian sneered as the faggot moved below him in ecstasy.

    “Please fuck me. Please fuck my cunt Julian!” Greg yelled with shame.

    “Whose a faggot?” Julian continued teasing Greg’s asshole as he increased the pressure of his cockhead against him.

    “I’m a faggot! Please let me cum. Fuck me! Please!” Greg couldn’t believe himself. He was humiliated but lusted for Julian to enter him.

    Julian savored his submission with one last order. “Start barking bitch.”

    Greg began barking as Julian looked down at him with a smirk. Greg was humiliated as he begged another man to fuck his cunt. What would his teammates think? His girlfriend? His parents?

    “That’s right. That’s a good girl. Keep barking bitch.” Julian rubbed Greg’s ass as Greg tried his best to satisfy his new master. His face glew with embarrassment. Greg continued barking and felt pressure against his hole build.

    “Nothing but a faggot bitch in heat.” Julian whispered into Greg’s ear as he slammed his cock into the faggot’s hole. Greg’s barking turned into a loud whimper as Julian’s cock broke through his hole. He rapidly began fucking him. “Ahhh, fuuuuck fuuuuuuck fuuuuuck. Holy shit dude.” Greg couldn’t control his words.

    “Yeah that’s right bitch. No need to bark any more. Moan while you ride my cock.” Julian watched as his new faggot’s pussy adjusted to his cock. Greg began riding Julian’s dick, and found his body pulsating with feelings of pleasure. Almost instantly, he felt an orgasm shoot through his body. Cum began spewing from his dick, filling the front of his torn singlet and leaking onto the mat.

    “What a faggot. Cumming while you’re getting fucked by another man on a wrestling mat? Let’s move you over so you can clean up your mess.” Julian pushed Greg’s face into the puddle of cum that laid on the mat, and continued fucking him.

    “Lick it all up faggot. Daddy’s about to breed his newest bitch. Let’s hear my well-trained bitch beg for it.” The broken Greg began to beg for Julian’s cum as he licked up his own. The pressure on his prostate continued to send unfamiliar waves of ecstasy throughout his body.

    “Please! Cum in me! Please!” Greg began whimpering as he licked up his faggot juice.

    “Let me hear some barks bitch. Beg for my cum to enter your pussy.”

    “Wooof! Woof! Please cum in my pussy.” Greg felt his ass twitch as Julian’s pulsing cock sent wave after wave of cum into his guts. Julian drove his dick deep into his new faggot, savoring the image of a broken Greg writhing below him.

    Julian allowed his dick to soften in Greg’s ass as Greg laid face down, ass up in his own filth. Once he pulled out, he quickly stood up and walked in front of Greg. “Clean off your pussy juices boy.”

    Greg burned with humiliation as Julian waved his cock in his cock at him. His body ached with defeat. He didn’t want to do it, but knew it was his new role as a faggot. Greg slowly wrapped his lips around the dick. Julian smiled as he made him lick his cock. He commanded Greg to lick the length of his penis, his balls, and the sweat out of his ass. Once Greg finished lapping up the fluids, Julian put back on his own uniform.

    Greg stared up at Julian with his gaping ass in the air. It was clear to Julian that his boy didn’t want their moment to be over. “Good job today faggot. Let me see my bitch wiggle his ass one last time.” Greg did as he was told. He was broken and knew his life would never be the same.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow faggot. I’m taking your clothes with me today. I think you need to confirm everyone’s suspicions and wear that fag uniform out of here.”

    Julian slapped Greg’s shaking, torn ass as he walked out of the room.

    “Good game, faggot.”

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