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    The Giver

          Speaking with the supernatural is building one’s bond, the more one believes, the more they respond. Luminaries are Angels sent to correspond, coming from the Lord once the heart grows fond. They are the intermediates, sent to deliver, but do not worship them, only the Giver. Asking of the Lord, is not being a wisher, it is trusting in His Word, till the Angels come hither. The heart of…

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    This world that God created displays His glory even now, yet many are blind to it, and blind in their belief in Him. The Holy Bible is available to untold millions, and in it the glory of God is revealed, yet many are unable to see it there either. But when the LORD Jesus Christ - in whom all the fullness of God’s glory dwells - shall return to judge and reign on the Earth, God’s glory will be known to the whole world as never before.

    May God help this world to see His power, love, wisdom, and all His glorious attributes even now in this imperfect age. But may we also encourage our hearts with the knowledge that Jesus Christ and all of God’s glory will be displayed in full splendor in the age to come. We look forward to the day when no man will need to teach his neighbor saying, “Know the Lord”, for they will all already know Him and His Truth.

    May He give us peace knowing He is with us and that He a plan for our lives. May our belief in Him and His Holy Word and in His endless power and possibilities draw us and others to Him daily. May we make sure that we give our hearts and lives to God and take time daily to seek and praise Him and share His Truth with the world. May the LORD our God and Father in Heaven help us to stay diligent and obedient and help us to guard our hearts in Him and His Word daily. May He help us to remain faithful and full of excitement to do our duty to Him and for His glorious return and our reunion in Heaven as well as all that awaits us there. May we never forget to thank the LORD our God and our Creator and Father in Heaven for all this and everything He does and has done for us! May we never forget who He is, nor forget who we are in Christ and that God is always with us! What a mighty God we serve! What a Savior this is! What a wonderful Lord, God, Savior and King we have in Jesus Christ! What a loving Father we have found in the Almighty God! What a wonderful God we serve! His will be done!

    Thanks and glory be to God! Blessed be the name of the LORD! Hallelujah and Amen!

    Exodus 33:13

    I have asked to be shown His Angels and ways, searching for grace, by giving Him my praise. My sight has been opened, as He relays, that the path I am on, is from His Light rays. I seek to find, and He opens the doors, when my conscience is ready, He underscores. Signs and synchronicities, become my mentors, showing me His presence, till it enters my pores. Being blessed with the sight to read…

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    Standing in Darkness

    Without standing in the darkness, one would never see the Light, it comes down to one’s faith, and spiritual might. How one maneuvers, when the rope gets tight, do they move closer to the Lord, or dwell in the night? His love is always there, it is up to the mind, one must grasp His presence, or the thoughts will bind. He promises to be there, once the heart is aligned, it is up to the follower,…

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    Not of This World

    The road to salvation is through a door that is narrow, like staring in the bone, to witness the marrow. Not following material, found with dinero, but following Christ, as straight as an arrow. All politicians and outward sources, are the devil’s playground, which he joyfully endorses. Look at the death toll, with our armed forces, pointless wars, that the blind reinforces. Uniting the people,…

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    Crystal Clarity

    The Light only flows in for those who inquire, it takes an open heart, for the mind to aspire. Those who don’t ask, will not witness the fire, the bright white light, pulling them out of the mire. With some many parables, it is up to the mortal, on which doors will open, presenting the portal. Spiritual guides, from the Celestial domain, will present one signs, from the etherical plain. The mind…

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