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    Scenery and imagery from the Hathor temple at Dendera, built in the Greco-Roman period

    photos taken by me in August, 2023

    Some parts of this temple, when I visited, were off limits. However it was very hard to distinguish what was and wasn’t off limits, so my companion and I wandered everywhere. We also bought passes to the different hidden chambers of the temple; well worth the price in my opinion. You descend or ascend cramped, steep stairs to get to seemingly secret and certainly hidden tunnels filled with vivid imagery of the Gods and worship. Unfortunately, the Dendera calendar filled with zodiacs, has been stolen and replaced with a black cast of what it once was. The original now rests in a museum in Europe.


    Incredible colorised footage from 1929 of construction workers on the Chrysler Building in New York.


    I’m just impressed that it has audio


    If you wanted solid, definitive proof that the past did, in fact, happen, here it is.


    I’m surprised the structure was able to support the weight of every set of BRASS FUCKING BALLS on all of those construction workers. Pre-safety gear/OCEA was wilding man.


    The Chrysler Building had zero fatalities during construction. But the osha violations hurt my soul


    Many of these men were Mohawk Native Americans! The Mohawk had a reputation as ironworkers and worked on most of the big interwar-era construction projects in NYC, also including the Empire State Building and the George Washington Bridge.


    Leather soled shoes…