This wasn’t the way we wanted our dad to find out we had been fucking. He stood quietly at the doorway and we froze. The both of us looked at him in shock; my brother was still inside of me. After a couple moments of silence between the three of us, my brother started to fuck me again. As shocked as we were to be caught, we still wanted to finish… Dad continued to watch as it happened, so at least we knew he wasn’t furious.


    My brother wasn’t subtle. When I looked over his cock was throbbing through his shorts as he drank his beer.

    “The girls gone?” I asked.

    “Yeah, just us,” he said.

    I reached over and grabbed him and squeezed it through the fabric. Somehow it became my job to service him when his wife and kids were gone. We didn’t talk about it, it just was what it was.

    “You need my mouth or ass?” I didn’t beat around the bush.

    “Your ass,” he said as I pulled it out.

    “Here or in my room?”

    “Here, sit on it for me,” he said as I licked it.

    “Okay,” I agreed.

    I pulled the shorts off and then mine too. I put my legs on either side of him, facing him. I sat down as he held it straight up for me and watched his face as it slipped inside of me. God, I loved the feeling of my brother’s cock in me.

    “Thanks,” he smiled and gave me a peck on the lips.

    “Of course,” I smiled and kissed him back.

    freeballinglbc KIK: FreeballingLBC (submissions only) Twitter: Freeballinglbc


    “Go ahead, no one can see,” he said, after he pulled down his shorts.

    I went to my knees and grabbed him and held his meaty dick and gave it a few tugs.

    “You sure this is okay?” I asked looking up at him.

    “As long as we keep it to ourselves, it is.”

    “Of course, I’d never tell,” I told him and opened my mouth.

    I felt his cock on my tongue and it filled up my mouth as I began to suck. I had done this before but never to someone older than me. I’ve blown my friends before but this was so much better. He was a man, and family. His dick tasted so good and the way he grunted made my dick jump in my shorts.

    “Fuck, that’s good,” he said as I did my thing. “Everything you thought it’d be?” He asked.

    “Hell yeah, uncle Steve. It’s perfect,” I told him.

    Being eighteen was the best. I felt like I could do anything I wanted. Even suck on the hottest guy in our family.


    “Yeah baby, I got my cock in my hand thinking about you,” my brother said to his girlfriend but was looking down at me. “Yeah, you want to touch yourself? Fuck yes… What would you do with my cock if you were here, baby?” He asked her. “Yeah you want to put your lips on it? Come up here, suck on me.”

    We had done this once before, and I knew he was also talking to me. wanted me to come suck him off as he talked to his girlfriend. I crawled up this leg and put my boner against him. He fed me his cock and looked right at me as my lips wrapped around him.

    “Fuck, baby. That feels so good, I can’t stop thinking about that pretty mouth of yours,” he said and put his hand on my cheek. “If you were here right now I’d want to see you lick the tip with your tongue.”

    Pull this cock out of my mouth and ran my tongue on the bottom of his dick. I licked all around the top and he smiled right at me.

    “God, that’s nice,” he said. “Keep going, suck on my head.”

    I did, I sucked and slurped on my big brothers cock as we had phone sex with her. He was leaking like crazy and I was enjoying every second of servicing him. I was moving my head up and down on him pretty fast. Using my hand to jack off that part I couldn’t get in my mouth.

    “Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum. You want that load? You swallow it for me?” He asked her but really was asking me.

    I nodded my head yes and he seemed so happy that I was willing to do it.

    “Oh fuck, that’s it. Get ready for it, you’re going to suck it down, let me be a part of you. Tell me you want it, go on I want to hear it,” he told me, or so I thought.

    “I want it,” I told him.

    “I know you do,” he said putting down the phone.

    I was surprised, why did he just hang up on her? What was going on.

    “Don’t stop, make your big bro come for you. Got a big load to give you,” he told me.

    He blew so much in my mouth and I swallowed it down. I kept sucking until there was nothing left to give me.

    “Why did you hang up?” I asked.

    “I wasn’t talking to anybody, I just wanted you to do it and thought it would be a good way to get you to do it again. Don’t be mad, I just wanted you so bad,” he said.

    “I’m not mad, I wanted you too,” I told him.


    “Come here, I’ll show you,” Joseph, his sister’s husband, told him.

    He leaned in and felt his lips and immediately went hard in his trunks. It was crazy that he was doing this with him. All because he told him that a girl told him he was a bad kisser.

    “Naw, she’s wrong,” he said. “I’d kiss you all day, you’re great.”

    “You think?” Ryan asked Joseph.

    “For sure,” he leaned back in and went for more. “Yeah, definitely could kiss you a lot more.”

    Ryan went for it, he put his hand on his brother-in-law’s thigh. Joseph got more intense and Ryan took that as a green light and moved his hand to the front of his shorts.

    “Fuck, you sure about doing this?” Joseph asked.

    “I want to, do you?”

    Joseph didn’t respond with words, he brought his mouth back to Ryan’s and showed him he did. Ryan fished out his brother’s cock and started jacking him under the water.

    “Your sister can’t find out about this,” Joseph said.

    “Never,” Ryan replied and kept jacking him.

    Joseph stood up and sat down on the side of the spa, pulling his shorts down as he did. It didn’t take Ryan two seconds before he put his mouth on him and started sucking. He felt the thick dick pushing open his mouth as he went up and down on it. Hearing his brother-in-law moan as he got him off.

    “I’m going to cum, buddy,” he warned him.

    “It’s okay, I want it,” Ryan was being honest.

    “Fuck, okay,” Joseph responded and let his seed fly into the younger guys mouth.

    It wasn’t anything planned, just two guys giving into some lust and realizing they can enjoy each other and it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t the last time they did stuff and it’s okay. They were family now, they had each other’s backs.


    I used to feel guilty about doing this with him but he's the one who started it and he's the one who keeps asking.

    "How's your cock feeling? Nice and warm in my hole?" My little brother asked me.

    "Fuck yes," I moaned as he played with my nipples and I fucked him on my bed. "You like your big brother's cock and you?" I asked him feeling kinky.

    "Hell ya! You know I do," he replied.

    I felt his velvety warm hole squeezing my dick as I pushed in and out of him. I felt my load building and knew I was just about to cream inside of him.

    "Me too," I said and started grunting.

    I released my seed inside of him, filling up my little brother with my cum. He smiled at me because he knew what I was doing, he loved it and it was so sexy to be desired like he desires me.

    "Thank you," he said, happy with what I had just done.

    "No, thank you."


    I took my buddy home with me for the weekend. We decided to share my little brother, he was mine so I got to go first while he got his dick sucked and waited. I must admit I missed his ass, it hugged me perfectly and he knew what he was doing. It was nice looking up at my buddy and seen him enjoy my brother as much as I did.

    “When’s it my turn?” My friend asked as my brother kept him hard in his mouth.

    “Give me a second I’m gonna nut,” I told him as I felt my load building.

    “Fuck, giving me your sloppy seconds?” He laughed.

    “Let’s just call it pre-lubed,” I joked and held my brother’s ass down and started depositing inside of him.


    My little brother had my boyfriend’s cock in his ass and it looked so hot. They were enjoying each other and I don’t know what came over me. I just leaned over and started sucking my brother’s cock as my boyfriend used his ass. It tasted so good. My little brother started moaning. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me farther down. He wanted it to cum as his big brother was taking care of him.


    It had been a while since I let my brother taught me but he was feeling down and I knew he needed something. He went slow at first but after a while he was reeling into me and moaning like crazy. I didn’t ask him to slow down, I wanted him to enjoy it so I just took it.

    “Fuck! I’m going to nut so much in you!” He moaned.

    “Do it! Fuck that load into me, bro. You need it. Fill me up!”


    My dad was a very traditional man so when he found out that I was gay he wasn’t very happy with me. We had long conversations about it and he seemed very concerned I wasn’t going to give him any grandchildren. Finally I told him that he couldn’t understand unless he tried it.

    “Show me then,” he said sternly. “Show me what’s so good about it.”

    I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. Was he serious?

    “Go on, show me,” he said undoing his belt and opening his pants.

    I sucked on him for a little while and got him hard. It was great, he had a nice dick and it would be really nice to have his cock inside of me.

    I’ve been to over and he got behind me. He pushed it right in, hard as rock . He felt my body wrap around him and he started fucking me right there in the living room. He held on to me and gave it to me good.

    “So you’d rather have a cock inside of you?” He asked as he fucked me.

    “Fuck, I feel so good Dad,” I moaned.

    “Yeah? So you’re not going to change your mind?” He asked me.

    “Probably not,” I was honest.

    “Well, If you’re not going to give me grandchildren you’re going to have to be useful in some other way to me,” he said, fucking me harder.

    “Okay, that’s okay. Anytime dad,” I moaned.


    My brother’s girlfriend wanted to see me do it. She thought it would be hot watching a younger gay brother suck his straight older brother. I was nervous he was going to find out but halfway through the blowjob he moaned my name and told me how great I was doing. I guess they set it up, he wanted to know what it was like too.

    “Fuck, Ryan. Suck your big bro’s cock,” he moaned. “I wanted this for so long.” He pulled away and walked around smiling. “How would I use that ass, let’s take this all the way.”

    “Hell yeah,” I told him as I took my pants off.



    I’m shouting out encouragement, but there isn’t any need. My brother knows exactly how to play this. After a lengthy fucking in all manner of positions, he has me on my back so I can watch him rut, hammering into my well buggered butt as we both build up to blowing our nut. He’ll make me come first and watch me spurt, riding my climax as he screws my balls dry. Then he’ll pull out and blast onto my chest and orgasmic face, some hopefully landing on my tongue to taste. But even if not, I’ll taste it eventually, mixed with my own. My brother licking the family mess from my body and sharing it with me as he slides back in. The promise of more sex on the cards. The pair of us insatiable for each other.

    The KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY series is unashamedly about incest. The books have been banned from most retailers, but they can still be found on Smashwords. Click on the title or image/GIF to go to the Fergie Boy website for links. Or use this one to go direct to SMASHWORDS


    Dad was insistent. He couldn’t possibly bottom for his son willingly. I’d have to tie him up and take him by force. He didn’t put up much of a struggle when I fetched some rope. And I think it’s fair to say, we won’t need to go through this nonsense again. The old boy is loving having his ass drilled by his son. I’ve already fired a load of incestuous cum inside him and I’m building up to the second one. That won’t be the end, though. I’m loving it just as much as Dad. His ass is a dream to have my cock inside and I’m going to be screwing him for most of the day. I think I’ll untie him after the next climax. Then I can flip him over and look at his face as I fuck him.

    The KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY series is unashamedly about incest. The books have been banned from most retailers, but they can still be found on Smashwords. Click on the title or image/GIF to go to the Fergie Boy website for links. Or use this one to go direct to SMASHWORDS


    Alfred sat just to the left, one seat behind Christopher in Econ-202.  He sometimes had trouble concentrating on what Dr Andersen was saying as he fantasized about sucking Chris’s dick, but he never got the nerve to ask for a date. When final exams were scheduled, Al finally asked Chris if they could study together, and to his delight, Chris said, “Sure, man.”

    When Al got to Chris’s apartment, Chris was wearing nothing but a jockstrap, and he asked Al if there was anything he would like to do before they started studying.  Al’s wet dreams had come true.  Chris must have known that Al had been lusting after him all semester.


    It started as a joke but then I kept doing it. I was licking my brother's ear anytime he was close to me. I kept pushing it, sucking on it, biting it. He'd always laugh and tell me to keep going, pretending like he was kidding. I started kissing his neck and he didn't stop me and I didn't want to stop.

    "God, why does that feel good," he told me and put his arm around me.

    "You like that, little man?" I asked as I kept going.

    My dick was hard, but he was my brother, I shouldn't be doing it, but I was into it.

    "Yeah, I like it," he said, leaning so I could have more access to his neck.

    I licked and kissed him. Feeling his soft skin on my lips, smelling his scent as I wrapped my arm around him and held him.

    "I wanna give you a hickey," I told him and started sucking on his neck.

    "Dad's going to kill us if he sees it," he said but didn't pull away.

    "Not if if put it here," I told him pulling his shirt down and sucking on his shoulder.

    I made my mark and fuck did it make me hot. I just branded my little brother with my lips and it only made me want more. I kissed his neck again and then his jaw. He moved himself, slowly facing me, knowing where this was going.

    I kissed his cheek and he twisted around and we looked right at each other.

    "This okay," I asked.

    "Yeah," he smiled and went for it.

    I felt my little brothers lips push on mine and we were off. Sitting on my bed making out like it wasn't fucking crazy. He was forceful and pushed me over and got on top of me. Kissing me, sticking his tongue in my mouth. It was the hottest thing I had ever done. He pushed his cock into mine, we were both hard and he started to hump our dicks together.

    "Fuck, this is crazy," I told him smiling and kissing him.

    The sounds of our spit and sucking on each other filled my room. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me holding him tight. Feeling his cock throbbing against mine as we kissed.

    "I'm gonna..." He said and I felt him moan in my mouth.

    "Oh fuck," I said, kissing him tenderly as he orgasmed in his shorts.

    My hands never left his ass. I kept pulling him in and holding him tight as he let go that came in his underwear.

    Our game had taking a new turn. The one that I was looking for to explore. He put his hand up my basketball shorts and started jacking me off as we kissed a little bit more. I blew in his hand as he held me tight, his tongue pushed in and out of my mouth. I felt soaked and he kept rubbing it, not letting go. Nothing quite prepared me for how I would feel doing that with him. How exciting it would be and how I would want so much more.


    My brother had the nicest body I had ever seen. That was until he let me cum inside of him and I got him pregnant.

    “Dude, I’m only three months in and my belly is already showing,” he complained and showed me. “Of course my little brother had to have super potent seed and fucking knocked me up,” he bitched.

    “You’re the one who didn’t want me to wear a condom,” I reminded him and felt my cock twitch in my shorts.

    “I didn’t think it would only take one time,” he laughed and rubbed his forehead in frustration. “Well, the damage is done,” he said. “Wanna do it again?” He asked.

    “You sure? You know what happened last time,” I joked.

    “Well you can’t get me pregnant again now can you,” he laughed.


    This is literally the best answer and straight men still won’t get it through their dense skulls.


    They all understand. Every man understands that women don’t like to be catcalled.

    The few who don’t do it actually care that women don’t like it.

    For the rest of them, women hating it is WHY they do it.


    “women hating is why they do it”

    That. It’s hate-motivated, not sex-motivated. It’s aggression. You are less than, unequal to, not human.

    Yet it is such entities who are not human, unequal, less than. Ignore each one you can safely do so. Starve the fuckers of attention. Starve them.