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    My Second OC for my BNHA Story

      <>  Mamoru Yokoyama - Wisp 

    Mamoru - Defend, protect                                                                         Yokoyama - Mountain to the side  

    Quirk - Will o Wisp: Is gifted to manifest the celtic creature Will o Wisp. This allows the user to be able to make themself permeable and be able to walk through any matter. They can also manifest the spirit as a bow and arrows. Usually the spirit just hangs around the user as a guide for different situations. Is so cold to touch it can cause freezer burn. The downside to this quirk is if you use too much, you will become a will o wisp.

    This is his hair style except his hair is grey. 


     He actually doesn’t have a beard. 

     He is also a teacher at the UA who is more on the “I’m here to give tips but I usually do hero work”. Eventually he will work with The Spartan but he focuses on class 1-B while she helps out with class 1-A. He’s more on the defense side of fighting and rescue work.

      He never really has to attack an enemy since e can just travel through walls to get out of bad situations but when he has to, he channels the will o wisp into a bow and is able to make a limited amount of 50 arrows. 

     He and the will o wisp get along well. No one can here the little guys except for Mamoru so there will be days where you can see those guys just chilling together. Usually the little spirit will just hang out on Mamoru’s shoulder. 

      And this is what our hero would wear on a casual day. He’s a mid twenty year old hipster.

      Again I don’t want to tell you guys to much about this character but he is gay, a little anti social with people and is pretty chill.  

    My First OC for my BNHA Story

       <>   Katsumi Hashimoto - The Spartan 

    Katsumi - Victory, Overcome                                                                  Hashimoto - Base of Bridge                                                                   

    Her Quirk - Weaponry: Can create any weapon from her body due to her high white blood cell count. Will usually make the the full weapon but if she is to weak, she’ll part of her body into the weapon. Her downside is it effects her immune system days later. 

       She is a teacher at the UA and works more with the students fighting style. She’ll even set up individual meeting to fight with the students in order to improve their fighting skills and quirks. This is what she usually wears at school.

          Her hero name is The Spartan, inspired by the stories her father told her as a kid. Her costume is a little revealing but after ripping almost every other outfit she owned, it was better to show more skin for her quirk to work properly. 

         She wears black spandex shorts under her skirt. 

     And her cape is like the Valkyrie’s in the MCU but it’s the color red.

          As for weapons, she can create any weapon but she personally prefers using melee weapons. She believes it requires more skill and precision. Doesn’t mean she won’t she won’t use weapons like swords and bows with arrows, she just works better up close with a blade in hand.

     Her all time favorite thing to due with her quirk is make chains from a chainsaw go on her legs to zoom around on. 

               And for casual wear she wears usually shorts, shirts and flannels. It’s a cute but easy outfit to put together.

           I don’t want to tell you guys to much of her story but I want to get y'alls opinion on if I should open her up to a poly relationship. Let me know what you think.  

         So I’ve been wanting to do this story for awhile just for fun but I would like to do a My Hero Academia fanfic with some oc’s me and my friends have made so far. And it appears we have all made teachers/pro hero characters. So because of that, i’m going to make it as angsty and mature as I want. I might make it a little smutty later on but I’m not sure yet. This story will include rape later on, just a fair warning. But I hope you all enjoy when I publish the first chapter which will take place at season 1.

         This was my senior year of high school. As you all know, the coronavirus cut the school year short and it’s very depressing. I miss me friends and teachers so mush it hurts. I waited all of these years just to receive this. Not only to mention my only grandparent passed in December due to cancer, thank god he doesn’t have to deal with this but I miss him. And now to see the whole world filled with so much hate and violence has pushed me over my limit to hold the pain in. We have to love each other, no matter what color we are, what your sexual orientation is or where we came from. And for everyone who is hurting right now, I found this song on Youtube and I broke out in tears because it helped me look forward. I hope this song helps anyone who is feeling like crap and just wants to scream and cry in pain. I might not know you, but I send you all of my love and I hope you stay safe. Repost and send the love and hope wherever you can.          - @Rojess17 

    The Dragon Princess- A She-Ra Princess of Power Fanfic Chapter-1

    (I would say the dress in the middle is what you wore as the ruler of your people.) 

     This is my first story on Tumblr and just something I wanted to do. This chapter will most likely be the shortest due to me just trying to start it up. Also this series is being made to maybe get some of you to see my writing style and like it in a level to trust me to take requests. I hope you enjoy. 


         You were the ruler of the people in the village Tarrin, the village of dragons. In the past, everyone in your village were hybrid humanoid dragons like you but since the war, that number has dwindled down to only you and five others. Everyone else in your village was human or some other woodland hybrid. Your mother and father left you to rule while the went to fight in the war but they and your soldiers never returned. You didn’t have the big fancy coronation like the other princesses but it didn’t bother you since you knew you needed to keep the people in your village safe. 

         Today marked the second year of your rule and the people in your village wanted to celebrate this anniversary but you weren’t feeling it. You knew the Horde was getting closer and closer to your village and it made your stomach turn. You at the moment were staring at a map that you used to track the Horde’s movement. “They’re probably five days away.” you mumble to yourself. 

         "Then we’ll just move again.“ a familiar voice says. You turn around to see your partner in crime, Liam. 

         A smile appears on your face to see Liam. You both grew up together and he was there for you when your parents never returned. You trusted him with your life and he trusted you with his. You turn back to the map and groan, “I know the others won’t be to trilled though." 

         "No, not necessarily but they have to understand. We don’t have the resources or the people to fight the Horde off. Plus you’re the queen, they kind of have to listen to you.” he states. 

         "No you’re right but… I know they liked this place and I do too but, I couldn’t bear for more of my people to die or be captured by the Horde.“ you say truthfully. 

         "Shall I call a gathering?” Liam asks already knowing the answer. You nod your head yes and watch him as he leaves the room. Once he does you go to the balcony and look down to your village. You see everyone happy as the walk through the streets to chat with one another. A group of children were playing tag and laughed with great big smiles on their face. You then look beyond the village wall to see smoke, obviously from the Horde’s camp. You then decide to take a walk through once last time before giving your people the bad news. 

         You head down the stairs of your “palace”, which was just the biggest house in the village. Nothing to fancy, just that big for meetings and it also serves as the nursery. You walk through the village to have people smiling and and waving to you but at the moment, it only made you feel worst about the news you were going have to tell them. You head to the cave at the far end of the village and encase your dominate hand in flames. Heading inside, you feel the power of your stone and awe in how much power it gave off.

         You pull the stone out of the cave wall and place it in a pouch. Leaving the cave, you head back to the village to see everyone is already waiting for you at the palace. Making your way through the crowd, you climb up the stairs to your porch and turn around to look down at your people. Liam stood at your side and gave you a small smile for support. 

         "My people, as you know the war is still going strong and the Horde has the advantage over all of us. You also know the Horde is responsible for many of our family and friends who are not with us anymore. You don’t however know that the Horde has been heading this way for awhile now. And we believe it would take less than five days before they reach us and with all of this in mind, I have decided that we need to move again to a safer place.“ You finish with a sad tone lacing your voice. 

         "My queen, are you certain it’s the Horde?” a village girl asks. 

         "Yes little one, I’m afraid so. I am sorry to have you all move again but it’s for your safety. It would be wise for you all to go and pack what you need and leave anything you don’t have a use for. We leave at sundown.“ You say before heading into your home.

         You pack your own bag and head out to the village to help anyone who needs it. You just finished helping a family load their children in their wagon when you hear a loud and very clos<>e  CRASH!!!! People start running in your direction away from the crash screaming in panic. A middle aged man runs into you and scrambles to run away. "What is happening?” you demand. 

          “The Horde! The Horde broke down part of the wall and are attacking!” he cries before running off. 

          “What?! They’re already here?!” you panic in your head. “Everyone, run to the north!” you order. 

          “You heard her, move it!” Liam shouts. Everyone follows your orders and head north to the mountains. You then look to Liam and give him a big hug before handing him the pouch with your stone. “Why are you giving this to me?” he asks clearly confused. 

          “I need you to lead these people until I come back.” you say taking off your gloves. 

          “What do you mean lead these people? What are you…. (y/n), no. I’m not going to let you sacrifice yourself.” Liam says.  

         "Liam, you have too. There is no other way unless you want everyone to die.“ You say as you see Horde soldiers approaching. 

         ”(Y/n)… Please. There has to be another way.“ he cries. You look at him one last time before turning to the Horde soldiers. "Go! I will return to you.” you say. 

         "You promise?“ he asks. 

          "I promise.” you say determined. 

          “You better.” he says before heading after the rest of your people. You waste no time to charge your enemy and claw at them with your sharp nails. You take the first five easily but then a reptilian creature whacks you with a metal bow staff. They pin you to a building and strength wise, they were stronger than you. You take a deep breath before breathing fire and melting the metal in half. They back off, trying not to get burned and you use this to sweep them onto their butt. Someone tries to attack your wings but you use your tail to make them fly into the wall of another building. You fly upwards and use your fire breath to send more Horde soldiers away. Just for a second, you thought you would be able to keep your promise to Liam, but then you feel an electrical surge go through you. And you fall hard through one of the houses roof. 

         Your whole body aches and you taste blood in your mouth now. Before you can even move to sit up, you’re surrounded by at least a dozen Horde soldiers pointing their guns at you. “Just make it quick.” you croak. One of the soldiers walk up to you and tases you again until you black out, but right before you go unconscious you hear, “Lord Hordak is going to like you.”


         So yeah! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, let me know what you think and feel free to request stories my dude. Also, if you don’t know what you look like in this story/ didn’t see my last post with your appearance here it is. 


    Also I do not own these pictures.


      Until I have any requests, I want to write a x-reader story of a princess who is a hybrid dragon. This will be a female reader POV so sorry boys. I’m not sure who to put her with in the end but I want her to have been a prisoner of Hordak. I don’t know if I should make this as dark as I usually like since this is like a kids show but let me know what you guys think. I would like her to look like this though for sure.  

    Forgot to add this at the top but she/you also have these wings and tail. So let me state again, I don’t know who to pair her/you with so let me know what you think. 

    Background Info: 

        * You rule your own land 

        * Parents died in the war 

        * Sacrificed yourself so your people could escape 

        * Very stubborn and hardheaded  

        * Have trust issues and very protective of your allies and yourself  

     So let me know what you think and who her/you should be pointed to. Enjoy!

    Also, I do not own any of these characters or pictures.

     So I finished She-Ra and the Princess of Power and I wanted to read some stories but found only a few. I’m new to Tumblr, as late as I am, and was thinking about writing some stories on here. I also like BNHA, Marvel, Overwatch, ALTA and many other fandoms. So if anyone has a request for a story, just let me know. Also I might be able to do some NSFW but I’m not that amazing of a writer so please don’t be to harsh with the feedback but I welcome it. Thank you and have a nice day.

    17 Ways A Party Can Meet...

    • You all experienced a similar tragedy, and bonded in a tavern one night when you all shared your stories of woe.
    • You all bonded after sharing the same hatred for a local ruler, and soon built a conspiracy to overthrow the tyrannical figure.
    • You’re all searching for the same Item, be it a Magical Scroll, Potion or Item of great sentimental value.
    • You all entered a tournament in the local underground fighting pit. After a tie between you all, you reluctantly shared the winning pot.
    • While travelling through the Wilderness, you all banded together for the sake of safety in numbers.
    • After a local merchant went about asking for protection, you decided to work together to share the wealth.
    • You all bonded after speaking to one another in a tavern, and realising you all had the same dream on the same night.
    • You banded together as a group after volunteering to aid the Local Guard.
    • You all met at the same spot at the same time, after realising the same mysterious figure asked each of you to meet them there.
    • You all met after being involved in the death of a local citizen, but none of you were ever charged with any crimes.
    • You all barely survived a violent sea-storm that almost capsized the ship you were travelling on.
    • You were all regulars at the same tavern, when the Barkeep decided to surprise you with a shared cake to thank you all for your loyal patronage.
    • You all attended a grand gala held in the honour of a Member of High Nobility.
    • You all survived the havoc brought upon your homes by a displeased Dragon.
    • You were all part of the same treasure hunting expedition, seeking wealth from one of the many sunken cities in the sea.
    • You all helped prevent a great tavern brawl from taking place. If such a brawl would’ve occurred, you assume everyone in the tavern would’ve been dead by morning.
    • You all participated in the Local Tavern’s Famous ‘Drinking Contest’. While only one of you won, you all got very drunk and very talkative that night, bonding over the bottom of a flagon of ale.

    <>There are many ways a Party of Adventurers could meet, and many a humble and curious beginning

    This is just a Draft for the‘Party Bond’ Table that will soon feature in the CreativeRogue’s Player’s Guide (CRPG).  

    The ‘Party Bond’ Table provides common ways a Party of Adventurers may form before they begin their adventures in your D&D World.

    Of course it’s not complete yet, and this is only a Draft I thought would be fun to show everyone, so if you have any ideas for how a Party of Adventurers could meet for the first time, or you have any feedback or constructive critiques, leave a Comment or Reblog with all your thoughts!

    I’ll have to remember this next time.