The Curves

    In this world of love and lust it’s better to describe me through the bodydata than my biodata. I am a basic human with all these characters of head body and limbs. More than that I am female with a bust and bum. A warm heart and wet pussy adds to my beauty. Sexy is the new fashion. I’m a fashionista.

    My size is 36 32 38. So guys wat do you think? Perfect ya not? I’m 25 years, wife of an adorable handsome kinky young man,who is behind all the success of this naughty woman. I’m not so fair. I’m not tall. I’m a short cute plump pretty lady with a sassy and bad assy mind.

    Now I will tell about my specific hotspots. I got a very pout lips. Always hot and red. Gud for a long liplock. Anyone ready for one 💋. Now I have a most sensitive neck where u can lick, kiss,or bite and make me high. I adore those lil Hickeys in my neck. Yeah he is the man behind those. Then I have a huge 36B boobs. Those big balloons are fluffy and bubbly. U can press or lick or play a throw ball 😂. Fucking in my mouth through the tight passage of my cleavage is so adventurous. Wanna try a boob fuck blowjob combo? 😉

    May be its tym u go into my bellybutton. The sexiest part which I like to expose whthr it’s a crop top or a saree. I luv those dirty sneekpeeks.

    Those wide hips and that bad big bubble butt are so damn a burden for me. I can’t handle the look it give me. It adds sooo soooo sooo a gazillion tyms to my sex appeal. You have no idea how that heavy bums shake and jump while I ride your cock. And if you haven’t imagined spanking that bum atleast once.. Yeah u have 😄 I know. You people are so imaginative. Those plump thighs and long legs are all smooth and soft for you to lick. Y not give it a try?


    ❓Do you like a curvy body?

    ❓Comment on the size.

    ❓ what is more fun..reading this or imagining this?



    Yes ! curvy body like yours is my favorite . I’m imagining this right now 



    It was 2015 August, after long long persuasion I was able to convince her to take the challenge of venturing into a lifestyle that fuels fantasies of so many kinky gentleman.. Oh boy what a start it was.. On the first day I can sense the roller coaster ride that lies ahead of us. Stay with us.. We will take all of you down the memory lane and slowly unfolds the Roller coaster rides that we experienced in last three years… We expect nothing from you all.. As saying goes.. Good experience always needs to be shared.. 😊 😊

    So here goes our first kinky interaction.


    Many of you may have already seen this video as some naughty boys downloaded from HUB and uploaded in various platforms.. They all sharing good things.. 😊 😊


    soo fucking hot #some