Life is just better at the beach. Everything is better at the beach! With no where to go and no where to be, a day at the beach is just what you need.

    ARCHU is missing the beach and seashore in this hot summer……last year pics at a beach and ARCHU did some nude exhibition too to the public by being nude and enjoying sunbath……hope u like it…..plz like comment n reblog……

    Which Types of Sex Do You Like the Most on Tumblr?
    (Katie & Paul Want to Know!)

    We love knowing what makes our followers tick–what gets them turned on, what causes them to linger and read our post and get naked vs. move onto the next one.

    We wish Tumblr had a “vote” option so we could poll you all (like, c’mon Tumblr & Survey Monkey, combine forces, imagine all the fun one could have with sexual exploration with thousands of followers!)

    In lieu of that, and because Katie has spent waaaay too much time today creating generic corporate clip art flow diagrams, we quickly had posited the above to get reactions from followers. Namely, of the 9 great types of sex that we like to focus on (Solo Acts of Naughtiness, Couples, Lesbians, FFM 3-Somes, MMF 3-Somes, FMFM 4-Ways, Gang Bangs (or is it “Gangbangs?? Katie & Paul debated on that one, but Katie liked the extra space visually), Reverse-Gang Bangs, and Orgies).which is your absolute favorite?

    And don’t be wishy-washy and give us the answer of “Oh Katie & Paul, we like all spectrum of sexual activity, the point is to keep it varied”, yes we know that, but we are having fun playing a game where if you could only choose one thing to really focus on Tumblr tonight, which of those 9 great acts would it be?

    We helped you out by giving you 9 great descriptions above, arranged by Katie using blandly middle of the road person icons (look, if we posted all kinds of actual erotic imagery, you might not answer this post back, and that defeats the purpose lol!)

    Answer us in any way you see fit–post a comment to this posting (easiest, and while you are at it, kindly re-blog!), or message us at . We’ll tally up the votes and use that to drive a future top 10 list! (But really we just want to know what really turns you all on!)

    –Katie & Paul,

    So let us know of the 9 types of sex above, which is your