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    Louis de Pointe du Lac in grandpa sweater, 04/27/2020

    Artist:Β @sheepskeleton

    Let me count the ways I love this – GRANDPA SWEATER, windblown hair, rubbed my eyes 10x in an hour,Β β€˜I’m allergic to idiots’ red nostrils… the color palette, the model, everything is gorgeous. I’m thinking Lestat scooped Louis up without asking if he wanted to be scooped up and flew the two of them to Vegas β€˜just because’ and Louis is like, WHY? What made you think I’d be up for Vegas? In what WORLD would I ever have you drag me to Nevada? Lestat is like, shhhh, I flew you first class in my arms. And then Louis gives him this look. And silence. Lestat: and whores. You like whores. I don’t count.


    glad you like it! <3


    I'm in love..

    "Life is a tragedy, one way or another. What is certain is that you die." The Vampire Armand.

    Armand by the amazing @sheepskeleton-art

    -seriously please check them out if you haven't.. their art is so beautiful and they have tons of art based off of characters from Vampire Chronicles as well!

    Their other account is @sheepskeleton πŸ–€