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    Happy 15th Anniversary, Bold & Delicious/Pride!

    Ayumi Hamasaki’s single Bold & Delicious/Pride was released this day in 2005. The double-A-side single was the first of her Sweetbox collaborations that would make up a majority of the (miss)understood album. Both Bold & Delicious and Pride music videos–shot on location in New York–are now streaming on Youtube, and the original single can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.


    yall southern states got dinosaurs running around and yall make jokes about new york having rats


    But they are places to be expected.

    NY rats take the subway and be trying to sell their mixtapes and shit.

    • That’s an Australian accent.
    • That’s a croc, not a gator—specifically, it’s a big ol’ saltie.
    • The rats don’t sell mixtapes, you’re thinking of pigeons. The rats play acoustic guitar.

    4: those things are way older than dinosaurs


    5: Australia still has dinosaurs.


    6: The dinosaurs won a war with Australia.


    7; that victory wasn’t even close


    8: the war happened only 88 years ago. There are people alive now who probably remember the war which lasted a month and 8 days

    9: Only 986 birds out of 20,000 died

    10: it takes exactly 10 rounds of bullets to kill one emu


    So I went and googled this because… tbh I was 50/50 on whether they were fucking with us or not.


    The Great Emu War of 1932 is a real thing, and it’s the weirdest effing thing I’ve ever googled.


    Big dude in the video is missing a right front leg, so he’s probably in a wildlife refuge. Not that I don’t believe Aussies just go up and pat crocodiles on the butt and everyone goes about their day.


    Whenever I see a video like this my first reaction is always “That person isn’t even wearing shoes!” I don’t know why some part of me expects an eighteen foot gator to slowed down by shoes. I’m pretty sure it could swallow a steel-toed boot and not notice until it had to shit.