While Amber opened and closed drawers and dug through her closet for the perfect outfit for Jennifer, a cell phone started ringing. It was Jimmy’s. It was like a spell had been broken. He snapped out it and went to go answer it. It just had to be Brody saying they were done shopping and on the way home. He could go back to normal and would just have to get Amber to delete the pictures and swear to never tell anyone about any of this. After all, he had been a good sport, hadn’t he? Some of it was even exciting but now, thankfully, it was over. No new girly outfit. No more “playful” teasing by his best friend’s little bratty sister. Back to his normal clothes. Back to playing video games with Brody. Back to looking forward to Christmas. He picked up his phone. It was Brody. Thank God!

    “Hey man. You guys alright there? Mom said Amber came home early cuz her stupid friend got sick. Hope she hasn’t been bugging you too bad. Just tell her to buzz off. Um, hey, listen man. We kinda have a problem. Yeah. Snow storm. Have you seen? Yeah. It’s probably way worse here in the city since we are two hours north and everything. Anyway, they are closing roads here and it is getting dark so my parents want to stay the night. Just hang out there okay, dude? Send Amber to her room if she starts annoying you. Oh wait! Mom wants to talk to Amber. Can you put her on?”

    Amber was already by Jimmy’s side and could hear every word that her loudmouthed big brother said. She took the phone and listened as her mother, her voice filled with concern and apprehension, spoke to her:

    “Amber? Sweetheart? We will try to get back in the morning but the weather people are saying it might be Sunday when the roads are finally open again. There should be enough to eat there but you know where the emergency cash is, right?”

    “Ya, mom. No Biggie”

    “And you’ll be a good girl and listen to Jimmy? He’s in charge of you so behave”

    “She’ll be a good girl. I mean, I’ll be a good girl, mom. Don’t worry. Jenni…Jimmy is really sweet. She…he even made me a sandwich when I got home. K. Tell Daddy I love him, Mom. Good night”

    The look of glee on Amber’s face as she set the phone down and faced “Jennifer” was priceless. She clapped her hands joyfully and started laying more things on the bed:

    “Yay, Jennifer!! Now we can have some real girl time together. The whole weekend. Two more days after tonight maybe. Look at all of these outfits I picked for you. Aren’t they pretty? You can try them on and pick the one you like the best then we can go downstairs and watch a movie together. Maybe "Sleepover” or “Mean Girls” or “Clueless” or" “Frozen” or “Easy A?”

    We can talk about the pretty clothes and makeup and hair of all the actresses and look at the hot boys.“

    Jimmy wanted to speak but Amber just kept up a steady stream of excited babble:

    "Try this first Jennifer.

    Ya, this was my jean skirt when I was much younger but you will prob look really cute in it. See the pretty white hearts and the matching built-in ribbon belt? Look at the pretty pink and purple petticoating the sewed into the bottom so its visible to everyone. And this was my fave Hollister top. Pretty and pink just like your nails and lipstick and eyeshadow. You can wear these white wedge heels with it. They are really strappy. You will love the feeling of almost being locked in your high heels.

    Go ahead. Put on your top. Careful, sissy, don’t smear your makeup when you put on your blouses. Perfect fit!! Now the skirt. Do you like it. Does it feel too short?”

    He felt so exposed and vulnerable. When he looked down, he saw the skirt but, most alarmingly, his legs. The skirt felt like it barely covered his little girly panties. Bending down to put on the wedge heels with some difficulty, he blushed furiously, as he realized that Amber had a perfect view of his pantied ass. She swatted it playfully and said:

    “Careful, little girl. Your panties are showing. Only do that when you want boys to notice you. Panty princess ha-ha!”

    Then she had him walk around in the new outfit.

    “You look so cute in that. Easier to walk in your wedge heels, right, missy? Right? Answer me properly, sissy!”

    “Yes, Miss Amber. It’s way easier to walk in my new wedge heels”

    “Do you like them? Are they pretty? Do you like wearing a skirt?”

    By now, sissy Jennifer knew how the game was to be played. Something in the little pansy liked being under this bratty girl’s control. The teasing and humiliation were working a strange magic. His resistance continually eroded. He fell more and more into her power. Became her little toy more and more with each order he obeyed.

    “I love my new heels, Miss Amber. The skirt feels soooo pretty on me.”

    “Good girl!! Such a sweet, obedient, pansy you are. The perfect sissy playtoy. Now strip again. Yes, down to your bra and panties. Let’s try this outfit next.”

    Jennifer’s next outfit was a pair of bright pink capri pants with little zippers at the ankles.

    They gripped his little girly ass and were skin-tight. A short blue button-down vest came next. For sleeves, it only had the slightest hint of dainty ruffling at the shoulders. Now his arms felt as exposed as his legs had felt a moment ago in the jean skirt! So weird. He had never felt this way about his skin. It felt like showing off almost. Like exposing his girlishness. He never noticed how small his arms and wrists were before. Just as he had never noticed how thin and girlish his legs were. Amber made him step into some blue “flats” with white polka dots next.

    He was suddenly shocked all over again by his exposed toenails painted in the cute pink polish so visible beneath the big girly bows which were the feminine “icing on top” of the shoes. Something in his panties stirred ever so slightly and he felt a tiny wetness.

    “Ohhh!! Look at your butt in your new capris, Jennifer. Walk. Ya oh my God!! I so want to take you to the mall in that outfit. Maybe we can get your ears pierced or get your hair done? Boys would be following you around. Maybe even grown men would check you out. You would like that. K strip again and try this next outfit.”

    “You were probably too cold in your skirt. So maybe you will like this one. Here. First put on these leggings. See how shiny they are? It’s called leather look or wet look. Guys go crazy for it on us girls. Slide them on. See how tight they fit? Look how sexy and pretty your legs and ass look in them! Now let’s get you in this off-the-shoulder pink and black striped sweater. See? It comes down over your butt just a little like a very short dress and makes guys almost die wanting to see your ass in your sexy shiny leggings. And look in the mirror, Jennifer. See how your bra strap shows on your exposed shoulder. You are such a tease for boys ha-ha!”

    And now he felt a new part of his skin exposed. His narrow little shoulder. His self-image was exploding. “He” felt like a her. She walked around Amber’s bedroom in her new outfit and truly loved this one. Especially when Amber had her add the shiny high heeled boots with it. Oh my God!!

    And with this outfit she felt more wetness in her panties. Jennifer tried to ignore it but knew it had to be from the excitement of feeling so girly. She had had a wet dream one time before and this seemed like almost the same thing. Only it was just a little wetness at the top front of her panties. And she was wide awake.

    “Tell me how much you love your new outfit, Jennifer. Tell me exactly why and in detail sissy.”

    Secretly, Amber set her camera on the makeup table and programmed it to record video as the feminized pansy began to speak:

    “I love my outfit! It makes me feel really pretty. I like how shiny my legs look. I like how cute it makes my butt look. You know, like before I put on my sweater when you could see it. I like how I can see my bra straps on my shoulder. My sweater is so soft and comfy and pretty. I love wearing these boots because they make me feel sexy.”

    Not even knowing it, Jennifer, had said all of this while staring at herself in the mirror, her little ponytail bobbing, as if with emphasis, with every gushing, glowing comment she made about her adorable clothes. The little white ribbon tied into her ponytail waved softly in the air with every movement of her head.

    He was now a she. His had become hers. Mind, body, and clothes all screamed “girl’!

    "Okay. Those outfits were all adorable on you princess, weren’t they? But now you need something super cozy to wear while we snuggle in and watch movies downstairs, don’t we? Maybe we can even do your hair different too. Put it in rollers or something….

    To be continued