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2021-06-12 04:49:25

    NEW CC!

    Okay so y’all, I was just really tired of finding cute lipsticks and lip glosses that didn’t actually look right on my sims. There are so many “darker” tones that are just the light tones with the brightness turned down. And guys. That makes the shine spots look grey and gross. I want my sims of color to have beautifully shiny lip gloss!

    And another thing! I could not find any two-tone lip glosses. So I went ahead and made my own.

    So here y’all go! 48 swatches, fully skin-tone inclusive, fully slider compatible.

    Download at my TSR

    The Sims 4 “Countryside” Expansion: Maxis Releases Trailer Reaction Video

    The Sims team has released a trailer reaction video that includes several game changers who are reacting to a sneak beak at the “Countryside” expansion pack trailer. The Sims team is inviting everybunny to stay tuned for tomorrow’s reveal on YouTube.

    These Simmers got a sneak beak 👀, but for tomorrow’s reveal, everybunny is invited! 😄💚 #TS4ExpansionPack
    Tune in on June 10 at 8 AM PST: https://t.co/nEbNjpnpjF#SummerofSims pic.twitter.com/gBEjdCyMoH

    — The Sims (@TheSims)

    June 9, 2021

    This didn’t make it into the final cut out of teaser trailer but I absolutely had to share this reaction (with @EbonixSims’ permission of course). A 100% genuine gasp💚 pic.twitter.com/LNQqdaGgHs

    — SimGuruFrost ❓ (@SimGuruFrost)

    June 9, 2021

    The City Sketch Set is finally out! In honor of my birthday this coming week, I wanted to give you all something special. I found this sketch that a sim artist made that was some concept art for the city living pack. I saw some of the items and fell in love with the style. So here are 12 unique objects (plus 2 add on objects for height). I hope you enjoy them all and please let me know if there are any issues. Also I know that the coffee table is similar to an in game object, but I didn’t realize and wanted to challenge myself to make a curved object. All objects except the canvas are either created by scratch or heavily edited EA objects. Download and descriptions are under the cut.

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    [KKB]Korean Style Goods 4

    • [KKB]Korean Style Goods 4 - Beverage refrigerator
    • [KKB]Korean Style Goods 4 - Detergent and Seasoning Sauce
    • [KKB]Korean Style Goods 4 - Ice cream refrigerator
    • [KKB]Korean Style Goods 4 - Ice cream ver.1~5
    • [KKB]Korean Style Goods 4 - Korean food collection ver.1
    • [KKB]Korean Style Goods 4 - Korean food collection ver.2
    • [KKB]Korean Style Goods 4 - Korean pastes


    168)Today’s Schedule : Earrings Photo Shoot


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    FURBY SMART SPEAKER (mesh required)

    I absolutely LOVE this furby deco by @cursedcc, I use it so often, & My sister gave me the idea of how hilarious it would be if it 'talked' - which reminded me that the game has the Lin-Z smart speaker, and I decided to see if it was possible to make the Furby work AS a smart speaker.

    After a bit of trial and error, here we are! This Furby functions as a smart speaker, and can be found under activities & skills > misc.





    This set contains 40 new items around the pool area: floaties, pool ladder, diving board and platform, waterfall cascade,  lounge chairs, hammock, beach towels, sofas, chairs, coffee table, side table, new curly palm trees, tiles wallpaper and floor, deco pool steps and…

    … finally some descent pool trims ! 😍

    As those who follow my creations might understand, those items are unseen in the sims 4 cc community as they are not clonable by either S4S or TSRW. It requires manual overrides of every single instance number which makes it difficult, long and difficult to access. I made only two for now (wood planks and stone pavement), and might consider do more in the future: just give me time to recover 😅

    I will also share the build of this awesome contemporary house soon :)

  • Includes 43 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible BUT:
    - The diving platform will function only if you own Get Together, it will just be decor otherwise
    - The floaties exist in two versions: basegame or Island living. They are both functionals, but the basegame will have a weird warping around the pool when used to relax/sunbathe. They are not overriding each other, but if you own Island Living, you don’t need the basegame ones.
  • The waterfall fountain is animated.
  • image

    Early access on my patreon !

    Available for free download on my website !