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    Wife swapping in India - some tips

    STRANGER OR FRIEND? One – there are lots of fake ‘couples’ who are basically blackmailers. They will usually appear very attractive (especially the woman) and will even send their explicit photos to you as part of the introduction. It is very difficult to figure out which is a genuine couple and which is just a bunch of scamsters. The wives may actually be prostitutes. Two – Diseases. There are some ‘master’ swappers – older couples who have been involved in this for a long time. These people are usually emotionally shallow and hardly fit the definition of a ‘couple’. They are more interested in using their ‘couple’ status to get more sex, and with as many different people as possible. They often want only single-time encounters. Such professional swappers are bad news for various reasons, and not just because they too may try to blackmail you or your wife. Three – whether you like it or not, swapping is not just about physical needs. You may think it is, but it is not, it is also emotional. It is about the lack of excitement and change and emotions in a relationship. Women usually develop feelings for the other guy in such relationships and you too may develop some feelings for the other woman (though men may be better able to control it.) If you don’t know the guy well, you don’t want your wife to develop feelings for him. Worse, you don’t know him well, he may try to take advantage of your wife’s feelings for him and cut you out. Four – Most Indian women will not sleep with a stranger. This may be different in other cultures, but in India, 95% of the women won’t sleep with a stranger. So if you are trying to go in for a Internet-based thing, you are pushing her. Sometimes, she may agree if you pressurize her enough, or perhaps because she doesn’t realize how it feels like. But she is unlikely to enjoy it. If she doesn’t like it, it is rape. And you have just been an accomplice to your wife’s rape. It’s not a good feeling and she’ll hate you for it. This is something many men don’t realize because most men are ok with sleeping with strangers. They don’t really care. Women hate sex with strangers. This issue may be overcome through non-sexual introductions lasting for a couple of months (including combined trips, slumber parties etc., but it’s frankly too much bother to make a new friend for swapping, instead of just using an existing one. Besides, halfway through, you may realize that one of you or both of you don’t like the other couple much and is not interested in having sex with that person.) That said, if your wife is willing and eager to sleep with a stranger, you should perhaps get yourself checked for HIV. Five – Imagine you rented a car for a week. How would you treat it? You’ll try to take maximum advantage of the situation and use it rough. You’ll try all your stunts and fantasies on it. What if it was your best friend’s car? If you are true friend, you won’t abuse it. You know you’ll have to answer to your friend sooner or later. It’s the same with wives. You lend your wife to a stranger, he’ll abuse her. He might force her to do things she doesn’t like. He might even make her pregnant. She’ll suffer and you may not be around to help her. Even if you are, it might turn violent. So don’t lend your wife to a stranger you found on a website, no matter how ‘gentlemanly’ he looks. Six – Swapping is a complicated matter. Human emotions are involved. There will be unforeseen twists and turns. There has to be love and kindness between all the four people for this to succeed. Jealousy will show its head and friends can solve such complicated emotional issues. Preferably, both the men and the women should be friends. If only one pair (man-man or woman-woman) are friends, spend enough time together for the other two also develop a friendship and understanding between each other. If they end up hating each other, find a new couple, otherwise life will become living hell for all four parties involved. If they are so-so friends, it is still ok. (Women are mostly so-so friends with other women..) SAME ROOM OR DIFFERENT? The ideal order of how events should unfold is the following: 1) Couples already know each other for some time 2) Check with your friend (male or female) in the other couple if he or she is open to the idea of swapping. If yes, proceed as below: 3) Couples should do activities/trips together and hang out with each other in a group of four. 4) Each person spends time in a secure public place (cinema, park etc.) with the opposite-sex partner from the other couple till they are comfortable in each other’s company. 5) Each couple have sex with their own partner (husband-wife) in the same room, either with lights on or off. If it is with lights off, then later, with lights on. This gives an opportunity for all parties to see their future sexual partner without clothes on. It also helps fuel their fantasies about each other. 6) Introduce the idea of swapping into partners’ minds (“he thought you were hot and said i was really lucky. i think he wanted to have a go at you too.” “I saw you eyeing her, you thinking of new partners, is it?”) If you are trying to introduce the idea into your wife’s mind (and your friend’s wife is already willing), get help from your friend’s wife to bring your wife into the loop. 7)Create a situation where the room is totally dark and all four of you are naked. There should be opportunity for the mixed couples to touch each other (could be a game, or sleep situation, 'accident’ or something else.) There can be sex immediately or there can be just touching etc. (depending on the situation) LIGHTS ON OR NOT? Don’t look at your partner having sex with someone else if you are not sure you can take it. A lot of people who think they can, find out that they cannot when the actual situation comes about. They feel angry, or feel cheated by the partner. They feel that the partner enjoyed more with the other person. They start feeling insecure about their ability to satisfy their partner. Don’t worry, there will come a time later on when you will be able to see it and not lose control. Wait for it, don’t look initially, keep it dark. DO I TALK ABOUT IT? Never ask about it. What your wife or husband does with his or her partner is totally his or her business. Of course, you have to make sure that the other person does not abuse your partner (wife) when he is alone with her and that your wife continues to enjoy the relationship as time passes (and is not just putting up with it for your sake.) Never talk about it. Don’t compare, even in your mind. Tell your partner you don’t ever want to talk about this. It just happens, that’s it. FALLING IN LOVE? Realize that initially the other person may feel better than your existing partner. You may even feel like you are in love with the new partner, but it will wear off. Don’t burn your bridges and spoil your existing relationship. Put in extra efforts to reassure your partner that you still love him/her. Continue to have sex with him/her. Tell all this to your partner also. Tell your partner it’s ok if he or she feels like he or she is falling in love with the other person. It’s just the hormones. It’s how human beings are designed – they seek variety and thrills – it’s nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. Enjoy your life and let your partner also enjoy. There will be temptation to take things 'private’ between two of the 'new couples’ to add spice to the new relationship – such as through phone calls and emails. It is best avoided, to make sure jealousy and suspicion does not come up. Resist the temptation to go overboard. Don’t spend half an hour on the phone with your new 'boyfriend’ or 'girlfriend’, even if your wife or husband is not there. This should, obviously, not be done under any circumstances if he or she is there. It is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Similarly, there might be a temptation to move 'permanently’ to the new partner. It is a sign that you are in love with the new partner. At this point, remember that the grass is always greener on the other side. After spending a year or two with the new partner, you will feel just as bad as you did with your first one. The only difference will be that you will have spoiled your relationships with all three of the other members in your group. Be an adult and resist the temptation. If you think you won’t be able to, don’t get into this swapping thing at all. This is for people who have been through two or more relationships and know what relationships are about, how they change and evolve etc.. This is not for someone who has never fallen in love before. Such people will think 'this is it, the love of my life is here’. Preferably, the couples should have at one time been in love with each other, at some point in life. It is perfectly ok to go out on dates with your new partner etc.. as long as it is done in a transparent way and all four members of the group have agreed on it.



    Hi everyone! I have just answered some questions that I had been sent for the website http://thecuckoldconsultant.com/exclusive-interviews/an-exclusive-interview-meet-younghotwifediary/ maybe it will be interesting for some of you so here they are :)

    Interview Questions

    ·        How did you get started in the Hotwife lifestyle?

    My boyfriend and I started talking about the idea for me having sex with another guy while he would watch when we were in bed doing our things… And after some months – years talking about it, we finally decided to do it for real.

    ·       What was your most memorable experience while living the Hotwife lifestyle?

    I would say my first date with a lover. It went really great and I keep a great memory of it, both because of the guy I met and also because after it my boyfriend and I were happy about how it went and nothing changed between us.

    ·       How many guys have you been with since you started the Hotwife lifestyle, and what’s that been like for you?

    So far I’ve met 4 different guys but I’ve repeated with one of them. Each of the guys were really different one from another and I enjoyed knowing them all and feeling how they were acting with me.

    ·       Describe any resistance or hesitation either of you felt before taking the plunge.

    I was worried that it wouldn’t go as good as I imagined it. I had only sex with my boyfriend before starting the hotwife lifestyle so I wasn’t sure how it would be to be with another man and I felt a little shy the first time. This disappeared because the first date went great and I feel much more confident than before, now I know that I can handle being with other men.

    Also I was worried that my relationship with my boyfriend would change after doing it, because we are really great together, he’s the love of my life, and I didn’t want our relationship to be broken because of the hotwife lifestyle. But everything went great, after our first date we loved us even more than before and each day our relationship is getting better so all the worries disappeared after the first date I had.

    ·       What are 5 of the sexiest things related to being a hotwife that you do to tease your husband?

    1. Letting him know that having sex with him is different than with any other man because I love him.

    2. Talking about the lovers I had while we have sex, we both enjoy that.

    3. Buying new clothes, makeup…

    4. Often I tell him how much I look forward to have a new date with a lover

    5. When I have found a new guy I tell my boyfriend how much I like the lover, and that I can’t wait!

    ·       What advice do you have for couples who are interested in pursuing the Hotwife lifestyle but can’t find any good men, or the right men?

    I would say that it’s necessary to look for a man that the woman really feels great with. I always take a lot of time to know the lover before meeting in person, chatting or phone calls. Actually I think it’s also part of the hotwife lifestyle, to be able to seduce another person than your boyfriend/husband, and I really like it too. So it takes time to find the right man but I think it’s worth it to wait for the good one and not having dates with the first one that you find. 

    ·        What boundaries do you have in your relationship as it relates to living the Hotwife lifestyle, and how do you make sure you don’t break them?

    We don’t really have fixed boundaries, because both my boyfriend and I kind of “know” the things that we like or dislike. For example the boundaries I put to myself is not to have a hotwife lifestyle 100% of my time. I mean with it that I don’t talk about it every day, or I don’t make phone calls or chat with my lovers every day. It’s easy not to break it because I have many other important things in my life and of course I love to be a hotwife but I don’t think about it all day long! It’s a part of my life and myself, but not all my life.

    ·       What are the top 5 pieces of advice you would share with couples who are new to the Hotwife lifestyle regarding setting up boundaries ?

    1. Not letting the hotwife lifestyle take all the place in your relationship

    2. Be sure to understand yours and your boyfriend’s needs

    3. I think you’ve to know each other very good and that way it will be easy to set up boundaries because both will know what is too much, for example.

    4. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your boyfriend/husband to understand how he could react to something. For example something would turn you on a lot but maybe for your boyfriend it wouldn’t be the case as he’s watching you and not doing it.

    5. If you want to try something new, always ask about it to your boyfriend to know if he would like it or not. Talking is always important!

    ·       What do you think are the top 5 reasons why a woman would reject or not be open to exploring the Hotwife lifestyle with their husband?

    1. Being shy, both to meet a man she doesn’t know and to be observed by her husband while she’s with the lover.

    2. Being worried about breaking the relationship with her boyfriend/husband

    3. Not having a relationship that is good enough to have a hotwife lifestyle. If my relationship with my boyfriend wouldn’t be as good as it’s, I don’t think I would have tried the hotwife lifestyle.

    4. Being afraid to be “discovered”. For example I’m lucky because I live far from my family and friends so I know I won’t meet anybody that I don’t want to when I have my dates, but if my dates would take place in the same area where my family lives I think I would feel uncomfortable.

    5. Not being understood by the husband. If there is no communication and you can’t explain why you would like to be a hotwife I don’t think you would enjoy starting doing it.

    ·       What are 5 things a husband can do to help increase the levels of intimacy in his relationship with his wife?

    1. Treat her like before being a hotwife, because being one doesn’t change you or your personality.

    2. Listen to the needs of the wife in bed and make her satisfied

    3. Asking about her lovers, dates, her feelings about them; to be involved in the hotwife lifestyle

    4. Showing that you’re also excited about your wife being a hotwife.

    5. You have to be confident about your wife and let her know that she can talk about anything with you.


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    2. Did you ever notice: everything on a woman’s upper body starts with a “B”. Blouse, Bra, Bikini, Boobs and lower body with a “P” Peticoat, panties, pussy… That’s origin of “BP”!

    3. Before sex, you help each other get naked. After sex, you dress only yourself. Moral: In life no one helps you once you’re fucked.

    4. Success is like pregnancy. Everybody congratulates you but nobody knows how many times you got fucked to achieve it.

    5. What is the difference between frustration and satisfaction? What the Fuck! and What a Fuck!

    6. 3 people having sex is a threesome, 2 is a twosome. So next time someone calls you ‘HANDSOME’, don’t take it as a compliment!

    7. Life is like a dick, sometimes it becomes hard for no reason.

    8. Practical thought: A husband is supposed to make his wife’s panties wet, not her eyes. A wife is supposed to make her husband’s dick hard, not his life..!

    9. When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch her stomach and say “Congrats!”. But none of them come and touch the man’s Penis and say “Well done!”.

    Moral: Hard work is never appreciated: Only result matters.

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    The vacation dares

    This is a list of games,dares or challenge to perform in vacation while on a beach resort.

    If you perform an easy dare, you get 1point

    If you perform a medium dare, you get 2 points

    If you perform a hard dare, you get 3 points

    Before you start your vacations, you should fix a number of points that your partner must reach with a reward for winning or a punishment for failing. Obviously, you should decide what consequences he/she will receive for failing or making it.

    Before I show you the dares, here is a small list of ideas of punishments and rewards. Obviously, find the best rewards to push your partner to fulfil her goal as quickly as possible!

    - Tease and denial for the loser until the end of the vacation once the goal is reached

    - No orgasm for the performer until she reach her goal

    - An orgasm for her every X points she will get

    - 24 hours of denial for him for every X points she will get

    The dares:

    This is a list of ideas that I find fun and daring. Mostly exhibitionist and risky dares… but add/remove dares to your liking!

    Easy: (1 point)

    - Don’t wear underwear for one day

    - Strip naked in your room during the day with all the curtains open

    - Give him a boner on the beach or in a public place

    - Wear a white top with no bra (must be a little see through)

    - Dirty talk loud enough in a public area 

    - Have a one minute nipple slip in your bikini at the beach

    - For at least 30minutes, instead of wearing a bathing suit on the beach, you must wear sexy underwears

    -Bring your bikini in your hands at the beach, without help you must remove all your clothes behind your beach towel and try to hide. You must be fully naked before starting to put your bikini. Will you take the risk to be exposed?

    -You must be tease and denied before you go to the beach, the restaurant or a club. You will then perform more dares if you are turned on!

    Medium: (2 points)

    - Stay topless on the beach for a while (If it’s something that you usually do anyway, no points for that)

    - Have a “soft” sexual activity on your balcony (You don’t need to be nude)

    - Give him an orgasm (or ruined orgasm) in your room with all the curtains open

    - Flash a stranger with your ass or tits and make it look accidental

    - Very short skirt, no panties

    - In a nightclub twerking or dirty dancing until he get a full erection

    - Have full sex in your room at night with the lights off

    - By “accident” do a quick pussy flash on the beach (Someone must see you or be in the right position to see you)

    -Bring your bikini in your hands at the beach and changes clothes behind a towel, you must drop the towel and be exposed naked for at least 5seconds

    Hard: (3points)

    -Sex in your room with all the lights open at night

    -Sex on your balcony (with cumshot)

    - Masturbate while you are in the ocean

    - Have your pussy exposed on the beach for at least 2minutes while people are watching you or can easily see you (make it look accidental)

    - Look drunk late in the evening and flash someone

    - Perform the hallway challenge (Walk naked in your hotel hallway and try not to be caught)

    - Ask strangers if they find you attractive and what part of your body the find the most beautiful. Whatever this body part is, you must flash them with it.

    - Of you can find a girl that will accept to show you her tits, you get 3points

    Extreme: (5points)

    - Don’t bring any pair of underwear for your vacation and no pair of pants (dresses and skirts only)

    - Stay fully nude on the beach for a long period of time

    - Masturbate on your balcony in the evening and be loud enough to make sure someone will watch if they pass by

    - Have sex on the beach (in the evening in front of the hotel or during the day in a quieter place). He must cum if you want the points.

    - Give him a blowjob in a public area

    - During the evening, turn your hotel room lights on and start a striptease right in front of your window before masturbating facing the outside.

    * Most of the hotel room dare will be useless if nobody can see in your room from the outside!

    This is my ideas of dares, if you have more ideas I want to hear them!

    Any ideas?


    Sounds like a super fun vacation!


    We should try this my love 😍😍😍 “boy ”

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    · Vishnu dada’s club - Opp.to Harkishendas hospital, in Charni road, there are a few small and petty by-lanes.the one opp. to hospital, has on the ground floor of the building, an establishment run by a person who is named Vishnu Dada. There u can find a good, cheap, and according to your budget, sexy females. They charge u for short time, or long time you have to tell the person your budget and accordingly he would call the girls u pick 1. Pay him and get the best out of the gal. If u pay her 100 bucks, then you r sure to get a wonderful suck of ur life, the gals and the dada r very good and do not cheat u.

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