What about surrogating for multiple rich families at once to pay for college? My just out of high school self waddling around summer break with a gargantuan belly, packed with six or eight kids all healthy and ready to go full term. Eventually I can’t move on my own so I get hired help. Just keep it up through college because I love it so much. I’m seldom without a massive pregnant belly.


    I would def volunteer to be a helper lol

    Summer vacation is over and school has started back up. I waddle into class in tight leggings that are getting stretched tightly over my ballooned ass and thick thighs and widened hip and a powder blue T-shirt that is pulled taut over my huge boobs and stops midway down my round pregnant belly.

    Easily my boobs have grown from a supple 34B to a nice round and milk-engorged 38E. I look like I’m at the end of my pregnancy when school starts and summer was clearly a wild time for me.  

    However, the months keep coming and my belly just swells and swells and my boobs, hips, ass, and thighs keep growing too. I have to be giving birth soon right? Just how far into the pregnancy was I at the start of the year?

    I heave and pant as I slowly waddle through the halls my shirts barely covering the massive boobs I’ve come to have. So round and heavy with milk. My nipples always sore and swollen begging to be milked. My hips so wide they almost graze the door frame when I walk into class. My ass so big and round it completely takes up the seat and out over it. My thighs so thick they push into the gravid mass that is my pregnant belly. 

    Still, as the year pushes on I just get bigger and bigger. Whatever young is in me moving around in their cramped living space. The school year is a week away from ending and I can’t move anymore, I’m bed bound and my teacher comes to my house to homeschool me. After a lesson I let them lift my huge thighs and up into my pussy, where they see something in my birth canal. I explain I want to birth the biggest baby ever and will keep holding out until the baby pushes the stopper out of me. 


    So you want a constantly squirming belly packed to the brim with big healthy babies? Babies that constantly shift about for room and never seem to sleep? Babies that are visible even beneath your shirt, visible to anyone only half paying attention, marking you as unmistakably pregnant? Babies that only roll around harder when they're hungry?

    ;are you somehow reading my mind because that is exactly what i want! i want my tummy teeming with life that even when you’re only half paying attention you can see my shirt moving from the babies. that even when i’m wearing an oversized shirt my tummy is still pulling it right against it. or how i want to be so pleasantly full that my tummy starts to sag down from the weight of my little ones in my tummy.

    they’ll be my pride and joys and they won’t even be out of the womb. plus the wife is excited to stick twins in me so it’ll be a very fun possibility to tease 😊


    What is your ideal scenario for oviposition? Mine is where the woman produces and gestates many eggs at a time, to the point where she looks quite pregnant, but with the gestation only lasting half or a quarter of the length of pregnancy, ending with her having to labor the eggs out with water breaking, contractions, the whole nine yards.

    My ideal oviposition scenario/fantasy is where I’m pregnant with many large, heavy eggs at once and it’s a long gestation, like the length of an elephant’s (which is almost two years) and the labor is slow and time consuming, to the point I continue on with life through the contractions because the eggs are so huge it’s hard for them to easily move down my birth canal, even when they crown it could still be at least another full day before I can push it out. And after the first one is out, it’s still going to be another few days for the next one to finally make it out. 

    So it’s a long journey from start to finish. And as soon as the last egg is pushed out, I’m incubating again.