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    you wanna see some badass shit from the early 20th century?? The Lumière brothers created the first full color photograph… in fucking 1903! So these dudes dyed potatoes (in red, blue, and green), mashed them down into just pure fuckin’ starch, and used these dyed potato starches as filters to block out/let in certain wavelengths of light. They coated one side of a glass plate with the starches and sensitized the other side with a mixture of gelatin and light sensitive materials (silver nitrate) and loaded these plates in their cameras.. This is a really simple explanation of the process and I may have missed some things

    A few of my favorite autochrome photos:


    that last one is literally a LOOK



    but lets not forget sergei prokudin-gorskiy, who developed a similar process in 1902, published in 1903 and then toured russia to take hundreds of color photographs:


    AND the guy developed color slide processing as well. as a person fairly familiar with modern b/w processing at home, but never EVER stepping into color (negatives or slides) territory, i’d say, BAMF to the highest degree. 


    Ocean Ramsey and her team encountered this 20 ft Great White Shark near the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It is believed to be the biggest ever recorded


    She’s so beautiful!! 💙💙💙


    SO lovely!




    God, I’m obsessed with this video. The way you can see all the scars and craters on her skin, the way the gill slits wave in the current, the sense of just how massive she is compared to that diver… it’s incredible. Just this enormous animal lazily swimming by the camera.

    When 99% of the time you only see sharks in sped-up footage accompanied by threatening orchestral music and some narrator dude ominously intoning that it is “the most perfect killing machine the world has ever seen”, you tend to forget sharks are such beautiful creatures. This video doesn’t show a “monster shark” or a “killing machine”. It shows an animal - and a fucking beautiful one at that.