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2021-09-24 17:53:30

    Q&A Stream and RPGMaker.Net Page!

    Hey there!

    We'll be hosting a Q&A stream very soon to celebrate the approaching of Marinette's demo release!

    Info on said livestream below!

    18th of September at around 17:00 UTC!

    Mark it on your schedules!

    The team will be answering questions, reviewing the trailer, talking about the game together among other things!

    ⭐The livestream will take place on Mitty's Twitch Channel!

    ⭐Feel free to send your questions over to our ask box here on Tumblr!

    We hope you'll be looking forward to it, and we'll see you there! O/

    We are all very excited!

    In other news...

    Marinette now has an RPGMaker.Net Page!

    Go check it out!

    We've got a cute cursor!


    ⭐ Update! ⭐

    We had to delay the dev-stream a little, so it will be happening tomorrow instead! Hope you’ll be looking forward to it, still!

    Thank you so much everyone for all the great questions sent our way!!!

    It’s a little


    Hey~ A day late but life is hectic.
    Work has been busy so not a lot of chill time for me.

    Before the weekend I did a quick playtest to get me in the mood~ I found some small fixes, mostly to do with the new menu options. That’s all tidied up now and running smoothly

    While playing the game I have been thinking of more atmospheric things to add in I really need to work on some music for the game at some point.
    Maybe more options for information? I’m not sure though, keeping things quite simple might be best.

    I have been working on some assets for Section 3 instead of placeholders though and balancing some sounds that were too quiet in events during the playthrough.
    I touched on some CG’s again when I had time but that’s about it this week.
    Slow progress is still progre

    I might have an announcement
    soon…if I can gather the courage… 

    See you next update~