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2023-10-03 02:11:13

    I think about my one friend in high school, who was not technically allowed to read anything that her parents didn’t approve of. There was a special exception for things required by school, but they’d go over those at home and “correct” any bad information.

    She checked out 2 books a day from the school library and read voraciously on her own and returning the books to the library at the end of the day. She’d get done work early or just skip any work time in class to read her books.

    Her parents were ‘old-fashioned’ too. They didn’t think their child should be reading anything they didn’t personally approve of first.

    There was a reason she never told her parents she checked out books from the school library. There was a reason none of the teachers scolded her for reading or told her parents about it during parent-teacher conferences.

    They were actively preventing further abuse of a vulnerable teenager under their care.

    I seem to be thinking a lot of her lately with everything, everything that is happening.