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    “Oh shit! Sorry, dude, sorry….” Jeremy stumbled backwards, the doorknob slipping out of his grasp as he tried to pull the bathroom door shut and leaving him pathetically off-balance and unable to arrest his momentum. He managed to sit down before he fell down, but that only made things even more awkward–instead of standing there with his gaze unable to tear itself away from his roommate Blake’s incredibly big, incredibly hard cock, he was now sitting at eye level with the rock-hard, veined shaft. He could see every detail of the mushroomed head, almost purple with arousal. And he knew Blake saw him staring.

    “I, shit, um, sorry dude, I, I don’t know what I was thinking.” Jeremy really didn’t–for some reason, even though the door was clearly shut and he could see light spilling out from the crack at the bottom, he walked right in with an absolute confidence that the bathroom was unoccupied. He didn’t even need to use it; he just suddenly had the impulse to hop into the shower and wash off, and it occurred to him that he could do that because nobody was in there. Blake had gone to bed… or, or he thought that Blake had gone to bed, or he thought he remembered thinking that Blake had gone to bed, and… Jeremy blinked heavily, realizing that he was still staring right at Blake’s cock. Why hadn’t he looked away? If nothing else, his friend deserved some privacy.

    Shit, the dude had probably just come in here to rub one out before bed, and here came Jeremy to barge in on him and spoil everything before he could get his rocks off. Jeremy always felt so bad whenever this happ–wait, what? W-whenever this happened? Jeremy didn’t remember this ever happening before, and he felt pretty sure he would have remembered seeing his friend’s big swinging dick sticking out at him like this. He felt sure he must have imagined it happening before–well, not imagined it, because Jeremy didn’t make a habit of daydreaming about Blake’s hard, twitching cock and his… god, his balls were huge. Jeremy didn’t even know if he could fit them into his mouth.

    W-wait. Why… why was he thinking about sucking Blake’s balls? Why was he staring vacantly at Blake’s cock? “S-something’s, um… something funny’s happening,” he mumbled, hearing the loose and distracted quality in his voice but not quite connecting it to anything. He had other things on his mind, like wondering why he had a sudden obsession with his roommate’s dick and why he couldn’t keep track of something so simple as whether the bathroom door was shut and why Blake was just sitting in there waiting for him, naked with a ginormous erection that made Jeremy’s mouth water and his… oh hell. Jeremy tried to pull his hand away from his crotch, but somehow it felt too good to do anything but keep rubbing himself through his jeans.

    Blake stood up, sauntering confidently across the tiled floor. Jeremy tried to scramble to his feet, but somehow his limbs seemed impossibly clumsy and confused and he wound up accidentally arranging himself into a perfect position to suck his roommate’s cock. All he’d need to do is open his mouth, and it would push right in there. Just like all the other times he–other times? Jeremy was so distracted by the sudden rush of memories that he didn’t even notice his lips sealing around Blake’s thick, thrusting shaft.

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    ꜰʀᴇᴅ sᴜɢᴀʀ, 2017


    He runs his hands across his oily body as you watch him intently. He’s been quite the exhibitionist, having no reservations taking off his clothes on command. Even before tonight, he preferred walking around a stringy tanktop and skin tight booty shorts.

    You feel a little guilty having to hypnotize him this way, but after all the grief this jocked up asshole put you through, the least he owed you was his complete subservience for…well for the foreseeable future. Considering he’s still consciously aware of what’s happening you’re in no rush to let him go. And besides, what good is all this beautiful muscle if not to show it off like the slut you made him into?

    You can tell no thoughts cross his mind at all since his expression is a dull, and his words are slow and slurred. Though honestly, his personality before wasn’t particularly captivating before anyway. If anything this was an improvement.

    Once he’s finished polishing his body to a glistening shine, you order him to his knees. His exposed cock is rock hard, leaking as he is up to you with sexual need. You lick your lips, ready to really indulge yourself with this juicy piece of meat.

    In the Grip of a Compulsion

    “I–um–I’m sorry, I hope you don’t think I–” Donal fumbled with his jeans, tugging them down until his hard cock sprang out of his boxers and he was able to get a good, firm grip on the shaft and begin stroking himself. “I normally don’t, um, I mean I’m usually able to control myself, it’s just… just, um….” He trailed off, unsure of what to say next. The truth was, he didn’t really know why he couldn’t stop himself from jacking off right there in the small apartment kitchen, any more than he knew why he peeled his shirt off to expose his muscular chest and rock-hard abdominals and darted out of the living room in a desperate search to find somewhere more private to masturbate before he couldn’t help exposing himself to a man he barely knew.

    But he’d only made it as far as the kitchen, and of course Hal followed him to see what was the matter. “I just–I, I just can’t, can’t, um….” His hand moved swiftly up and down his shaft, lubricated by the leaking dribble of precum that kept flowing in tiny gushes out of the tip every time his fingers moved over it. “I d-don’t know what’s come… oh fuck… cum over me… I, oh, fuck, you’re going to think I’m some kind of a pervert, b-but….” Another surge of pleasure shot up his spine from his cock, making his eyes roll back in his head and rendering speech momentarily impossible. He was sure that at any moment, Hal would kick him out of the apartment for his lewd behavior, but the other man simply watched with a studious expression on his face.

    It wasn’t even as though Donal could find a reason to explain his sudden, helpless arousal. Hal lived alone, he didn’t have a girlfriend–they weren’t even watching porn, for fuck’s sake! One moment Donal was sitting back on the couch, listening to some very pleasant and very boring conversation from his next-door neighbor and trying not to fall asleep at the end of a long day, and the next he had an absolute compulsion to get naked and play with his cock. “I… I’m so sorry,” he mumbled, unable to stop himself from wriggling his jeans down to his ankles and using his other hand to play with his balls. “I don’t know what this must look like to you.”

    But Hal only smiled. “It looks like you’re a very good boy,” he purred, his voice sounding just as soft and low and soothing as it had back in the living room. Donal’s whole awareness zeroed in on the starburst of pleasure at the tip of his cock, and he fought to stop himself from spurting jizz all over his neighbor’s kitchen floor. “It looks like you’re very susceptible to suggestions, very nice and weak and obedient, and you just need a little bit more help to uncover the very good slave that we both know you can be. Isn’t that right, good boy?” Donal’s head swam. He tried to make sense of the words, but the more he struggled the foggier and blanker his brain seemed to get.

    The strength went out of his limbs, and Donal found himself sinking to his knees as he continued to helplessly stroke his stiff cock. “Good, I… good… boy?” he mumbled, trying one last time to pierce the fog inside his head and really think about what Hal was saying. It was no good. His eyes rolled back in his head in blank, blissful ecstasy, and he heard himself murmuring, “Yes, Master,” as he finally shot his load all over the wood-patterned linoleum. Then he slumped down, exhausted, and he had just enough presence of mind to register the warm shaft pushing into his mouth before his resistance collapsed completely and everything went black.

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    The Man Who Lives Down the Hall

    “Well hey there, sport-o!” the older man cries out cheerfully, as though the two of you are long friends and not simply neighbors in the same apartment building who occasionally pass one another in the hallway. “Glad to see you again! Come for another little talk, huh?” He chuckles in a vaguely avuncular fashion, and you catch yourself chuckling right along with him even though you don’t remember any previous little talks he might be referencing. For that matter, you’re not even sure why you’re over at his place to begin with. Especially not in his bathroom. And especially not when he’s… you glance over at his stiff, jutting cock, a sudden blush reddening your cheeks.

    “Now, now, none of that, champ,” he says mildly, as though he wasn’t lounging naked in the empty tub on an inflatable bath pillow with his cock sticking a disconcertingly long distance straight up into the air. “I already told you, mi casa es su casa, right?” Your head bobs up and down, even though you don’t recall exchanging so much as a grunt of recognition with him when you’ve walked by his apartment on the way to your own. There’s nothing in your memory that would suggest even a casual acquaintance, let alone the kind of easy familiarity that would allow you to walk in on him nude in his warm, steamy bathroom without comment or complaint. But….

    But it is warm. And steamy. You feel a sudden wave of prickling, humid heat wash over you, making your clothes stiflingly uncomfortable as they cling to your body. You wish you could take them off, but there’s already one naked man in this room. To add a second would be… it might… it could confuse things, is all. It has the potential to send the wrong signals, especially since your neighbor is already visibly aroused. His cock keeps bobbing and twitching, describing a tiny arc in the air that makes your face redden even further. You tell yourself it’s the sultry air, but then the older man says, “Feel free to slip out of those heavy clothes,” and you know he knows.

    Heavy. That word seems to stick in your brain, displacing other thoughts as you nod and pull the turtleneck sweater over your head. You don’t think about the way your fingers hook into the waistband of your jeans and pull them down to reveal a pair of boxer shorts already tented by your own growing erection. You don’t think about his warm, encouraging smile and the way his voice lowers into a seductive growl as he says, “That’s it, ace. You know what to do.” You’re still thinking about that word. Heavy. It’s so evocative. You almost feel heavy just thinking about it. S-so very… very… heavy.

    You sink to your knees, unable to support your own weight anymore. You feel the cool ceramic surface of the tub pressing lightly against the tip of your hard cock; you don’t remember when you took off your boxers, but then again there seem to be a lot of things you don’t always remember and you’re not especially bothered by it right about now. Even your head seems to droop forward, sinking lower and lower until the massive penis of the older man looms large in your field of vision. You’re almost close enough to reach out and kiss it now. To lick the precum away from the tip. To… to… you smile, the memories all coming back to you just as the thoughts flee. Then you open your mouth and begin to suck.

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    Prior to joining the gym, Pedro had been a total nerd pursuing a degree in astronomy. The transformation from his old self into his new improved self had been gradual. First he got used to the constant smell of sweat and cum from the gym, then had started to like it. The smell slowly destroyed his old knowledge and replaced it with new one: how to lift, how to be a big hairy bro, how to suck your bros cocks. Then he started taking the protein shakes everybody was raving about at the gym, which had started to transform his body. In a matter of weeks he had gained mass and hair all over his body. His libido also increased and he started to sleep with a few of the bros at the gym.

    He has a meeting with the gym leader today, who wants to convince him to drop his studies (which he’s now failing anyway) and become  a personal trainer and a member of his inner circle. If it gets him more time with the bros, Pedro is sure to accept. 


    He promised he’d play truth or dare with me and as expected the scaredy-cat chose truth. So I asked him- what makes a hot jock? He was nervous at first but I told him I’d knock him out if he lied so he started to answer, anxiously at first- all worried he’d insult me- but then with increasing confidence (and a deepening voice) as his body started to pack on muscle and his mind started to warp into the cocky gym-assessed version of a bro he was describing. It was amazing watching him give in to the changes so quickly, freely describing every stereotypical muscle head attribute you could think of. The real finisher was when he described a jock cock- I could just see the intelligence in his eyes melt away as he groaned, lust took over and he dipped his hand into his tightening shorts to grab his inflating package. I loved this game and the best part was yet to come. After truth there’s always the dare. Wanna play?

    Rest Stop

    Braydon was right. It really was a good thing they pulled over when they did. The second Jake stopped the car, his hands slipped off the steering wheel and dropped into his lap as if they’d been fighting exhaustion for hours, and his eyes… they didn’t close, not right away, but they definitely unfocused more than a little. He hated to imagine what might have happened if they’d kept going, what with him being so sleepy and all. So tired. So… so… Jake’s head drooped forward a little, his facial muscles going slack as he finally gave up the struggle and let himself relax.

    Luckily, he could doze here for a little while without being disturbed–they’d pulled over into some kind of overflow parking for a county fair that wouldn’t start for another three weeks, and there wasn’t another car in sight. He could just let his brain switch off, give up on the titanic effort of keeping track of traffic and speed and navigation and simply allow himself to stop thinking for a little while. Brayden said something to him, probably checking on him to see if he was okay, but Jake didn’t have the energy to pay attention. Not after ten hours of driving that started well before sunup. Not after the AC in the car conked out, leaving them both dripping with sweat even after rolling down the windows. Jake had finally ditched his briefs in a men’s room just outside of Huntsville, unable to deal with the tight, constricting warmth, but even that had only done so much.

    He only hoped Brayden wasn’t looking too closely. Jake could see the tip of his dick peeking out from under his shorts.

    And of course, his cock picked that exact embarrassing moment to spring a chubby. Jake didn’t even know why–he was relaxed, sure, and getting more relaxed by the minute, but there was nothing especially sexy about the situation. And he was sitting next to his college buddy, who thankfully must not have noticed because he kept talking to Jake in a low, soothing voice that Jake was too tired and distracted to really pay any attention to. But despite everything, despite the heat, despite the cramped quarters of the driver’s seat, Jake’s penis twitched and bobbed its way further and further out of his shorts until he could see the flushed purple helmet leaking precum onto the upholstery.

    He tried to calm it down, to focus his mind on it and get it to relax the way the rest of his body had already slumped into slack, vacant immobility in his seat. But the more Jake watched his penis jerk up and down, up and down, the harder it got. Soon it was rubbing back and forth against the soft fabric of his athletic shorts with every twitch, making him even more aroused. He wished he could just find somewhere to go jack off, someplace where Brayden couldn’t see him yanking it until he shot his load and finally cooled off his erection for a while. But he was too tired even to move.

    After a few minutes, Jake found that he didn’t even care if Brayden saw him pulling his pud–his balls felt so tight and heavy with arousal that the only thing he could think about was nutting. But the more turned on he got, the heavier his body became, until his hands seemed to be pinned in place with invisible weights. And still his eyes were locked onto his twitching shaft. He couldn’t look away. He’d almost forgotten that Brayden was even there when his friend asked, “Do you want me to take care of that thing, man?” And then, with a slow, sleepy nod, he was finally able to close his eyes and sink into the pleasure of a warm, strong hand around his cock.

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    I’ve been using hyper-hypno on my roommate, Rick. It’s like regular hypnosis, but it can physically transform the subject.

    “You’re drifting,” I told him.

    “I’m … drifting,” he slurred, his eyelids drooping.

    “Going under,” I said.

    “Going … under.” His gaze unfocused, and he looked distant and blank.

    “Your mind is clear,” I said. “No distractions. No stress. Pure relaxation.”

    “Feels goooood,” he sighed, a blissed-out look on his face.

    “Tell me your fantasy,” I said. “Tell me what turns you on.”

    “I wanna be a bodybuilder,” he said, staring into the distance. “I’ve always wanted to be big and strong. To show off. No shame.”

    “That’s what you are,” I said. “You’re huge. Muscular. Manly.”

    As I spoke, his body began to change. His shoulders broadened, became thick and strong. His biceps thickened with muscle, his chest barreled out.

    “How do you feel?” I said.

    “Hot,” he whispered. “Fuckin hot. I wanna show off.”

    “You’re an exhibitionist,” I said. “You’re wearing next to nothing.”

    His clothing evaporated as I spoke, dissolving until he wore just a skimpy bathing suit. He rubbed his body, smiling blissfully.

    “Wake,” I said, snapping my fingers. He looked startled, then stared down at his body.

    “Holy fuck,” he gasped. “What did you do to me?”

    “Nothing,” I said. “You did it to yourself.”

    “Oh my God,” he said, feeling his new strong nearly-naked physique. Then he looked up at me, a big grin on his face. “Okay, dude,” he said. “Now it’s your turn to transform.”

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    “Transform me into a dad,” Jason said, handing me the ray gun. It was dark, metallic, and said DADBLASTER on the side.

    I shrugged. “Okay, dude,” and pulled the trigger.

    He was enveloped in a ray of green light for a moment, and when it faded, he was naked. I could see his thin, wiry body standing in front of me, hairless, and his shocked expression.

    “Oh fuck,” he gasped, looking down at himself. “I feel it!”

    He rubbed his chest, and sure enough I could see dark hair sprouting across it. He looked back up to me in time for a moustache to appear over his upper lip.

    “Bro,” he moaned, his voice deeper. “I’m becoming a dad! Fuuuuuck!” I raised his arms up and flexed, and they bulked with muscle. Dark pit hair grew in under his arms, and his chest barrelled out with muscle.

    “Feels fuckin’ good,” he groaned, growing taller before my eyes. He looked down at me and grinned. “You look so little now, dude!”

    I felt so small compared to him. “You look amazing,” I said. “Transform me next?”

    “Yeah, kiddo,” he laughed, picking up another raygun. “But not into a dad.” He pulled the trigger and I felt the warm light engulf me just as I caught a glimpse of the words on the side: PUP BLASTER.

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    Welcome to the post-workout relaxation room.

    This recording will make you aware of the room’s main features.

    The gently throbbing lights from the discs before and behind you are designed to first synchronize with your brainwaves, then gently coax them into an alpha state. The alpha state is perfect for recovery of your body as well as the deep processing of information. Sensors in your very comfortable chair detect your heart rate and your breathing to make this experience perfect for your very individual relaxation needs.

    When the chair’s sophisticated programming detect that you have reached one of 10 predetermined levels of relaxation, it will reward you with a brief, soothing vibration that will tempt you to let yourself relax even further.

    You have already reached level 3 of 10, where your arms and legs are feeling pleasantly heavy. You are doing great. If your eyes fall shut, you will notice that they automatically re-open to take in the soft throbbing of the light.

    Now just enjoy the feeling and keep watching the lights. There will be more spoken instructions once you have reached level 8.